Meaning of ATTENTION in English



attention span

Children often have a short attention span .

attention to detail (= care that all the small features of something are correct or nice )

I was impressed by the hotel's attention to detail.

attention/concentration span

Most two-year-olds have a very short attention span .

attention/emphasis/focus shifts

In this stage of a rape case, the focus often shifts onto the victim and her conduct.


The students’ attention did not waver .

attract attention/interest etc

The story has attracted a lot of interest from the media.

careful consideration/attention/thought

Careful consideration has been given to all applications.

close attention

You will lose weight if you combine exercise with close attention to your diet.

command respect/attention/support etc

Philip was a remarkable teacher, able to command instant respect.


His performance compelled the audience’s attention .

concentrate your efforts/attention/energy/mind etc on sth

I’m concentrating my efforts on writing my autobiography.

craves attention

an insecure child who craves attention

deflect attention

his attempts to deflect attention away from his private life


Too many things demanded his attention at the same time.

devote your time/energy/attention etc to sth

He devoted his energies to writing films.


I’d like to direct your attention to paragraph four.

distract attention

Coverage of the war was used to distract attention from other matters.

divert (sb’s) attention (away from sb/sth)

The crime crackdown is an attempt to divert attention from social problems.

engage sb’s interest/attention

The toy didn’t engage her interest for long.

focus (sb’s) mind/attention (on sth) (= make people give their attention to something )

We need to focus public attention on this issue.

focus your attention/mind/efforts on sth

She tried to focus her mind on her work.

hold sb’s interest/attention (= make someone stay interested )

Colourful pictures help hold the students’ interest.

media attention/coverage/interest etc

The tragedy received worldwide media attention.

medical attention/treatment/care

The injury required urgent medical attention.

rapt attention

They listened with rapt attention .

receive attention/affection/support

She received no support from her parents.

scant attention

The story has received scant attention in the press.

short attention span

Children often have a short attention span .

switch your attention/focus to sth

Laura wasn't interested so he switched his attention to Tessa.

the focus of attention

In this section of the talk the focus of attention will be on statistics.

turn your attention/thoughts/efforts etc to sth/sb

Many investors have turned their attention to opportunities abroad.

Phil turned his gaze towards the older man.

undivided attention

I’ll give the matter my undivided attention .

urgent attention

She believes the nation’s drug problem requires urgent attention.

warrant attention/consideration etc

Another area that warrants attention is that of funding for universities.




With our long tradition of effective management and careful attention to quality we have a bright future as an independent company.

For example, careful attention is given to communication in writing.

Exclusive folding designs are handmade in solid rosewood by craftsmen in the Far East, with careful attention to detail.

Instead, in each room, careful attention is paid to how to build a just community.

One day it might not be, unless careful attention was kept.

Diverse management would happen in the natural course of things without paying excruciatingly careful attention to balance.

What is certain is that land and property development are where the action is today and that merits careful attention .

Any successful scheme would require careful attention to the vision that the city and the community had for Clinton.


In the final section you did pay close attention to detail, but it remained only observation of detail.

The result of such close attention being paid to community is a growing sense of responsibility on the part of the students.

The former Prime Minister watched the results with close attention .

But agents paid closer attention than they did before and watched for reactions.

And pay closer attention to understanding what your body is telling you about yourself.

Neither does close attention and strict parental guidance.

This question of a more developed central core among the small towns is an important one which requires closer attention .

Could employers realize their goals better by paying closer attention to what employees need?


In a month-long seat belt campaign during 1992, this group received special mention and considerable media attention .

Individually, too, children on polio wards sometimes received considerable special attention , which could make their stays pleasurable.

Few contemporary political strategies are conceived without considerable attention being paid to media considerations.

Such problems received considerable attention at this time; it is clear that nothing was being taken for granted.

This apparent problem has attracted considerable attention in recent years.

The value of therapeutic touch as a form of psychological comfort is currently receiving considerable attention in the professional literature.

Code Unknown is therefore a movie that requires a considerable investment of attention .

In contrast the physical environment and equipment specifications have received considerable attention .


The cooking period may require full attention , as in stirring, basting, or turning, or it may not.

She'd the full attention of all her friends, her making-the-most-of-it pals.

Comrade leaders at all levels, you must give it your full attention .

It is perhaps more surprising that they do sometimes attend to such matters, if never with full care and attention .

