Meaning of ARCH- in English

I. |ärch, |ȧch, but |ärk or |ȧk in “archangel” and derivatives prefix

Etymology: Middle English arche-, arch-, from Old English & Old French; Old English arce-, erce-, from Late Latin arch- & Latin archi-, from Greek arch-, archi- ; Old French arch-, arche-, from Late Latin arch- & Latin archi- — more at archi-

1. : chief : principal

arch angel

arch bishop

arch diocese

arch duke

arch pillar

2. : preeminent : extreme : most fully embodying the qualities of his or its kind

arch antiquary

arch capitalist

arch fool

arch infamy

arch philosopher

arch puritan

arch rogue

3. : first in time

arch father

: primitive

arch form


— see archi-

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