Meaning of SURFACE in English

I. noun see: face Date: circa 1600 the exterior or upper boundary of an object or body , a plane or curved two-dimensional locus of points (as the boundary of a three-dimensional region) , 3. the external or superficial aspect of something , an external part or layer , II. adjective Date: 1642 1. of, located on, or designed for use at the ~ of something, situated, transported, or employed on the ~ of the earth , appearing to be such on the ~ only ; superficial , III. verb (~d; surfacing) Date: 1778 transitive verb to give a ~ to: as, to plane or make smooth, to apply the ~ layer to , to bring to the ~ , intransitive verb to work on or at the ~, to come to the ~, to come into public view ; show up , ~r noun

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