Cooper had turned full attention to his son, who maneuvered the tall porch steps, one at a time.

The few communications which do receive full attention normally achieve this through a combination of chance, inside information and relentless harrassment.

Now she had got his full attention .


Minor offences are being given the greatest attention with no extra funds and with no obvious benefit.

The morass in Washington has gained even greater attention as bond investors have little economic news on which to focus.

Hill designed furniture and paid great attention to interiors and colour schemes.

Violet receives a great swarm of attention wherever we go.

Women notice that greater attention is being paid to their concerns, but they see little real change in the statusquo.

Though the educational program is designed for college-bound students, great attention is also paid to athletics and extracurricular activities.

As the recession has deepened, so greater attention has focused on the issue of the late payment of debt.

When I saw him in the Convention I was induced to pay the greatest attention to him whenever he spoke.


The role of general practitioners in the assessment of deliberate self-poisoning has so far received very little attention .

I paid little attention to him.

So far, little attention has been paid by feminist sociologists to higher education.

One of his great failings was paying too little attention to the daily news.

Relatively little attention has been paid to the origins of labouring class poetry.

It was a loaner from a manufacturer and had received little attention from the borrowers ahead of me.

In the years after the first outbreak in the United States, polio was given little attention .


Jones received medical attention on the canvas and spent the night in hospital for observation.

Doctors say she will need years of medical attention .

We asked patients to return to the study clinic if they required medical attention between scheduled study visits.

Authorities fear the girl will attempt to bear the child without medical attention .

Moreover, as the 1939 survey showed, few women sought medical attention for their ailments.

Despite her need of medical attention , the night was young and there was still time to celebrate.

This went on for 13 months until my parents realised that I needed medical attention .


For a while it looked like a possibility for national attention .

But it drew a crowd and national attention .

We got a tremendous amount of national attention that year.

Three major national television documentaries, including one on the work of the local Drugs Squad, brought Wirral to national attention .

Two recent, highly publicized events have helped to bring the literacy crisis to the national attention .

The couple has been mindful of the national media attention .

His high-handed dismissal of an outspoken professor brought unwanted national attention to the struggling school.


Studies of cement sequences must pay particular attention to veining phases.

Also, particular attention should be paid to the examination of the lymph nodes, spleen, and liver.

The learning of mathematics has been a particular focus of attention .

Pay particular attention to the muscles in your neck, shoulders and jaw and those around your eyes.

The problem of Chambers demands very particular attention .

In recent years it has paid particular attention to M0, M4 and M5.

Again, pay particular attention to the security of personal doors and any windows you choose to install.

You should pay particular attention to the dual needs of Tack as an owner and as a manager.


The latter initially diverted public attention from social issues.

Scant public attention has greeted the arrival of the children.

The copyright disputes were brought to public attention when the Register ran a story detailing Mr Millington's plight.

Of course, separate rules do not apply to Fidelity, but a different standard of public attention is in order.

Television also received a disproportionate amount of public attention in the press and parliamentary debate.

Jones said the president will not only have more say over bills but more power to focus public attention on specific issues.

It was shocking and it brought him even more public and media attention .

The justices have shown signs of the strain that public attention can bring.


Tom mumbled on in his own way, a little flattered at the rapt attention he was receiving.

Twice he drew her stylish silhouette in rapt attention in the Louvre.

Victor's face as the match flares in front of it has the rapt attention of a man lighting a fuse.

As Father Tim read, Barnabas awoke, yawned, and began to listen with rapt attention .

In the early days it was like cinema in the home, watched with rapt attention .

The entire audience stayed at rapt attention while the last part of the speech was translated into the vernacular.

She quavers along with the congregation and is all rapt attention when the vicar does his bit.

Indeed, although a display of rapt attention is required, the executive may not feel it necessary to listen.


It is clear, however, that Beveridge paid scant attention to these wider issues.

But they predicted that until the disease entered the mainstream population, it would receive scant attention .

It was found that scant attention had been paid to raising the cultural level of party members.

The Civil Rights Division also gave scant attention to police abuse of black citizens.

But even the much richer Soviet collections issued in the twenties were given scant attention in the West.

Economic concerns received relatively scant attention .

Feminists have, until recently, paid scant attention to their older sisters but this is now being remedied.

