Meaning of ABOARD in English






We had a momentary chill when they climbed aboard ... piracy?

John McCain, who climbed aboard shortly after his favorite, Sen.

Gebrec shrugged, climbed aboard , started the engine and drove out of the yard.

Converse placed his bag inside the runner and climbed aboard .

About a dozen men climbed aboard , and I was invited to join them.

As the ship passed, Queequeg paddled to it and climbed aboard .

I hurried round the corner to where I'd parked Armstrong and climbed aboard .

He watched the bus come, the boy climb aboard .


Here, a border guard and two customs officers, all in uniform, came aboard to inspect our documents.

Youth and music ministers came aboard .

Iris came aboard with him, wearing a long dress and in full warpaint.

Captain Mayhew of the Jeroboam refuses to come aboard because of an epidemic on his ship.

Sir James hailed the ship, telling the crew they were coming aboard and a large gangplank was lowered.

Or Republicans could try to cut a deal with congressional Democrats in the hope that Mr Clinton would come aboard later.

Santana is hoping that one of the agency's clients will come aboard with sponsorship.

Yet there still are many Fidelity shareholders who came aboard years ago specifically because Fidelity produced above-average returns.


Cissy Patterson, publisher of the Washington Times-Herald, had fresh flowers brought aboard at stopping places along the way.

I hurried round the corner to where I'd parked Armstrong and climbed aboard .

In some cases, locals just climbed aboard once foreign money flooded in.

It was our second morning aboard and we were beginning to feel at home.

Survey ships were carried on the Navy List, but Navy personnel remained aboard on sufferance only.

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