Meaning of CIRCULAR in English

/ ˈsɜːkjələ(r); NAmE ˈsɜːrk-/ adjective , noun

■ adjective


shaped like a circle; round :

a circular building


moving around in a circle :

a circular tour of the city


( of an argument or a theory ) using an idea or a statement to prove sth which is then used to prove the idea or statement at the beginning


( of a letter ) sent to a large number of people

►  cir·cu·lar·ity / ˌsɜːkjəˈlærəti; NAmE ˌsɜːrk-/ noun [ U ]:

There is a dangerous circularity about this argument.

■ noun

a printed letter, notice or advertisement that is sent to a large number of people at the same time



late Middle English : from Old French circulier , from late Latin circularis , from Latin circulus small ring, diminutive of circus ring.

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