Meaning of SURFACE in English


1. the outside part of an object

2. the top part of an area of water or land


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1. the outside part of an object

▷ surface /ˈsɜːʳfɪs, ˈsɜːʳfəs/ [countable noun]

▪ The plant has light green leaves with silver marks on their upper surfaces.

▪ When using glue, make sure both surfaces are completely clean.

▪ Half-empty glasses covered every flat surface in the room.

surface of

▪ Exfoliators remove dead cells from the surface of your skin.

work surface

a surface for preparing food etc

▪ In a kitchen all work surfaces should be kept spotlessly clean.

▷ side /saɪd/ [countable noun]

one of the flat or upright surfaces of something such as a box, a piece of paper, or a shape with straight edges :

▪ A cube has six sides.

side of

▪ Please use both sides of the paper to write your answers.

▪ The word FRAGILE was written on every side of the box in big, red letters.

▪ I’ll paint the other side of the fence after lunch.

▷ face /feɪs/ [countable noun]

one of the large steep sides of something such as a mountain, or one of the outside surfaces of a cube, a diamond etc :

face of

▪ There were many unsuccessful attempts to climb the North Face of Mount Everest.

▪ One of the faces of the cube has a line across it.

cliff/rock face

▪ The cliff face was starting to crumble into the sea.

▷ top /tɒpǁtɑːp/ [countable noun]

the flat upper surface of an object :

▪ This jewellery box would be worth a lot of money if the top wasn’t chipped.

▪ a dressing-table with a glass top

top of

▪ The top of the piano was covered with a lace cloth.

2. the top part of an area of water or land

▷ surface /ˈsɜːʳfɪs, ˈsɜːʳfəs/ [singular noun]

▪ The moon’s surface is covered with rocks and dust.

▪ She watched as the bubbles rose to the surface and popped.

surface of

▪ Leaves floated on the surface of the pool.

▪ The clay is about a metre below the surface of the soil.

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