They pay scant attention to the facts, rarely being bothered to research them or substantiate them.


They have been dismissed from serious critical attention precisely on these grounds.

Although I am not in complete agreement with all of Lacanian theory, I believe it deserves serious attention .

The view that women are on average better on language tasks and men on spatial tasks continues to receive serious attention .

Contradictory discourses and practices within and between these agencies of socialization are given little serious attention .

These questions in turn suggest further lines of research that deserve serious attention by historians of both science and art.

Book publishing is another important aspect of the print media to which private organisations and the government should pay serious attention .

International debt relief is at last getting serious attention , but personal debt continues to be a festering problem.


Greta Cavazzoni is never short of attention either.

A busy man, Johnny Cash, with a notoriously short attention span.

Ramanujan has a short attention span and will fly off on a new tangent every time he sees a new idea.

Only those with extremely short attention spans or those in orbit can appreciate all the chopping and changing.


We will pay special attention to the underlying social problems in high-crime areas, particularly to prevent young people drifting into crime.

Nor were all convinced that leprosy warranted being singled out for special attention .

Geography, with special attention to the disposition of the Communist bloc and the free World.

A visit to the home. Special attention to the child.

The others will cover such things as workplace conditions and the use of work equipment, with computer screens getting special attention .

Its use in the instance quoted is so straight forward that no special attention needed to be drawn to it.

However, we know that young or sensitive skins of any age require special attention .

Pay special attention to the area behind and under the ear.


Give the telephone conversation your undivided attention .

Each has received her undivided attention .

Now able to give his undivided attention to Thome, Orosco walked him.

A man may be looking forward to regaining the undivided attention of his wife.

He had given his undivided attention to decorating his house for more than a week.

Give us, pray, the benefit of your undivided attention .

On the upside, I can safely say that I had the undivided attention of the class.



Other terms used for this collection of symptoms are minimal brain dysfunction and attention deficit disorder.

Of the work-inhibited students, is it possible that this attention deficit may be related to their difficulty in completing assignments?

If an attention deficit is suspected as the cause of academic and / or social problems, an evaluation should be conducted.

What might be asked of the teacher and parents to determine if an attention deficit exists?

And they gave him every diagnosis-from sociopathy to thought disorder, attention deficit disorder, conduct disorder.

Coaches are always yelling at referees, remarking on their visual impairments and attention deficit disorders.

Does he have a subtle learning disability, an attention deficit , or some type of physical or neurological problem?

And if there seems to be no improvement at all, consider attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Smith wrote to Charles Hermite, the president of the Academy, drawing attention to his papers.

He can't be very bright can he, drawing attention to himself like that?

It is often difficult to know when and how to intervene without reinforcing the insult by drawing attention to it.

Its circular of 12 January drawing attention to the decisions against united action taken at Southport, had been ignored.

The movement was slow and sly to avoid drawing attention to himself.

Feminists questioned this, drawing attention to the contribution to wealth made by women's unpaid labour in the home.


While the outbreak directed media attention to pollution in the North Sea, ascribing the guilt to pollution was premature.

And Feinstein, 62, has been aggressive in calling media attention to her bipartisanship.

It was the culmination of two years of mounting media attention for Beattie.

In a superstar culture, what grabs media attention are the superstar fatherhood stories.

Although media attention remained fixed on events in London, they surely provided Mrs Thatcher's government with its biggest shock.

Mr Scott added that all the media attention since May had undoubtedly damaged the good image of the club.

Despite recent media attention , Edith Morgan finds continued resistance to change and an urgent need for positive measures.

Morrissey was simply experimenting with the many facets of media attention .


When you make your calls, ensure that you speak clearly and precisely. Pay attention to your intonation and emphasis.

All I do is pay attention to my body.

We listen and pay attention when it says something in such a way as to attract our attention.

When the thaw comes, pay attention to how your yard is draining, especially in places where water accumulates.

The parent needs to learn to present food to the child and then not pay attention to what happens.

Listen carefully to what people say and how they say it. Pay attention to views other than your own.

Formula for listening alertly Pay attention Allow plenty of time to listen.

I had feared that you might not be sufficiently developed. Pay attention .


Try to increase your attention span and extend the length of time over which you can work effectively.

Dear Kidsday: My attention span in school is very, very short.

It increases our attention span . 2.

And for those whose attention spans are trained to a short leash, it may be just the ticket.

