Meaning of BARE in English

I. adjective


a bare floor (= not covered by anything )

Father Murphy led me to a tiny room with a bare floor and a simple bed.

an absolute/bare minimum (= the very least amount )

He paid in five pounds, the bare minimum needed to keep the bank account open.

bare essentials (= the most necessary things )

We only had the bare essentials .

bare rock (= not covered by soil )

Here there was only bare rock and gravel.

bare wood (= not painted or covered )

The floors were of bare wood.

bare your teeth (= show them, especially in an angry or threatening way )

The dog bared its teeth and snarled.

bare (= not covered by clothes )

She wore no stockings and her arms were bare.

bare (= without any socks or shoes )

The marble floor felt cold under his bare feet.

bare (= not covered by trees or grass )

There were no flowers or grass, just bare earth.


The sun beat down on her bare head.

bare (= not covered by clothes )

The workmen all had bare chests.

stripped bare

The apartment had been stripped bare .

the bare facts (= only the basic general facts of a situation )

We know the bare facts of his life, but nothing about what he was really like.

the bare outline (= one with no details at all )

The paragraph gives readers only the bare outline of Milton's life.

the basic/bare necessities

A lot of families cannot even afford to buy the basic necessities of life.

with your bare hands (= without using a tool, weapon, machine etc )

With his bare hands he forced the doors apart.




It was easy enough to hang around in the courtyard enjoying the soft splash of sunlight on her bare arms .

A drop of water fell on her bare arm and she jerked, a little bitten-off exclamation.

Tonight ... The cool air caressed her bare arms , and Folly shivered and turned back towards the house.

The sun was blazing hot, the skin of my bare arm beginning to burn.

It's advisable not to have bare arms or legs though, because the matting can burn your skin if you fall.

His fingers felt warm and strong on her bare arm .

The blanket settled over her shoulders and around her cold bare arms .

She was thin and her bare arms were muscular.


They worked with a will, luxuriating in the feel of the sun on their bare backs .

The sudden appearance of her bare back made him cough.

Gallagher brought his arm back and over and laid the lash across Luke's bare back.

His bare back began to look very red an d he kept waving his arms at the insects which he was disturbing.


The strength of this book is that it puts flesh on the bare bones of this argument.

But Forbes' state organization can still be described as bare bones .

Rip Rig created a heady hybrid out of the bare bones of jazz improvisation, dub-funk rhythms and punk attitude.

The above is the bare bones of the arrangement.

To clothe these bare bones we have to find other material.

We have outlined only the bare bones of the B &038; B method.

With blood pouring from the bare bone he made it to a pub near Loose, Kent, where regulars called 999.

Many different lines of evidence may be used to flesh out the bare bones of the fossils.


The wind passed over them and rustled the bare branches of the trees and they still stood.

Surely those green leaves are hiding bare branches .

She hopped clear and opened her wings and in one sudden jump was up on the bare branch .

The outermost limits came first - the sky, with a pale shine of overcast through the bare branches of the trees.

When the winter wind whistled through the bare branches , the fragrance of this spicy cake was comforting.

A mist was already descending and clung to the bare branches of the trees.


His almost bare chest and the high, curved horns he wears accentuate his height and his slender build.

When Clark Gable removed his shirt to reveal a bare chest , sales of undershirts plummeted.

Her hands spreading over my bare chest .

Five workmen stood near the heat, bare chests sweating, shoulders goose-pimpled.

His bare chest was bronzed and lightly coated with dark hair, darker than that on his head.

After what seemed like hours, the chief leaned forward, necklaces rattling like dice on his bare chest .

As they answer she leans back, and her nightdress brushes against my bare chest and tickles my hair.

The little hand resting against his bare chest was suddenly ice-cold.


The floor was of bare earth , and a ring of wooden poles supported the roof.

There is nothing to be seen on the spot but bare earth .

Over the winter the distinctive bare earth is ground up and massed into sharp ruts by tractor tyres.


Learn how to distil large quantities of information into their bare essentials . 7.

