Meaning of ATTENTION in English

— attentional , adj.

n. /euh ten"sheuhn/ ; interj. /euh ten'shun"/ , n.

1. the act or faculty of attending, esp. by directing the mind to an object.

2. Psychol.

a. a concentration of the mind on a single object or thought, esp. one preferentially selected from a complex, with a view to limiting or clarifying receptivity by narrowing the range of stimuli.

b. a state of consciousness characterized by such concentration.

c. a capacity to maintain selective or sustained concentration.

3. observant care; consideration: Individual attention is given to each child.

4. civility or courtesy: attention to a guest.

5. notice or awareness: His deliberate cough caught the waiter's attention.

6. attentions , acts of courtesy or devotion indicating affection, as in courtship.

7. Mil. an erect position with eyes to the front, arms to the sides, and heels together (often used as a command).

[ 1325-75; ME attencioun attention- (s. of attentio ). See ATTENT, -ION ]

Syn. 1. awareness, consciousness, watchfulness, alertness, mindfulness, heed. 4. deference, politeness, regard; respect, homage.

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