A busy man, Johnny Cash, with a notoriously short attention span .

Given current attention spans , it may as well have come out during the Pleistocene.

Most puppies have a rather limited attention span , such is their enthusiasm for life.

These were necessary because most special education students have difficulty in concentrating and have generally limited attention spans .



A noisy relaunch with attendant superstars will certainly attract lots of attention .

You could get in trouble traveling with them, especially this late in the day: they attracted Viet Cong attention .

A man alone always attracts more attention than a couple together.

Only six of the 10 tracts are expected to attract strong attention , mostly in the eastern part of the country.

All of them were richly dressed, but it was their hair which attracted Rostov's attention at once.

All these deposits have attracted wide attention because of the apparent abundance of novel body plans.

A slight commotion in the outer office attracted his attention .

Here, in similar territory, a Siberian Husky howls to attract attention from its owner.


All incidents should be brought to the attention of your employer.

The computer flags any bodies that have moved during the observing session and brings them to the attention of the operator.

There've always been plenty of kindly brother officers to bring it to my attention .

And naturally Nixon, and anything else that anybody brought to his attention .

Please would you bring this to the attention of the appropriate committee.

So many people were bringing it to my attention I figured something had to go my way.

He was once so alone that he needed to do something extraordinary in order to bring attention to himself.

The alert and attentive reader, however, usually brings critical attention to what is being read and reacts in some way.


It is now time to call attention to an incongruity in the conception of the rational man from which this chapter started.

And Feinstein, 62, has been aggressive in calling media attention to her bipartisanship.

It appears baffling because it seems to call no attention to itself.

President Clinton called attention to the broader issues with his veto of the balanced budget act.

It called attention to a need for safeguards of the rights of prisoners, disabled people, women and immigrant workers.

For our purposes, I call special attention to the chapters on structural configurations.

Jarmusch here is experimenting with and calling the spectator's attention to cinematic conventions.

In most cases, such electronic smudging calls more attention to the items than they otherwise would have gotten.


The lichen-crusted walls bedecked with city grime capture my attention time and time again.

His 70 homers that season captured the attention of even non-baseball fans.

But why chose this as a means of capturing the hearer's attention ?

They will need to be especially mindful of her motivations and create situations that are charged enough to capture her attention .

The print itself is featureless and does nothing visually to capture the attention or involve the emotions.

It is the only horse race that captures the attention of the general public, much like motor sports' Indianapolis 500.

In fact, the newsreader did succeed in capturing my attention .

The next item particularly captures Michael's attention .


Before the lights went down I saw that some one below in the stalls was trying to catch my attention .

When a moving object catches their attention , babies are apt to focus on it.

But the thing that caught and held her attention was the metal collar banding his neck.

One white woman nearby caught her attention .

We need to catch and hold their attention .

Whatever Albie got himself into seems to have caught the attention of a lot of people.

But these days television is crowded with faces that first caught our attention in the darkness of a movie theater.


If any sector commands attention for the immediate future of food, it is the women.

Fund raising and development of new academy facilities will likely command the attention of her successor.

It has an urgency and personalization that commands attention .

The megaliths command our attention , inspiring us with awe and curiousity.

Although the place has periodically been a restaurant as well as a bar, never before has the food commanded such attention .

The dinosaurs alone have commanded as much popular attention as the rest of the fossil animal kingdom combined.

However, it is the watch tower beside them that commands the attention .


Fred preferred not to reply, and concentrated his attention on the screen.

Once at Sotherton, however, Crawford concentrates all his attention on Maria.

You can concentrate your attentions on the feel and fit rather than any corrective properties of the shoe.

Posterity undoubtedly concentrated its attention on St Augustine as a theologian, and on what he wrote about predestination.

We shall concentrate attention on the sterling deposit contract.

The applied ethics unit concentrates attention on ethics and the community.

I tried to concentrate my attention on one face.

This concentrates attention on the facts and away from personalities and feelings.


They could deflect attention from the bride.

Right from the start he wanted me out of the film, because he felt I was deflecting attention away from him.

It has deflected attention from our own deficiencies and the mess of the pound.

Concentration in the literature on productivity growth tends to deflect attention from absolute differences in productivity.

Noting this possibility, Kasparov starts a diversion to deflect White's attention towards the other wing.