Reduced to the bare essentials , the divergent internal performance patterns looked like the figure on page 264.

Despite a lifestyle stripped to the bare essentials , they are also some of the most visually arresting animals in the desert.

Her bag was light now, only packed with the bare essentials .

Yet Gloria herself never seemed to hold on to more than the bare essentials that they had in their two paper carriers.

Now, she was stripped down to the bare essentials of her person, trying to deal with her knowledge.

But even with only the barest essentials , the list is as long as my arm.

So it pays to cut it down to the bare essentials - the minimum you feel is necessary.


Loretta peered at the bare facts of Puddephat's life.

After relating the bare facts of the suicide decades later, Dan looked away, shuddering to keep his composure.

He was without doubt the very worst kind of news reporter, taking a few bare facts and embroidering them into a story!

And in some one as private as Langford, I find the bare fact of this confession remarkable.

There is only room here to outline the bare facts about cuts and the main lines of argument that surround them.

The bare fact is that the clerk did not look for the purse.

And you define yourself by the words you use, in my case words that seek to present bare facts .

The bare facts about Brimmer, complete with hard evidence, were ready to hand over.


The salute and stamp of boot on bare floor were smarter than normally as a consequence.

He heard only forks against plates and shoe leather against bare floors , as if the Grill were observing a wake.

Those having no money were forced to give up their clothes and sleep on the bare floor , often with fatal results.

Brother Mariadas led me to a tiny office with a bare floor , a simple desk and a couple of chairs.

Her footsteps were little explosions of sound on the bare floor .

Diagonal designs, whether painted on bare floor boards or woven into carpets, will always seem to push space out.


She inspected her bare feet and started to paint the toe-nails.

Beloved put her fists on her hips and commenced to skip on bare feet .

She wore impossibly high heels, yet she was still only eye to eye with Virginia in her bare feet .

Her bare feet were silent on the drive.

But he was in overalls and bare feet .

She was exhausted and her bare feet were stinging cruelly, but to stop would have been fatal.


Mosses and lichens provide much of the patchy ground cover, forming mats rather than carpets with bare ground between.


He was capable of killing a man with his bare hands .

Going by feel, I needed bare hands to find, fasten and tighten the leather bindings.

Hundreds of parishioners were working with bare hands , shovels and harrows, extending the church by burrowing out a crypt.

Either you go down there of your own volition or I strangle you with my two bare hands .

The shaman broke the bones with his bare hands , and used the jagged edges to scratch at his bark.

They were freed after 30 rescuers had clawed away rubble with bare hands in temperatures of 100F.

With their bare hands , they fought to save the man who had an ear ripped off in the attack.

The novices empty vats of mutton scraps into the dustbins and pack them down with their bare hands .


She was in her nightdress, bare legs and large slippers.

He ran a finger up her bare leg .

He didn't even begin to caress her bare leg .

The rain fell steadily; wet bracken brushed her bare legs .

The hot car seats stung the children's bare legs and made them cry out in protest.

A girl with bare legs , black eyeshadow and purple lipstick?

Their bare legs pump bicycle pedals, they clatter on wooden-soled sandals into the dazzling light over the work benches.

His gaze moved from her startled face down the length of her body and lingered on her slim bare legs .


The bare minimum required to keep the account open.

Leaders like that get only the bare minimum of effort and never rouse employees to cooperative activity.

The role of government in macroeconomic management had to be pruned to a bare minimum .

Or Sally Jessy, bare minimum .

It is generally sensible to limit the additional capabilities that the new desktop publishing product will give you to the bare minimum .

Challenge it and challenge it again until it's at a bare minimum .

With the underfloor heating at a bare minimum , it gave out considerably more heat than wood, and I loathed it.

In Alabama's West Jefferson Prison inmates are kept in tiny cells, with the bare minimum of furniture.


Although many people in Esarn are poor, most have the bare necessities .


For the purposes of this appeal the barest outline is sufficient.

