Meaning of BARE in English


adj. & v.


1. (esp. of part of the body) unclothed or uncovered (with bare head).

2 without appropriate covering or contents: a (of a tree) leafless. b unfurnished; empty (bare rooms; the cupboard was bare). c (of a floor) uncarpeted.

3 a undisguised (the bare truth). b unadorned (bare facts).

4 (attrib.) a scanty (a bare majority). b mere (bare necessities).

1. uncover, unsheathe (bared his teeth).

2 reveal (bared his soul).

Phrases and idioms:

bare contract Law a contract lacking a consideration and therefore void unless under seal. bare of without. with one's bare hands without using tools or weapons.


bareness n.

Etymology: OE b{aelig}r, barian f. Gmc

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