A pseudo pawn sacrifice seeking to deflect White's attention from the black king, but Kasparov is not to be deterred.

To begin with, Sarah Ferguson deflected the attentions of the media too.


Every day, and sometimes hourly, another batch of papers reaches the manager demanding his attention .

It was true that a major problem had just cropped up which demanded immediate attention .

They demanded attention which it was not humanly possible to give.

Too many things demanded his attention at the same rime.

The game demands a lot of attention and plenty of time in the manual and help screens.

Nevertheless, it is possible to identify a number of matters which are likely to demand much attention in the early nineties.

To tell your problems is to demand attention .


On that count, Mr Spivak's original creation deserves attention .

For it is as a member, and a recorder, of the new bourgeoisie that Boilly most deserves our attention .

An informant may, therefore, negotiate with others to convince them that she or he is ill and deserves attention .

Colleagues, however, deserve special attention for the following reasons: 1.

The rig change often deserves the greatest attention .

Although I am not in complete agreement with all of Lacanian theory, I believe it deserves serious attention .

Two aspects of this profile deserve brief attention .

Whitehead and Hayek would agree that only the last item deserves your attention .


In the final section you did pay close attention to detail , but it remained only observation of detail.

This attention to detail and time has the dual reward of motivating us to be on time and making us feel important.

The first is to show the level of attention to detail required to make the approach work.

I was struck by his great attention to detail and how systematically he assigned roles.

This attention to detail only enhances the beauty and warmth of the voice itself, the ideal instrument for the part.

Special thanks to Sheri Torrance and my co-chair, Deb Scott, for their keen attention to detail .

Even then, Michael had this attention to detail and a determination to get everything right and everything around him right.

Here we see that same attention to detail , physical presence and construction focused on much more accessible subject matter.


They were thus able to devote more attention to two increasingly critical areas.

One reason the small companies do so well is they can devote more personal attention to each project.

I am conscious of the late payment problem, which is something to which we are devoting great attention .

Why is a major news organization devoting attention to a couple of orange slabs melted between two slices of bread?

He was right to devote a lot of attention to them.

He had to devote all his attention to the routine task of driving, finally pulling over to recover.

The employee arrives here unsettled and is unlikely to be able to devote full attention and energies to the assignment.

The managers were devoting attention to the wrong issues in their interactions with veteran subordinates.


The bronze horse-bits, well known from the northern steppelands, also direct our attention that way.

A considerable background literature exists on this topic but only recently has economic urgency again directed attention toward this method of conversion.

All boys were expected to play sport twice a week-here the manager directed my attention to the window.

Both schizophrenia and mood disorders show evidence of decreased activity in frontal lobes and abnormal function of the system for directed attention .

The auditors' role is to direct the attention of those responsible for devising and initiating policy.

Everything about the film directs our attention to the way it, and the society it images, is put together.

Dauntless doubted whether she could direct her attention upon anything long enough to sustain a sense of faith.

Doing so directs their attention to their drinking and reminds them that they are trying to moderate their consumption.


Such comments have distracted attention from a long-awaited improvement in the economy.

Instead, distract your child's attention from the buckles by fitting a play tray over the top.

But his banter was a way of distracting attention from the issue at hand.

Combine roses with earlier or later flowering plants, and with evergreens to distract attention from their leafless stems in winter.

His clumsy attempt to distract her attention was all the warning she needed.

If the area concerned is not suitable, you should try to distract their attention elsewhere.

He gestures at the building behind him, as if trying to distract the animal's attention .


Nor can Major divert attention with good news.

Computer and other technical problems diverted commander attention from the battlefield.

Environmentalists keep quiet because concern over radon in houses would divert attention from the campaign against nuclear power.

She struggled, screamed and was cut a second time in the neck but managed to divert his attention and flee.

She included difficult filler items without pronouns to divert the subjects' attention from the anaphoric expressions.

Even if they could be accurately measured, they may well divert attention from the real cause of behaviour.

Disguise Disguise your steps with feints that make the opponent blink, or which divert his attention elsewhere.


What this criticism draws attention to is the bitter truth about teachers' exclusive concentration upon creativity with working-class pupils.

His resignation from the National Executive had drawn attention to the difference within the Labour Party on foreign policy.

Do not draw attention to yourself.

Did he also draw attention to the total inadequacy of control over pension fund investments and procedures?

