Meaning of BULL in English


I. noun


bull bars

bullbarred vehicles

bull market

bull pen

bull session

an all-night bull session

bull terrier

John Bull

pit bull terrier




Several times I saw a big bull , sometimes even two together.

Alligators are not particularly sociable animals, and big bull gators often will stake out their own ponds.

And we don't just want the big bulls .


In the red corner, Derby the 5 year old bull .

He is high up in the hayloft when five of the men come in leading the old bull .

Only three-year-\#old bulls are slaughtered, and the Pribilof population is now thought to approach two million.


Fiskars Kitchen Devils polyethylene board with colour-coded symbols - red bull for raw meats, yellow joint for cooked meats and so on.


Steer and heifer prices remained firm throughout the week, however, young bull prices weakened slightly.

The other school is composed of young bull whales.

Every two or three years the family organises a festival for branding the calves and castrating the young bulls .

Teenage boys, like young bulls in a herd, often jockey for position and want to try out their own strength.

He was a raw young bull , itching for more action and glamour in his life.

Hopefully, the recent addition of a young Limousin bull will help us mop up stragglers next spring.



I want you to come and look at a week-old bull calf .

Sucklers hit a high of £818 going to M Mackin for a Limousin heifer and bull calf .


The effect is similar to a situation in which share prices rapidly increase - a bull market .

They hear that there is a bull market to ride, and they do not care which direction the bull is headed.

After the great bull market , he was sitting on a £13 million paper fortune.

The average length of a bull market is 28 months, according to Ibbotson.

Yet savers will still profit from the bull market as beneficiaries of the pension funds to which they sold their shares.

This bull market will end, as every bull market eventually ends.

Spicer points out that the sector has thrived in a bull market but the advertising boom may be coming to an end.

This bull market will end, as every bull market eventually ends.


Except for the flies that is which had the persistence of pit bull terriers.

He could check it, he supposed, with the new super, a tough-talking veteran with a pit bull .

High Road has tackled all kinds of issues from pit bull terrier fighting to cot death in order to illuminate character.

Everyone knows that terriers are excitable, that pit bulls bite and that all pups urinate on the carpet.

Statistically in San Francisco, pit bulls are over-represented in attacks on people, according to animal control officials.

Animal advocates strongly oppose the practice of denying insurance to owners of pit bulls and Rottweilers.

Do you own a pit bull ?


Except for the flies that is which had the persistence of pit bull terriers .

Where once a Chanel handbag or bull terrier would have done, the fashionable woman now holds a smiling child.

These activities supported high-stakes gambling, for example, on the outcome of fights between selectively bred bull terriers .

High Road has tackled all kinds of issues from pit bull terrier fighting to cot death in order to illuminate character.

Fruity Fred the bull terrier took a fancy to the leggy lovely and thought he'd try his luck.

The bull terrier at once left off lapping water from its baking dish and went and put its head on her knee.

Their Staffordshire bull terrier Bodger was destroyed after the attack in their home at Lee-on-Solent, Portsmouth.

It was a portrait of the white bull terrier , executed with incredible precision.



Livestock too present many dangers with one farmer being killed when his Simmental bull attacked him.


And so, in true Arien fashion, she had decided to take the bull by the horns.

Or else, taking the bull by the horns: Anywhere out of the world.


a load of crap/bull etc

cock and bull story

He gave me a cock and bull story about the glass being smashed by hailstones.

like a red rag to a bull

Naturally this was like a red rag to a bull and I refused to even consider such a course of action.

shoot the bull/breeze

Cal and I were sitting on the porch, shooting the breeze.

Here I found four or five members slouched around a deal table shooting the breeze.

Invited into a back room, I shot the breeze with a married couple who said they ran the place.

Unlike the other candidates, he is always ready to sit in the back of his bus shooting the breeze with reporters.


I charged in like a bull .

It didn't take Lowell long to realise that the bull hadn't unearthed any pieces of urn.

Myrcan sympathy, like milk from a bull .

Put another way, if Karelin were in Pamplona, the bulls would run away from him. 6.

The bull was under the protection of a court order.

With the right company, certainly the stock should hit new highs with the next bull market.

II. interjection


Bull ! You could have come if you really wanted to.

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