Meaning of APPEAR in English




BAD : Suddenly, a bright flash of lightning appeared.

GOOD : Suddenly, there was a bright flash of lightning.

BAD : We don't want any more wars to appear.

GOOD : We don't want there to be any more wars.


A simple way of saying that something happens or develops is to use there + be : 'Suddenly, there was a loud bang and all the lights went out.' 'There have been several serious accidents along this stretch of the road.' 'This time I don't want there to be any mistakes.'


BAD : Unemployment appears in nearly all developed countries.

GOOD : Unemployment occurs in nearly all developed countries.

BAD : Unfortunately, another problem has appeared.

GOOD : Unfortunately, another problem has occurred.


appear = (1) become visible or (suddenly) be seen: 'Small red patches appeared all over the child's back.' 'A minute later the manager appeared and asked what was wrong.'(2) (of something new) become available or be seen for the first time: 'The first edition appeared in 1987.' 'The new model will not appear in the shops until the end of the year.' 'When did dinosaurs first appear?'

occur = (1) (of unplanned events) happen: 'The crash occurred just minutes after take-off.' 'These storms usually occur in the late afternoon.' (2) exist or be found (in a particular place): 'The Japanese 'f' sound does not occur in European languages.'


BAD : If he were alive, he would appear a lot of good films.

GOOD : If he were alive, he would appear in a lot of good films.

BAD : Recently she has appeared on several TV commercials.

GOOD : Recently she has appeared in several TV commercials.


appear on television, a television channel: 'This is the first time that Britt has appeared on television.' 'He is scheduled to appear on Channel 4 next month.'

appear on/in a television programme: 'He's always appearing on/in BBC sports programmes.' 'We asked the Home Office to appear on/in this programme, but they refused.'

appear in a film, play, show, television commercial: 'What's the name of that young actor who appeared in Jurassic Park ?' 'Before that she had appeared in a Broadway production of West Side Story .'


BAD : There appears a haphazard attitude among the younger generation.

GOOD : There appears to be a haphazard attitude among the younger generation.


there appears/appeared + to be + noun phrase (= seem): 'There appears to be a shortage of paper.' 'There appears to have been a breakdown in communication.'

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