Meaning of BELT in English


I. noun


belt loop (= a loop of material for holding a belt on trousers etc )

black belt

Sandy’s a black belt in judo.

commuter belt

conveyor belt

We lifted our baggage from the conveyor belt.

fan belt

garter belt

green belt

life belt

money belt

safety belt

seat belt

suspender belt

wear a seat belt (= have it around yourself )




Even the hipsters - a purple and blue check, with a wide black plastic belt - had been preserved.

The general then went on to learn Shotokan karate and gained a black belt in the art.

Taking any test requires commitment; the black belt test takes the most commitment of all.

She had successfully gained her own black belt four years previously.

Taekwondo black belt: the gold bars distinguish rank.

Mr Iqbal, 37, was a black belt judo expert but he was no match for Vernage's knife.

As soon as she winds her black belt around her waist, however, her personality undergoes a remarkable change.


In the meantime proposals have been submitted for private-sector mini New Towns in the green belt around London and beyond.

The green belt policy commands even wider support today than it did in the 1950s.

In terms of the aims set out in 1955, it can be said that green belt policies have been fairly successful.

The population growth study took into account both accessibility and the impact of planning policies, including constraints such as green belts .

In response to such criticisms, many feel that a more flexible approach to green belts is required.

It would affect the character of the green belt .

But I regret that nowhere has any formal green belt as yet been proposed.


The second-years wear blue dresses and white belts .

Hard slides from guys in plaid pants, white belts and knit shirts the color of baby cheeks.

You will have to wear an identifying red or white belt either in place of your normal grade belt or in addition to it.

Once the preserve of the white Bible belt , today's country speaks to rap-weary black audiences.

She was wearing a white dress with big navy-blue spots and a tight white belt .


Even the hipsters - a purple and blue check, with a wide black plastic belt - had been preserved.

Today Astrid wore a white satiny dress with a wide gold cinch belt .

This wide coastal belt is a generally flat plain, only partially wooded, containing little building stone.

I clicked the lever over to anchor the shoulder straps to the wide lap belt .

It has a shawl collar, wide belt and cuffed hemline.

She had tinted blond hair, large glasses, a blue dress cinched at the waist by a wide glossy belt .

The wide belt of dune-land with its hummocks and scrubby grass growing out of the sand was deserted at that hour.

A wide belt publicizes a big gut, so keep that it mind.



We do it now on a small scale to bring the rocks into Earth orbit from the asteroid belt .

All but one of these orbit in the asteroid belt , safely beyond the orbit of Mars.

Most meteorites are thought to come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

For operations in the region of space from Earth out to the asteroid belt , we need only extract water.

Closed in on herself, Jezrael felt only apathy during the flight to Spiderglass guard-school, hidden out in the asteroid belt .

The asteroid belt is broadly zoned into bands of different classes of asteroids.

Their utility in servicing traffic from Earth to the asteroid belt is, however, dubious.

But some, including Eros, wander out of the asteroid belt and into the inner solar system during each orbit.


And the belt buckle for every word wrong.

Top competitors will gallop away with gleaming belt buckles and up to $ 2, 500 in prize money.

Even the car keys or a belt buckle may upset things if placed too close.

My belt buckle was covered with green tape.

His belt buckle was digging into the soft skin of her stomach and she moved agitatedly, unconsciously provocative.

He wears Route 66 suspenders and a big Route 66 belt buckle .

Done with a belt buckle mostly.

His thumb rubbed sensuously along the swollen lower lip while his other hand undid his belt buckle .


But of course they did not circulate beyond the commuter belt , so they failed to qualify as nationals on that ground.

Then another train towards the Kent commuter belt , and Dartford.


It was a happy debut for the latest model to drop off the fast-bowling conveyor belt .

Between each row of operators, a conveyor belt delivers brightly colored trays of material to each work station.

The machine works by shining a light on subjects placed on its conveyor belt and the area of the shadow is measured.

Hess then proceeded to describe the ocean floor as if it were a collection of giant conveyor belts .

A conveyor belt brings you the latest catch, which you then gut, clean and pack for freezing.

Sharks of modern type replace their worn teeth with new ones by a sort of conveyor belt system.

On to one conveyor belt go cans and plastic bottles.


And at precisely twelve o'clock the fan belt broke.

My car threw a fan belt at a gas station a few weeks ago.

Each is driven by an electric fan belt .

Nuts, bolts, a broken fan belt dropped from the engine.


She'd stripped to her stockings and garter belt , and carried a high stool centre stage.


He was removing his thick leather belt with one hand and struggling with one of her buttons.

The two sets of pulleys were tied together by a single, long leather belt .

Inside were a dozen or so leather belts , each with small loops attached.

It was the practice to walk out of a Sunday with the braided leather belt showing just below your waistcoat.

A king's ransom in a leather belt .

She always had on a brown cotton smock which was pinched in around the waist with a wide leather belt .

He had heavy army trousers held up with a huge leather belt and a thick army shirt.

She defined the waist with a wide black leather belt , studded with silver.


Jimmy went back to his conversation with the tattooed man, his thumb now resting casually in Sean's belt loop .

He had a wrench hanging from his belt loop .

B Fashionable trousers with inverted front pleats, belt loops and turn-ups.

They also pack away neatly into their own back pocket, with a small belt loop attached - a nice touch.


His envelope and money belt are with the runner who got away.