The bare outlines and graphic shorthand of Botticelli s drawings leave more space for the imagination, and speak more directly.

It is necessary in his judgment to relate the facts only in the barest outline .

These brief examples are given, in bare outline , to indicate some possible procedures.

That is the bare outline of the Pilmay and Scott story, a tale that could be told in much more detail.


One little plant grew at the foot of an old, bare rock .

The body that had been photographed with a definite cometary tail in 1949 was now a bare rock .

Most of Lewis is acid peat bog, and much of Harris bare rock .

It had taken three months to excavate down to the bare rock .

As the tank lurched away the shape ignited on a surface of bare rock , blasting it to pieces.

And if we examine the bare rock at the base of the grassy hill we discover carved spirals.

With so much tree growth over the years it is impossible to identify the bare rocks of the engraving.

But in places the bare rock is showing and the joints have been enlarged by chemical solution.


Upstairs, feeling utterly suicidal, Perdita looked round her tiny bare room .

Moments later, we knocked and were admitted to a small bare room .

I was shown into a bare room where paper spilled from the desks then taken back round the main hall.

I was left in the apartment with Trudy, in the bare rooms in which we circled each other.

A large, bare room with big trestle tables in the centre and benches along the walls.

In that small bare room , it seemed not to matter, even if I was a shade scared.

After three months in prison he entered the bare room listlessly, shoulders drooping.

Perdita cried unashamedly after they left, fleeing to her bare room and hurling herself down on the pink counterpane.


Now her arms rested loosely on his bare shoulders , skin against skin.

Out came the jewels and bare shoulders , the silk georgette and gold tissue.

She shuddered, then slipped the shirt around her bare shoulders before heading towards the landing.

Rufus threw his cigarette away and from behind her laid his hand lightly on Mary's bare shoulder .

Rachel moved her hands over his bare shoulders , kissed his chest, buried her hot face in the black hairs there.


Thinking about hands, Pete's hands on bare skin , his lips touching bare skin.

A large white crane with black wing-tips and conspicuous white plumes; legs, bill and bare skin on face red.

The shock of her bare skin against his took her breath away.

He liked to wear his fleecy tracksuit next to bare skin .

He felt the inch of bare skin above his socks as two cold metal bands.

She would not bathe away the smell of him, and slipped an overall over her bare skin .

Kalchu, wearing only his loincloth. let the rain course over his bare skin .


Spilt drink stuck to my bare toes , and when I tried to wipe it off, it changed into blood.

He looks under the table and sees a bare toe rubbing the toe of his sneaker.

He lay perfectly still, brows arched in surprise, bare toes quivering as the blood drained out of him.

The sight of her bare toes made him feel slightly religious.

She had lost one of her shoes; broken glass had cut her bare toes .

She watched her bare toe rub against the whitened concrete of the balcony.


For the dark lines of bare tree branches Martin uses a pen loaded with paint.

The bare trees were silvered in the moonlight.

We followed a path through the bare trees .

A pair of. sullen punks from the East Village were talking quietly beneath a bare tree .

In daylight in winter through the bare trees you can see odd corners of the ornate Victorian glasshouses.

They looked across the lines of houses and the blocks of flats towards a distant handkerchief of park with tall bare trees .


I had a hundred men in there, dismantling the place back to the bare walls .

After fifteen or twenty minutes, the big classroom with the bare walls was empty.

What wouldn't burn still remained: bare walls muffled with incongruous tapestries, flooring tamped over with carpets.

All around me, the bare walls expanded and converged into a relentless stretch of white.

The chill from the bare wall seemed to penetrate to her bones.

As the train pulled out, she saw gleaming white, bare walls slide past the windows.

Perhaps he could be persuaded to commission the muralist to cover some of the acres of bare wall which Matthew had described.

Inder Lal looks at my bare walls .


Make sure the frame is dry, and prime bare wood before applying new putty.

Then there was another thud, followed by the noise of scuffling shoes on the bare wood floor.

Stencilling is an easy way of producing a complex decoration that will add interest to any area of bare wood .