In their 1984 paper McGrath and Solter also drew attention to genomic imprinting.

They must draw attention to national needs if they believe the educational system is not adequately meeting them.

Or had they been afraid to do so in case it drew attention to what they were up to?

The fact that it is underrepresented highlights the need to draw translators' attention to it.


He ploughed on, trying to outline his plans for the paper, and engage Sutton's attention .

No Man has more wit, nor can any one engage the attention more than Mr Morris.

It wasn't Friern that was engaging our attention ....

These three examples suggest certain abilities in a new-born that can not fail to engage the attention of new parents.

It was the man who engaged the attention of Blind Hugh, one of the beggars on early duty at Pearl Dock.

Neither of these responses seriously engages our attention on performance.

Aesthetic attention , therefore, consists of engaging the focus of attention in a heightened sustained discrimination.

Blacks troubled him most because the sight of a white worker emptying shit cans engaged their attention .


Phillips was first to go after an off-the-ball incident that escaped the attention of most people in the ground.

Of these, the best known is the Everglade kite, which escaped attention even longer than the crocodile.

A single vote, wasted votes and used votes Nothing escapes attention so easily as the obvious.

But the counterproductive nature of this policy gesture can not escape attention .

Developments in primary care Primary care did not escape the attention of the Thatcher government either.

By waiting until the last minute, donors can sometimes escape attention in the hectic time before an election.

The Government's actions regarding observance of the law do not escape attention by ordinary people.

Life has slowed down so drastically for him that Blue is now able to see things that have previously escaped his attention .


Although speechreaders learn the necessity for keen attention and mental focus , it is not humanly possible to focus attention all day.

The Supreme Court decision has given us an opportunity to focus our attention on the problem of end-of-life care.

It would focus his attention where it should be focused: on finding Samantha.

In the other; her ability to focus and pay attention is very strong.

Those external demands provide a time-frame within which you must organize the rest of your activities and focus your attention .

Jones said the president will not only have more say over bills but more power to focus public attention on specific issues.

Any work undertaken on an individual basis should always focus attention on the broader social context in which the individual lives.

But its collapse had served to focus attention upon many of the tensions within the school system.


Government policies from 1979 have focused attention on the private sector.

That has focused even more attention on the subject of quality management nationwide.

To account for this process revisionist work has focused attention on the experience of students in higher education.

Goosby no doubt focused his attention on the knife and the blood.

A stunned silence fell upon the room as they focused their attention on what they thought was princess Voluptua.

Ostentatious expenditure focused the attention of the poor on the wealth of the wealthy, for this of course was its purpose.

He focused his attention on them, concentrating on trivia, blocking out anxiety.

C., at the time of the hearings and the publicity that surrounded him focused congressional attention on both issues.


I shouted to get his attention , but my voice didn't carry far enough.

Tony punched Simon to get his attention .

Thing is, you've got to grab attention with just one phrase as punters rush on by.

The danger is that ideas like this are getting a lot of attention in Congress.

The others will cover such things as workplace conditions and the use of work equipment, with computer screens getting special attention .

It was a way of getting attention .

We got attention straight away, we got some kind of profile very easily.

The Alsops' reporting got attention .


Lancaster's book on library evaluation gives some attention to standards.

The Civil Rights Division also gave scant attention to police abuse of black citizens.

The events of 1909-11 have been given comparatively lengthy attention .

This gives proper attention to each instrument or scale.

Here we give special attention to youth.

He had given his undivided attention to decorating his house for more than a week.

Since only a small minority was involved in violence, why give so much attention to the riot?

Was the wish of a bad person given the same attention as the wish of a good person?


It proved a work of appealing ingenuity with many reference points to hold the listener's attention .

In addition to the daily little worries, these were the sweeping imponderables that held their attention .

How can you hold their attention ?

This exercise would let you know if the author has what it takes to hold your attention .

Which hand seems to hold your attention ?

Still, there was something about Maidstone that held Sandison's attention even after an hour.

The third man was the one who held the Marshal's attention .


Once behind their peers they need individual attention to improve their reading.

But like Charles Frye, Rudi felt that his students needed counseling-and attention and support-at least as much as they needed teaching.

The chicks need round the clock attention , and have developed very healthy appetites.

Doctors say she will need years of medical attention .