Then he loosens Dixie's money belt .

Further down, he found a heavy money belt .


Such mountain belts develop when the oceanic lithosphere originally lying between two continents is eventually consumed.

As the microcontinents collided, they piled up the sedimentary rock along their shores into mountain belts .

Where two continents collide neither experiences significant subduction but some crustal thickening occurs and a mountain belt is formed.

These mountain belts are known as the mid-ocean ridges.

The proto-Pangaean continents left a record of their existence in the mountain belts built by their collisions.

Where they scrape against one another, earthquakes, volcanoes, mountain belts and all manner of geological phenomena arise.


The plaintiff scaffolder was injured when he fell and was not wearing a safety belt .

I release my safety belt to hold you, dangerous ground, ground where my feet have wings of flame.

When the accident occurred he was not wearing a safety belt .

I always buckled my safety belt and drove below the speed limit, stopping for school buses, pulling over for sirens.

The gunman managed to unbuckle his safety belt and struggled to push open the passenger door.


His injuries were worse than they would have been if he had been wearing a seat belt .

Eventually the captain turned off the seat belt sign.

He and Massingham unclasped their seat belts and clambered to earth.

Blomquist also considered the possibility that the driver finds use of the seat belt disagreeable.

In a month-long seat belt campaign during 1992, this group received special mention and considerable media attention.

Heavier passengers will cause greater injury to others in an accident if they are not wearing a seat belt .

Another survivor of seat belt neglect.


The suspender belt was tight around her waist.


It could be worn with the sword belt on the outside; and the either the forage or the field headgear.

He purchased a ceremonial naval uniform, complete with sword belt , sword, and Colt. 45 pistol.

He unbuckled his sword belt , then unlaced his jerkin and began to slip it over his head.

He tossed his sword belt to Yuan and walked out into the companionway.

Pattern for the side vents of the 1895 coat, which unbuttoned to allow use of the sword belt .

He had left his sword belt and dagger in the tavern.



Its president had a bleeper attached to her belt .

Underneath, attached to his plaid belt , was a small tape recorder.

All the adjustable wrenches and keys he was likely to need were already attached to the belt of his suit.

Can you be electrocuted when miso soup oozes into a pager attached to your belt ?


Slipping the garment over her naked shoulders, she pulled it around herself and fastened the belt .

But despite their different backgrounds, all the men meticulously fasten their seat belts before each journey.

Then, very slowly, Mr Evans fastened his belt round his trousers ... He prayed for Nick that night.

Newman boarded the aircraft for Brussels at London Airport, fastened his seat belt .

Turns out that as a state we smoke less, fasten seat belts more and are actually thinner.


He swung himself astride the dragon awkwardly, because Rincewind was hanging on to his belt .

He had a wrench hanging from his belt loop.

Everything imaginable seemed to be hanging from his belt .

His belly hangs over his belt .


Me dad had hit us with a belt , that's why I ended up in a home.

Whichever camp you are in, the same celestial advice will apply - hit below the belt .


The harsh years of the Depression were causing everyone to tighten their belts .

Others will tighten their belts , downscale their programs, sell more t-shirts and look for local sources of revenue.

Fasten the buckle and tighten the hip belt , then adjust the shoulder slings and lift-straps so that the load is comfortable.

Let them tighten their belts like we have to.

Buckingham Palace said Di wanted to tighten her belt along with everyone else.


In theory children over the age of 12 months could just use an adult seat belt .

Some foreign automakers also use the looser belts .

I wish to heavens I was still allowed to use the birch and belt as I did in the good old days!

The basic idea was that using the seat belt takes time, to which the driver attaches a value.

Three: portly old men should use belt and braces, in case their trousers burst open; the belt hides the disaster.

She has used a belt to do it.

Children who are 4 or over should use an adult seat belt if available.

It was easy to handle and fired 7. 62 ammo and had the capability of using a belt of ammo.


At the time of the accident the plaintiff was not wearing a seat belt .

And, she does not force her children to wear seat belts .

His injuries were worse than they would have been if he had been wearing a seat belt .

The plaintiff scaffolder was injured when he fell and was not wearing a safety belt .

Probably that is why these earliest youths wear a belt .

The plaintiff would have suffered the injuries even if he had been wearing a belt .

Despite the fact he was wearing his seat belt he was hurled forward.


tighten your belt

Colleges have tightened their belts and are giving fewer scholarships than before.

Governments and companies are forced to tighten their belts during a recession.

Most people have to tighten their belts a little when they retire.

Let them tighten their belts like we have to.

Others will tighten their belts, downscale their programs, sell more t-shirts and look for local sources of revenue.

The harsh years of the Depression were causing everyone to tighten their belts.


The pump belt was loose.

the sun belt states


B Fashionable trousers with inverted front pleats, belt loops and turn-ups.

Grover loosened his belt a notch.

He took his belt off and started whacking Chrissie with it.

Instead, students who arrive on campus with some community college credits under their belt can graduate early.

She rummaged around, hoping for inspiration, discarding brooches and beads and belts.

The belt , like my bearskin necklace which I am wearing somewhat uncomfortably under my shirt, has spiritual value.

The older men put up their swords and unbuckled their belts, preparing for action.

II. verb


Maggie just turned around and belted him.


It is happy pottering through Sloane Square or belting around Silverstone.

She'd kill him if he disobeyed and Nev's dad had threatened to belt him, if he went.

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