Meaning of SURFACE in English

n. & v.


1. a the outside of a material body. b the area of this.

2 any of the limits terminating a solid.

3 the upper boundary of a liquid or of the ground etc.

4 the outward aspect of anything; what is apparent on a casual view or consideration (presents a large surface to view; all is quiet on the surface).

5 Geom. a set of points that has length and breadth but no thickness.

6 (attrib.) a of or on the surface (surface area). b superficial (surface politeness).


1. tr. give the required surface to (a road, paper, etc.).

2 intr. & tr. rise or bring to the surface.

3 intr. become visible or known.

4 intr. colloq. become conscious; wake up.

Phrases and idioms:

come to the surface become perceptible after being hidden. surface-active (of a substance, e.g. a detergent) able to affect the wetting properties of a liquid. surface mail mail carried over land and by sea, and not by air. surface noise extraneous noise in playing a gramophone record, caused by imperfections in the grooves. surface tension the tension of the surface-film of a liquid, tending to minimize its surface area.


surfaced adj. (usu. in comb.). surfacer n.

Etymology: F (as SUR-(1), FACE)

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