Meaning of ARCH in English

I. noun


an arch enemy (= main enemy, used for emphasis )

The comic book character Lex Luthor is Superman’s arch enemy.

proscenium arch (= the arch over the stage where the curtain can be attached )

the proscenium arch




On either side of the large doors is a gallery of Gothic arches facing west.

Neville's eyebrows soared into a Gothic arch .

This, in turn became a basic geometry for the pointed gothic arch .

Once a Doge's palace, ornate stairways, gothic arches and balustrades remain.


It was built as a triumphal arch for King Matthias in 1614.

Entering the village was like passing under an invisible triumphal arch , quite splendid.

You will note that the triumphal arch meets the traveller straight off the Charles Bridge.

The last element to be added was the magnificent triumphal arch at the entrance from the Piazza del Duomo.

Apart from the interior triumphal arch , which is pointed, the other arches are semi-circular.

Other Roman remains include the public baths and triumphal arch of Augustus.



More thick dry stone arches connect the two ruins and lead the eye into a singular landscape.

A neat stone arch and a flight of steps were built at the entrance and these have survived.

She ran through the stone arch .

Half way down was a stone arch over the tunnel entrance.

The interior walls are also of plain brick with stone arches and columns and particularly fine late Gothic traceried windows.



A path has now been built under the arch of the bridge at the east end of Glasgow Green.

It was built as a triumphal arch for King Matthias in 1614.

The bridge was built on nineteen great arches .

It's quite easy to build the arch , however, if you are allowed to subtract stones as well as add them.

Start by building a solid heap of stones, then build the arch resting on top of this solid foundation.


lancet window/arch

At the west end is a beautiful pointed window, and at the east end three lancet windows.

He whiled away the time by contemplating the stained glass lancet windows behind the preacher and the holy table.

Plasteel mullions divided the narrow, high lancet windows of stained armour-glass.

The courtyard was overlooked by the lancet windows of the manorial home itself, and a large chapel.

The fact that this contains three lancet windows shows that this was once a building.

There was a patch of light from the lancet window making a pattern on the floor of the chapel.


Graffiti covered the arch at the base of Fifth Avenue.

It also has a horseshoe arch entrance to the sanctuary, but its decoration is poorer than that at S. Juan.

It was built as a triumphal arch for King Matthias in 1614.

More thick dry stone arches connect the two ruins and lead the eye into a singular landscape.

Repeat for the other side of the arch .

Sculptures of angels dance among the soaring arches that form the ceiling of the mission.

The arch is a beacon for folks heading West.

II. verb




In full stride in the 400 meters, his head is arched back , his step shorter than the classic sprinter.

He arched back stiffly in the chair.

Feet braced, back arched , she put both hands on the machine, trying to wrest it back.

His hands were on her smooth, arched back , sliding down the curve.

The weight and angle of him; the true-to-life beard hair on him; arched back , educated hands.



Your body is arching , your pelvis is thrown forward. 12.07 am.

I felt my body arching to meet his in a way that was familiar but new in its violence.

Jezrael's body arched languorously; her dream-self believed she was nestling closer to the Magyar.

I felt my body begin arching in a way it never had before.

His body arched as jagged nails scored bloody tracks down his back.

My body was arching and bucking uncontrollably beneath him.

His body was arched as though he had been forced to retreat.


The two silent students looked at each other, eyebrows arching .

Her forehead was high, her eyebrows delicately arched .

His cheeks sucked in and his eyebrows arched as if he were angry.

As she read, her eyebrows arched .


The dog arched its back and showed its teeth.


Rachel daintily arched one eyebrow as if I had mentioned inviting her servants to some feast or revelry.

Strings of spittle hanging from pointed teeth to lower lip reflected moonshine as the cadaverous head arched skywards.

The bar extends along the left wall with a stuffed marlin arched above it that I suspect was never really alive.

The private swans arch out their feathers and preen and nourish themselves.

They arch out to a five-foot width, then narrow quickly toward the bow and stern.

Thick white branches arch as far out as the tree is tall, sometimes at seemingly impossible angles.

III. adjective


an arch tone


He was right, in the arch sense that he meant it, as a means of chiding overanxious environmentalists.

His soulless eyes are narrowed and sullen, and his arch goatee recalls an amoral Transylvanian count.

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