I woke to the sound of voices, the shuffling of shoes against the bare wood floor.

Then prime and undercoat the bare wood and put on one top coat to finish the job.

Here, all timber was decorated with Weathershield Exterior Woodstain, which needs no undercoat unless applied to new or bare wood .

A bare wood staircase led up to the first floor, which comprised a bathroom and two bedrooms.


lay sth bare/open

Krushchev laid bare Stalin's crimes.

New bricks were removed, laying bare the old foundations.

the bare bones

GUIs provide the padding to the bare bones of the system.

Many different lines of evidence may be used to flesh out the bare bones of the fossils.

Rip Rig created a heady hybrid out of the bare bones of jazz improvisation, dub-funk rhythms and punk attitude.

The above is the bare bones of the arrangement.

The strength of this book is that it puts flesh on the bare bones of this argument.

These are the bare bones of a long and distinguished scientific career.

This is boxing stripped down to the bare bones .

We have outlined only the bare bones of the B & B method.

the cupboard is bare


bare -chested men

bare and treeless hills

bare feet

a bare -looking room

Paint the bare wood with a primer.

The dress tied around her neck, leaving her shoulders bare .

The measure passed by a bare majority of votes.

The room was completely bare except for a bed against the wall.

Using her bare hands, she smears paint on the canvas.

We spent a long time walking through the bare rooms, remembering the games we used to play there.


He placed the towel on the bed under her bare foot.

He skipped into sight in his bare feet.

In winter, rice fields were bare and brown, but there was the anticipation of spring planting just around the corner.

Opponents argued that Prop. 140 was passed in an off-year election by a bare majority-52 percent-of the voters.

Rostov felt as if there was a bare exposed place between his shoulder blades.

The strength of this book is that it puts flesh on the bare bones of this argument.

II. verb




With their banshee wails, squalling guitars and naked aggression, they are baring their souls and they are angry.

Marie had never understood how women could bare their souls with such ease, exposing themselves so shamelessly to one another.

I don't have to stand here baring my soul in order to make you feel better and less of a victim!

No parent is going to bare their soul to an uninterested, cool, busy professional.

Some bare their souls on their feet and some bare their souls in the bars.

The legislation gave the Government generally and the Home Office in particular an opportunity to bare its liberal soul .

To bare one's soul to a member of my profession, Mr Barnett, is no small hurdle to surmount.


But Bulldog has his teeth bared and ready to sink any rival.

Harold was flexing his muscles for the perfect balance, teeth bared , knife poised over his head.

With his yellow teeth bared , he looked like a cornered man about to break and run.

He usually hit the chest, and our teeth bared as the hilt of the bayonet quivered in the dummy.

Adam turned, his eyes clenched, his teeth bared .



Nicosia, not a veteran himself, clearly admires the tough-minded, bluntly articulate activists who laid bare their pasts for him.

Yo, they complain, has once again laid them bare .

Critical work like that of Jo Spence and Valerie Walkerdine lays bare the trauma of an ordinary childhood.


The chassis and car body were stripped to bare metal, mudguards re-made, and woodwork repaired.


the bare bones

GUIs provide the padding to the bare bones of the system.

Many different lines of evidence may be used to flesh out the bare bones of the fossils.

Rip Rig created a heady hybrid out of the bare bones of jazz improvisation, dub-funk rhythms and punk attitude.

The above is the bare bones of the arrangement.

The strength of this book is that it puts flesh on the bare bones of this argument.

These are the bare bones of a long and distinguished scientific career.

This is boxing stripped down to the bare bones .

We have outlined only the bare bones of the B & B method.

the cupboard is bare


The dog bared its teeth.


As if she stood naked before him, her very soul bared.

But after he bares his fangs, she wobbles as if the blood had been sucked from her veins.

He bared his teeth in the kiss and he nipped at her mouth.

He promised to bare all before a committee of experts chosen by the board.

They stare back defiantly at the crowds, menacingly baring their teeth, and grabbing candy trays with nimble speed.

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