It is not Cupid that they need but the attentions of a sympathetic psychotherapist.

It is one of the blessings of nature that the lock is something which needs minor attention .

Mature horses need less frequent attention but should be checked annually.

She said she later felt badly about calling 911, because she did not believe the matter needed police attention .


Perhaps the region that has received most attention in the press in this context is Amazonia.

Maybe DWEMs received so much attention in the past because they deserved it.

Liquid stool incontinence has so far received little attention .

Probably no single subject in the concerns of man has received as much attention as love.

In contrast, it is the ergonomics of the hardware and the physical environment that have received most attention .

But the nontechnical aspects of the profession received little attention , and nobody thought to address problems relating to social position.

He deals much more with national issues rather than local ones and has received less media attention as a result.

The few communications which do receive full attention normally achieve this through a combination of chance, inside information and relentless harrassment.


Ways in which the authority can discharge its responsibilities for standard setting for all aspects of care will also require attention .

Handling the raft required very little attention .

A matter has arisen requiring my personal attention .

Any successful scheme would require careful attention to the vision that the city and the community had for Clinton.

It is a demand that begins to override the others, and to require immediate attention .

The First Lady had an upcoming swing through four cities that required my urgent attention .

Crusting for chub is an art that requires concentration and constant attention to the performance.


It will by now have become apparent that Brooke-Rose shifts her attention increasingly toward language over the course of her oeuvre.

Businesses have shifted their attention from their competitors to their customers.

We are therefore shifting some of our attention to exploring the opportunities for reducing morbidity.

He likes notions that shift attention away from government.

She shifted her attention to the main car park which was full.

So the company is shifting its attention from selling individual products to selling a range that can work easily together.

We shall concentrate on the product market, then shift our attention later in the chapter to the resource market.


As they approached, Schellenberg pulled Devlin to one side and stood at attention .

It stands to attention , striking the air with a knowing finger.

You stand at attention until assigned.

Two guards, both armed with machine-pistols, stood stiffly to attention either side of him.

They walked slowly, led by the bagpipers, past an honor guard of law enforcement officers standing stiffly at attention .

As soon as you saw that you were about to be struck, you stood at attention and waited for the blows.

When a teacher entered or left a room, we stood at attention until given permission to do otherwise.


After the war MI5 turned its attention to the growing menace of Bolshevism which the government feared would soon engulf the country.

After sloughing off Payless, May could turn its attention to acquisitions, possibly of other department stores, analysts said.

Once his infantry were in position, Springfield had turned his attention to his motorised troops.

Cooper had turned full attention to his son, who maneuvered the tall porch steps, one at a time.

Having, as she thought, placed them, she turned her attention to her own stall.

When Zeus had punished men by giving them women he turned his attention to the arch-sinner himself.

Rohmer turned his attention back to Jimmy as Gilbert and Frye continued taking their mysterious readings.

Once the school began functioning smoothly, Friedman turned his attention to the blacker side of the organization: interception and solution.


be in/at/to the forefront of sb's mind/attention etc

The risks of a court case also have to be in the forefront of your mind.

This meant that fund-raising news and any other news about the deaf was in the forefront of everyone's attention.

be the centre of attention

I loved talking and being the centre of attention, so I was chosen to be spokesperson.

And the tower is the centre of attention every May morning when the choir sings out across the rooftops.

Do they want to be the centre of attention?

I like to be the centre of attention or in the public eye 12.

Once, when he was the centre of attention at the youth club I saw him do it again.

She was the centre of attention - like all brides.

There were more junior officials around them, and Pink was the centre of attention.

Trust Claire to act as if she were the centre of attention.

You can be the centre of attention in a conversation but then the focus changes as new participants enter the dialogue.

call (sb's) attention to

Above all, the Fourth International calls attention to the turn in the pattern of the world revolution.

And Feinstein, 62, has been aggressive in calling media attention to her bipartisanship.

But despite these signs of success Hansen won't take full credit, calling attention to his brother, Steve.

For our purposes, I call special attention to the chapters on structural configurations.

It called attention to a need for safeguards of the rights of prisoners, disabled people, women and immigrant workers.

President Clinton called attention to the broader issues with his veto of the balanced budget act.

Stephen Scobie has called attention to the sheer excess with which Leonard adorns his pages.

This book is in-tended largely to call attention to this opportunity and to point to the consensus for action that already exists.

capture sb's imagination/attention etc

catch sb's attention/interest/imagination etc

deserve consideration/attention etc

An informant may, therefore, negotiate with others to convince them that she or he is ill and deserves attention.

And immigration is still refusing to see that this man deserves consideration for his sacrifice.

Another clever scheme for massive energy storage deserves consideration.

On that count, Mr Spivak's original creation deserves attention.

One academic point in Ghosh deserves consideration.

The output deserves attention under three heads.

Two sorts of applications deserve attention.

draw (sb's) attention

Another speaker said that our presence would only draw attention and suspicion to their villages.

Darwin knew these things perfectly well, and drew attention to them.

Do not draw attention to yourself.

However, in two other respects, Waddington draws our attention to points which are of fundamental importance.

In this way the barbarians encouraged usurpation, and the usurpers drew attention away from the barbarians.

It was the adventure and the daring that drew their attention.

What this criticism draws attention to is the bitter truth about teachers' exclusive concentration upon creativity with working-class pupils.

You remember, it was you that drew our attention to the place where the nurse was concentrating her pecking?

escape sb's attention/notice

fasten your attention on sb/sth

fix your attention/eyes/mind etc on sb/sth

I gulped, and fixed my eyes on the blood-red pen on the desk.

She fixed her eyes on Mr Hollins's face and waited for his answer.

She fixed her eyes on the jagged line of rocks to which she had to climb.

She fixed her eyes on the street in an attempt to calm herself.

She couldn't turn round so she fixed her eyes on her two brothers on the altar.

give sth thought/attention/consideration etc

occupy sb's mind/thoughts/attention

While she waited, she tried to occupy her mind with pleasant thoughts of the vacation.

pay attention (to sb/sth)

I don't think she was paying any attention to what I was saying.

All I do is pay attention to my body.

And there they sat without frames, naked in the heat of high noon, waiting to be paid attention to.

Feminists must pay attention to beliefs about male and female speech, because prejudice is often more powerful than fact.

However, the candidate's response can be very revealing and interviewers should pay attention to it.

I wish you'd learn to pay attention.

Invariably, no one paid attention to them.

Organizations in this environment must pay attention to flexibility, quality and asset utilization to remain competitive.

Until you start paying attention, that is.

serious attention/consideration/thought

A more serious consideration to my mind is the continued quotation of Ingard shares on the Stock Exchange.

Book publishing is another important aspect of the print media to which private organisations and the government should pay serious attention.

But little serious thought has been given to this problem.

Dangerous goods and perishable goods are two examples of operational specializations worth serious consideration.

It does not mean that money has to rule, but it is a necessary and serious consideration.

It was high time she got down to serious thought about her doctorate.

The concept of interleague play in major league baseball is certainly intriguing, worthy of serious consideration.

The fact is that I had already begun to give serious consideration to the possibility of doing away with Dennis Parsons.

snap to attention

spring to attention

Groups of men in bare feet and tattered clothes spring to attention as strangers approach.

stand to attention

The colonel gave the order for the men to stand to attention.

We stood at attention until we were given permission to leave.

An hour later he was standing to attention in a depleted square of those who had survived the battle.

Even the few pots of make-up on the blue-flowered dressing table seemed to be standing to attention.

Farrar knew what he had got into now, and stood to attention.

It stands to attention, striking the air with a knowing finger.

One man in the crowd removed his hat and stood to attention, head bowed in prayer.

The guide should have made us all stand to attention and salute.

The Major stood to attention and saluted.

The older one put his hand to his mouth and coughed and stood to attention and the younger one shot his cuffs.


Attention to customers is increasingly important.

Grease the bike's chain and any other areas that need attention .

Jerry loves the attention he gets when he's performing

Pets need a lot of care and attention .

Snake bites require immediate medical attention .

The intense media attention surrounding the case, has made it very difficult for the family to cope.

Your plant looks like it needs some attention .


He had wanted to be the center of attention , and he was.

Nobody was paying any attention to me up there.

Ron Deacon is adoptive father to five love bird chicks, who need constant care and attention .

Scant public attention has greeted the arrival of the children.

The project seeks to combine attention to economics and the human advantages of the redesigning of work.

The rig change often deserves the greatest attention .

When people do read longer works, they primarily favor high-drama novels that get a steel grip on their attention .

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