Meaning of ARCH in English

/ ɑːtʃ; NAmE ɑːrtʃ/ noun , verb , adjective

■ noun


a curved structure that supports the weight of sth above it, such as a bridge or the upper part of a building


a structure with a curved top that is supported by straight sides, sometimes forming an entrance or built as a monument :

Go through the arch and follow the path.

Marble Arch is a famous London landmark.


the raised part of the foot formed by a curved section of bones

—picture at body


anything that forms a curved shape at the top :

the delicate arch of her eyebrows

■ verb


if you arch part of your body, or if it arches , it moves and forms a curved shape :

[ vn ]

The cat arched its back and hissed.

[also v ]


[ v ] to be in a curved line or shape across or over sth :

Tall trees arched over the path.

■ adjective

[ usually before noun ] (often disapproving ) seeming amused because you know more about a situation than other people

an arch tone of voice

►  arch·ly adverb :

'Guess what?' she said archly.



noun and verb Middle English : from Old French arche , based on Latin arcus bow.

adjective mid 17th cent.: from arch- , by association with the sense rogue in combinations such as arch-scoundrel .

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