Meaning of ACCEPTANCE in English



gain acceptance

The theory has gradually gained acceptance among scientists.

sb's acceptance speech (= when they accept a political job, a prize, or an award )

In his acceptance speech, he paid tribute to his wife.

whole-hearted support/acceptance/cooperation etc

Montgomery’s new style of leadership met with Leslie’s whole-hearted approval.

widespread support/acceptance/criticism/condemnation etc

There was widespread support for the war.

The storm caused widespread damage.




Such a sweeping interpretation can be challenged by distinguishing between the formal acceptance of reform institutions from their operation in practice.


Products will be sought that minimise the risk of failure, however small, and carry general acceptance in a particular role.

Previously, scientific evidence was allowed only if it had gained the general acceptance of the scientific community.

It was not until 1838 that there was general acceptance that the two diseases were distinct.

There was a general acceptance of the need for further and continuing training with greater emphasis on efficient production as opposed to increased production.

Still, general acceptance was slow in coming.

There was a massive concentration of scientific effort in this area in the decades immediately following the general acceptance of evolutionism.

However the major obstacle to general acceptance was one of incompatibility between different manufacturers' machines.


In California, especially in San Francisco, there is a great acceptance of the unusual.

Because depressed adolescents often feel a greater need for acceptance , they may be more likely to smoke if their peers do.


And without me the school might sink into torpor. Passive acceptance would be the order of the day.

This school is too awful to deserve passive acceptance .

Analytical reading of history texts should never permit a passive acceptance of other people's interpretations of the past.

A religious insight like Julian's shows that a passive , unquestioning acceptance of received dogma is not enough.

Yet because of their passive acceptance of the ministrations of their neighbours they become the focus of attention.


Undoubtedly, public acceptance of the physically handicapped will be easier to achieve.

Maximum public acceptance will require that interactive catalog services have a more entertaining visual appearance than traditional text-intensive catalogs have had.

And yet surprisingly little is known about the factors which make for public acceptance .

The problem is that its public acceptance might throw into question claims of ownership to intelligence and belonging.

The emphasis is on public acceptance of new technologies as a variable in national economic performance.

While this does not necessarily imply causality, it does suggest that the climate was compatible with public acceptance .

Birth control advocates began to think they could gain more public acceptance on their own.


The important thing is to harness growth to self-knowledge, a ready acceptance of change, swift-moving business practice and sound judgement.

The ready acceptance of children's testimony was not the only disturbing fact surrounding the executions.


Frustrated by his lack of social acceptance he retreats into a world of fantasy and self-delusion ... with tragic results.

They are about the need for social acceptance and, frequently, about the need to be sexually attractive.


However, in order to create the contract, the acceptance must be a total and unconditional acceptance of the offer.

Therefore there are inevitable limitations and conditions when we attempt to gain unconditional acceptance from other people.


Nevertheless, uncritical acceptance of the results of classical twin studies may have misled a generation of researchers.

Researchers may be unaware of their uncritical acceptance of categories and consequent results.


It is the latter definition that is gaining the widest acceptance .

Throughout the winter, Kea and Kathy had plotted strategies to gain the Working Groups wider acceptance in the parish.

The wide acceptance of this style guide, and similar ones in other disciplines, suggests that it fills a need.

Pressure for equal opportunities has encouraged its wider acceptance .

Among western specialists many revisionist arguments have begun to gain a wide measure of acceptance .


There is, it is heartening to note, quite widespread acceptance that language is significant in all subject areas.

The final deterrent to widespread acceptance of encryption is its difficulty to use.

This may seem surprising in view of the widespread acceptance of monarchy.

Marquez had expected an immediate and widespread acceptance , but only a few rallied to his standard.

Many of the new hymn books include worship songs and they find widespread acceptance .

Nor has there been widespread acceptance of his proposed cures.

Worship songs are also beginning to find widespread acceptance .

As the code gained widespread acceptance , certain logical consequences followed in its wake.



The acceptance rate among potential volunteers would appear to vary around the country.


His acceptance speech , made on the following evening, was well delivered but generally perceived as lacking in detail.

In his acceptance speech , Kemp sought to reach out to those voters with references to the legacy of the Rev.

In his acceptance speech to the Assembly on Oct. 20 Berri appealed for national reconciliation.

