Meaning of SURFACE in English

— surfaceless , adj. — surfacer , n.

/serr"fis/ , n., adj., v., surfaced, surfacing .


1. the outer face, outside, or exterior boundary of a thing; outermost or uppermost layer or area.

2. any face of a body or thing: the six surfaces of a cube.

3. extent or area of outer face; superficial area.

4. the outward appearance, esp. as distinguished from the inner nature: to look below the surface of a matter.

5. Geom. any figure having only two dimensions; part or all of the boundary of a solid.

6. land or sea transportation, rather than air, underground, or undersea transportation.

7. Aeron. an airfoil.


8. of, on, or pertaining to the surface; external.

9. apparent rather than real; superficial: to be guilty of surface judgments.

10. of, pertaining to, or via land or sea: surface mail.

11. Ling. belonging to a late stage in the transformational derivation of a sentence; belonging to the surface structure.


12. to finish the surface of; give a particular kind of surface to; make even or smooth.

13. to bring to the surface; cause to appear openly: Depth charges surfaced the sub. So far we've surfaced no applicants.


14. to rise to the surface: The submarine surfaced after four days.

15. to work on or at the surface.

[ 1605-15; sur- SUR- 1 + face FACE, appar. modeled on L superficies SUPERFICIES ]

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .