Meaning of COLLAPSE in English


I. verb


a business collapses/fails (= stops operating )

35% of small businesses fail in the first year of operation.

a coalition collapses/breaks up

Austria's ruling government coalition collapsed.

a regime collapses/falls (= loses power )

Authoritarian regimes tend to collapse in times of economic hardship.

a state of collapse (= the state of being very ill or weak )

The economy was in a state of collapse.

a system collapses (= fails completely )

The European Exchange Rate system collapsed in the 1970s.

an empire collapses (= fails and ends suddenly )

When the business empire collapsed, thousands of employees lost their jobs.

an empire falls/collapses (= loses power suddenly )

In A.D.476, the western part of the Empire collapsed.

collapse in/into a chair (= sit down suddenly because you are very tired or upset )

Eileen collapsed into a chair and burst out crying.

collapse/dissolve into giggles (= start laughing a lot )

Victor tickled the little boy, who dissolved into giggles.

crack/collapse/buckle etc under the strain (= become unable to continue normally because of the strain )

They are worried that the court system might collapse under the strain.

talks break down/collapse (= stop because of disagreement )

Talks broke down today between the Russian and Japanese delegations.

the breakdown/collapse of talks

The collapse of the talks sent shock waves round the world.

the collapse of an empire

He left the country after the collapse of his construction empire.

the fall/collapse of an empire (= the sudden end of an empire )

After the battle of Waterloo, the collapse of Napoleon's empire was inevitable.




Profits had been falling for some years; investment collapsed suddenly in summer 1974.

In any game of brinkmanship, it is possible that one side will collapse suddenly .

When it has exhausted its reserves, it collapses suddenly .

The reticence which had surrounded the subject for so long had suddenly collapsed on all sides.



After my first spell of night duty I collapsed into bed and slept for nineteen hours.

They collapsed into bed , holding on tightly.

I only just managed to get back to our house before collapsing into bed .

I wanted to collapse on the bed and scream.

Zach collapsed on the bed and grinned sheepishly at them.

At two o'clock I collapsed into my hotel bed .

We collapse together on to the bed , breathing in time.


Philippa's fear was exaggerated, as if a bridge had started to collapse under her.

He told the driver to stop as the bridge was going to collapse .

It had been night and for a long time no one knew that the bridge had collapsed .

Two workmen were killed when a maintenance gantry fixed to the bridge collapsed two years ago.


Jan raised her hand to Darren, and he collapsed in the chair with a pout like Marilyn Monroe.

I was last, and collapsed into my chair .

Charles didn't respond and after a frozen pause, she collapsed into a chair and burst out crying.

He collapsed into a chair and began to cry ... it was ages before he could say anything.

I swayed across to it, was admitted by an elderly lady and collapsed in a chair .

In the make-up room she collapsed into a chair , dropping her head into her hands and groaning heavily.

Back in the study Edward Crumwallis collapsed into the chair usually reserved for boys whom he was hauling over the coals.


Several high-profile companies collapsed , including Qunitext, a television and leisure resort company headed by Christopher Skase.

That comparison is made even more potent given that the large company tends to collapse the distinction between private and public power.

But the investment company collapsed , and now Mr Woodward and his wife owe sixty thousand pounds and may loose their house.

I certainly did not want existing company schemes to collapse and saw no reason why this should happen.

It seemed that every day the papers carried more reports of companies collapsing bringing inevitable job losses and their knock-on effects.

The surprise payment was hailed as a triumph by the receivers of the Belfast car company which collapsed ten years ago.

Internet access company has collapsed with debts of $ 75m.

Contrary to the industry's predictions, existing company schemes have not collapsed .


Stock exchanges and property prices collapsed , so the debts became overwhelming.

Internet access company has collapsed with debts of $ 75m.

The group collapsed with debts of over £80m.

Just down the road at Shalford, electrical contractor Schupke collapsed with debts of £100,000 and the loss of 21 jobs.


Officials take heart that the economy has not collapsed since the withdrawal of Soviet aid.

Under such circumstances, the economy would collapse .

If Britain's economy were to collapse at some future point, there would be mass emigration once more.

Upon reflection, we might wonder why such an economy does not collapse in complete chaos.

Since it has never been allowed to develop any outlets, what is left of the economy would collapse .

Deny people the freedom to be what they want and to do what they want, and an economy will collapse .

The economy had collapsed: according to the World Bank, half the population earned less than $ 220 a year.

Since 1989 the emission of pollutants has in fact fallen, but only because the economy has collapsed .


Tax reforms propounded by Zolotas's all-party Cabinet installed after the November election were dropped when this government collapsed in February 1990.

And, within less than one year, this right-coalition government also collapsed .

His government collapsed , and he has spent six years fighting-and winning-court battles, often on technicalities.


They collapsed together on the ground .

Four blocks from home, shots rang out and their crumpled bodies collapsed to the ground .