Both Dole and Kemp will be officially nominated Wednesday night and will deliver their acceptance speeches Thursday night.

In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech , Claude Simon also considered marginalized writing to be subverting totalitarian political control at least implicitly.

Then he reaches into the pocket of his tuxedo and produces his type-written acceptance speech .

In his acceptance speech , he said that the Government's economic policy was damaging business in the north-east.

Still, it was superior to the acceptance speech delivered by Clinton two weeks later in Chicago.



I hope not because Britain is essentially a decent place to take refuge and find acceptance .

But in many ways, Czerkawski never found acceptance in Boston.

Because these would offend canons of justice which find acceptance among a large proportion of the population.

This myth, which so pleased the masters, did not find acceptance among slaves.

For this sort of reason rejuvenated hidden variable theories have not found much acceptance among professional quantum mechanics.

I found acceptance in my music, so -- no matter what I was -- they liked my music.

Many of the new hymn books include worship songs and they find widespread acceptance .

Worship songs are also beginning to find widespread acceptance .


Even so, the idea gained complete acceptance only early this century.

Previously, scientific evidence was allowed only if it had gained the general acceptance of the scientific community.

It is the latter definition that is gaining the widest acceptance .

Unions, factory Inspection, the regulation of the hours of women and children had gained acceptance .

In addition to this, every vision is surrounded by a kind of halo designed to gain its acceptance .

What he said in 1 714, perhaps in jest, later gained acceptance as the perfect moniker for the marine timekeeper.

It is not possible to enter into this debate here, for as yet these ideas have not gained universal acceptance .


A re-check should never be necessary, since this only implies the acceptance of a half-hearted check in the first place.

Entry to the competition implies acceptance of these rules.

Entry to this competition implies acceptance of the rules as final and legally binding.

Self-administration is important because it implies the acceptance by the patient that he has diabetes and realises the importance of self-reliance.

They are intimately connected, for as this chapter will show, acceptance of monetary union implies defacto acceptance of political union.

The use of some Keynesian terms by Treasury officials does not imply the acceptance of Keynes's precepts.

This does not necessarily imply acceptance of these images since they may be seen as unacceptable in their own right.

Note that an attempt to introduce universal marginal benefit taxation implies the acceptance of the statusquo.


This can lead to unquestioning acceptance of what is really a hypothetical diagnosis.

Don't be fooled into thinking that familiarity will lead to acceptance - it does not work like that.

In turn, this can lead to an acceptance of physical ill-health that would not be tolerated by younger people.

This can lead to fervent acceptance or rejection uninformed by understanding, the imposition of one mode of thinking on another.


Its consensus rulings have received widespread acceptance , establishing the body as an authoritative source of interpretation.

I've now received the acceptance from the headmaster of the Secondary School.

Though a statement of Catholic doctrine, it has received widespread acceptance .


However, taking account of dignity requires the acceptance of any necessary trade-offs between it and other valued objectives.

The flavor is different from that of pasteurized milk and this may mean that time will be required for consumer acceptance .


The plan enhanced Chapman's fame in the football world generally, but it was too radical to win immediate acceptance .

Moreover, surveys reveal that the process committee overlay to the traditionally managed organization is winning limited employee acceptance at best.

They have been most successful when they have been able to win the trust and acceptance of the other management board members.

The Dvorak keyboard may also be winning more commercial acceptance .

Its processes must be open if it is to win understanding and acceptance .

Many of their innovative ideas lost money and failed to win acceptance by customers.

Mr Cates thinks there are three main reasons why intangibles are winning only grudging acceptance .


A part of me still longs for my father's approval and acceptance .

By the end of the story, Nicholas has moved toward acceptance of his fate.

Upper management's acceptance of the marketing plan is crucial.


Characteristically, the patriarchy thesis generates a revolutionary ideology rather than a fatalistic acceptance of determinism and relativism.

Jinnah was now free to cancel his acceptance of the scheme.

Now it looks as though its indifference may turn to acceptance .

Realism signifies a love, or at least an acceptance , of diversity.

Still, general acceptance was slow in coming.

Students often have a good idea of what scores they need on college-entrance exams to earn acceptance letters and scholarships.

The plan enhanced Chapman's fame in the football world generally, but it was too radical to win immediate acceptance .

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