Meaning of CIRCULAR in English

I. adjective


circular file

circular saw




The king crabs have a nearly circular carapace, beneath which powerful legs helped the animal to swim and catch prey.

First there was a nearly circular rim of resplendent mountains, their white caps glistening in the morning sun.

The path is more nearly circular .

The comet had a nearly circular coma about two degrees in diameter but no obvious tail.

The wave accelerates into the nearly circular cavity from all sides, converging on the center of the crater.

Both satellites pursue nearly circular , equatorial orbits about Mars.


The lake was roughly circular in shape.

The daytime blast is heard over a roughly circular area some 70 kilometers in diameter.

They consist of roughly circular depressions and of more elongated depressions, and are radar-dark.



Clearly the more elaborate the dress, the more dress-fasteners required, although there is here the danger of a circular argument .

Pupils can often fall back on a circular argument such as: Why is the relationship linear?

Failure to recognize this leads to circular arguments .

The Court refused to allow itself to be caught in a circular argument as to which State needed to waive immunity first.

This appears to be a circular argument , typical of closed-belief systems.


The circular chamber was once again wide and dark and almost empty.

The tunnel she had emerged into led to a circular chamber .

Her worst fears were confirmed when they reached the circular chamber .

A blast of superheated rock fragments heralded the Doctor's arrival into a huge circular chamber .

Distant creaks and groans echoed eerily along dark corridors and seemed to expand into the circular chamber .

The passageway ended in another small, circular chamber .


The circular flow of income and spending.

Let us build on the circular flow model by discussing more fully the concept of a market.

Having identified the main sectors we can now include them in the circular flow approach adopted in Figure 1.2.

We could examine the workings of the multiplier by considering changes in other injections into the circular flow .

In other words, extra spending automatically generates additional leakages from the circular flow .

Taxation Tin the circular flow has been interpreted as income taxation and is the difference between gross and disposable income.

On the other hand reduced injections will have a contractionary effect on income levels in the domestic circular flow .

Some ratios use domestic product, which measures resources produced entirely within the domestic circular flow .


Guidance by circular Every year all government departments send a score or more of circular letters to local authorities.

This meeting also approved a circular letter which it is to be assumed canvassed for potential members.


The irony in all this is the circular logic of what appears to be the new strategic competition.


When considering circular motion it is often easier to work in terms of the angular velocity rather than ordinary linear velocity.

In fact, each individual drop of water is describing a circular motion which takes it nowhere overall.

Why then does the sun appear to set and to have a circular motion around the Earth?

It lacks the qualities associated with the perfection of the celestial sphere: circular motion , elemental purity, immutability.

He made a circular motion with closed fingers.

Thus the poem has a circular motion corresponding to the circular shape of the object it describes.

Knead the fondant or marzipan thoroughly, using a circular motion to spread the colour evenly.

With shoes off, make a circular motion with the feet to the count of 10, Levi suggested.


Similarly, radial burns can be used to convert circular orbits into elliptical ones.

Subsequent timing observations have shown the pulsar to be in a 5.74-day circular orbit with a low-mass companion.

A spacecraft passing through its perigee point is moving faster than an equivalent craft on a circular orbit of the same radius.

Consequently the force of gravity at perigee is not enough to hold it in a circular orbit .

This changes them from a circular orbit to an elliptical one.

Another burn at this point can accelerate the craft, placing it on the higher circular orbit .

An arrangement of more than four similar events into a circular orbit emphasises the centre, which may be occupied or not.

So far we have been discussing circular orbits .


This 97 mile circular route follows the towpaths of six different canals.


Their versatility means a circular saw is not always needed.

A circular saw screeched and the smell of fresh sawdust was everywhere.

The spikes can destroy a chainsaw or circular saw .

If you already own a jigsaw and circular saw , the Cut Saw is probably not for you.


Sit in one of the circular chairs, at a circular table , in the circular lobby.

The furniture was sparse: a circular table and two chairs; a plain bookshelf crammed with books about art and artists.

We sit in semidarkness around a huge circular table which fills the compartment almost completely.

Bentwood chairs, small circular tables and wall-mounted globe cafe lights are the key.

Close to the globe was a circular table , mostly painted blue.

White lacquer-sprayed branches circled the room, laid with 10 circular tables .

In the classroom, photos of the trip to the seaside were on display and there were small circular tables .


This latter deviation can, of course, be used to make a circular walk from the station of about seven miles.

You can take a 12-mile or 20-mile circular walk around the village.

For variety and to make a longer walk you can try the three circular walks which leave the towpath at various points.

It is happily served by two old paths for ascent and descent, encouraging a circular walk best done clockwise.

The aim of the circular walk I've devised is to capture as fully as possible the incredible magic of the Lakes.

Planned circular walks are also available, which always include many points of interest and an approximate time.

Tintern Abbey in the Wye Valley makes a good half way point on a circular walk from Chepstow.

This was my first stop on a circular walk round the peninsula's exposed western extremity.


The transepts have large circular windows .

The circular window , the Gothic rose, evolved from the Romanesque wheel window.

Above the porch was usually a decorative circular window in the façade gable which lit the nave behind.

Then, looking up at the circular window above it, Jack saw that the catch was not fully in position.


The cattle are kept in a large circular enclosure.

the moon's circular orbit

The planets follow almost circular orbits around the sun.

The procession follows a circular route through the town, and finishes back in the park.

The villa has a circular courtyard with rooms leading off it in all directions.


Attached to one side was an enormous circular blade; a startling silver against the gloom.

Hold up the circular strip and ask the students how many sides it has.

Rather, I think the measure should be circular , like the face of a clock.

The frigidarium is small and circular in plan.

The interior of the circular cella is a masterpiece of construction and lighting effect.

The level I have in mind is circular .

With shoes off, make a circular motion with the feet to the count of 10, Levi suggested.

II. noun


Central Government publish general advice on a wide range of planning issues through planning policy guidance notes and circulars.

In view of the threat of expulsions contained in these circulars, Labour supporters of Unity had to reconsider their position.

It is not a circular slipped under your door to which you may or may not respond with a pre-paid envelope.

Publishers often distribute, in addition to catalogues, circulars about individual books or series.

Robotic bureaucrats do not look through the Sunday shopping circulars to find the lowest prices.

Still, make sure that it's mentioned in the next circular , lad.

The Patten plan, detailed in a Government draft circular , risks further heightening confrontation with teachers already boycotting national curriculum tests.

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