Meaning of CIRCULAR in English

I. ˈsərkyələr; ˈsə̄kyələ(r, ˈsəik- adjective

Etymology: alteration (influenced by Late Latin circularis ) of earlier circuler, from Middle English, from Middle French circuler, circulier, from Late Latin circularis, from Latin circulus circle — more at circle


a. : having the exact or approximate form or outline of a circle : round

a circular orbit

a circular cavity

a circular area

b. : made in round shape or tubular form : so made as to form a circle when spread flat

a circular cape

2. : marked by motion in a circle

a circular dance

: describing a circle or spiral

a circular staircase

: going in a circle : operating with a circular arrangement

a circular machine for knitting

3. : relating to the circle or its properties

a circular arc

4. obsolete : perfect , complete

5. : circuitous , indirect

a circular treatment of the problem

6. : marked by or similar to reasoning or arguing in a circle

paucity of evidence tends to make the arguments circular — Times Literary Supplement

7. : marked by or moving in a cycle of repetition

8. : intended for circulation either widely or within a particular group

a subcommittee drafted a circular letter to all the disaffected groups

• cir·cu·lar·ly adverb

• cir·cu·lar·ness noun -es

II. noun

( -s )

1. : an announcement, advertisement, or directive typically in the form of a printed leaflet intended to be sent to many persons or otherwise distributed widely

the first government circular relative to the medical examination of aviators — H.G.Armstrong

a circular to be sent to the police of the areas in which the twenty-nine men lived — F.W.Crofts

2. also circular cloak : a long full often fur-lined cape popular in the 19th century

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