He collapses to the ground , clutching at his chest as his back arches.

When exposed to direct light the leaves collapse and touch the ground and the plant dies.

I flipped from fury straight into hilarity and collapsed on the ground beside him, rolling around in helpless laughter too.

While Guy stepped off, hardly out of breath, his competitor collapsed on the ground in exhaustion.

The musical interlude went on for ten minutes and finished with the mad figures collapsing on the ground .

They collapsed gasping to the ground .


The foreigner stumbled on a few steps, his brains leaking out around his earphones, and collapsed in a heap .

Sure enough, the Mean Machine runs the same play again and Budanski collapses in a heap , not breathing.

There he collapsed in an exhausted heap , all strength drained from his limbs.

Who knew when she might collapse in a heap of baubles and bangles?

The parliament building had burned, its roof had collapsed and a large heap of concrete lay around its doors.

Only one or two skeletons, in their finery, have collapsed into a mouldering heap on the tiled floor.

Graham never saw what hit him, and collapsed in a heap on the floor.


But the market has largely collapsed .

Critics also worry about what would happen if the markets collapsed .

Stock markets collapsed , hedge funds teetered on the brink.

When the housing market collapsed , it appears that this property was affected because it became the subject of a forced sale.

With Chernobyl the foreign market collapsed overnight.

Since then the luxury car market has collapsed and the speculators want out.

When the rules changed, the junk market collapsed .


Stock exchanges and property prices collapsed , so the debts became overwhelming.

At $ 3, 300, the price might also collapse the average Kmart shopper.

But when that new equity fell through, all prices collapsed to around 20%.

When the tin price collapsed , the miners formulated a plan to keep the mines open under their control with reduced costs.

Under the impact of soaring oil prices living standards collapsed in a welter of rationing and corruption.


If it were otherwise the court system would simply collapse under the strain .

His knees were wobbling as if they might collapse under the strain of holding his body upright.


Then, the immune system begins to collapse .

Communism forgot that basic truth and the system collapsed .

Before a system collapses , however, it often displays signs that something is amiss.

Take away coffee, and the entire system collapses .

Within the former Soviet Union, the central planning system collapsed .

What if a liberal contract-based system collapses ?

Such will be the misery caused that in the end the system will collapse .


There is no danger of the walls collapsing under the load of these roofs.

Eventually the water weakens the structure, and the walls and floors collapse .

This happened with fatal consequences in 1953 when the Lee Wick wall collapsed sending water shooting over the marshes to Jaywick.

One after another the bamboos broke, or their walls collapsed inward, and they had to be thrown away.

Another chunk of wall collapsed , sending up a billowing cloud of dust.

The pressure of the expanding beans forced the western outer wall to collapse .

The people working in the bakery escaped alive only because its wall collapsed outward into the alleyway.

Now, seven years after the wall collapsed , Berlin is creating an urban showcase for the 21st century.


The wooden hoop supporting the foliage had almost collapsed beneath its weight .

That excuse collapses under the weight of its own zits.

At least 343 people were killed, many of them by buildings collapsing under the weight of rain-soaked ash and mud.

By the 57605 these institutions could safely be abolished, for they had essentially collapsed of their own weight .

It ultimately collapses beneath the weight of its deception.

My daddy's front porch almost collapsed from the weight of the scouts.


a near disaster/collapse etc

fall/collapse etc in a heap

Ace, Defries and Bernice fell in a heap .

Graham never saw what hit him, and collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Sure enough, the Mean Machine runs the same play again and Budanski collapses in a heap , not breathing.

The foreigner stumbled on a few steps, his brains leaking out around his earphones, and collapsed in a heap .

The gallant commander and his horse fell in a heap ... the horse dead, the rider unhurt.

The lion fell in a heap , and she got a steel knee on top of it.

Who knew when she might collapse in a heap of baubles and bangles?


After half a dozen glasses of whisky he collapsed and could not be revived.

Cohen was hospitalized after he collapsed on the floor and briefly lost consciousness.

Come quickly, one of the passengers has collapsed.

Former Mayor Ed Koch collapsed this morning at a health club in midtown Manhattan.

Milligan collapsed into a chair, sighing deeply.

Minutes later the second tower collapsed.

One of the horses collapsed from exhaustion after the race.

Our tent collapsed in the middle of the night.

Part of the floor collapsed as a result of water damage.

She finally took a break and collapsed in a chair.

The building was badly damaged in the explosion, and rescue workers are worried that it may collapse .

The U.S. auto industry nearly collapsed due to increased foreign competition.

When folded in this way, the map collapses to pocket size.


A battle between the traders and the corporate financiers caused the firm to collapse in early 1984.

But his move to Old Trafford collapsed when the club medical revealed a knee problem.

His courage never faltered, but his health collapsed.

Please try not to upset or destroy this finely balanced mechanism or the building blocks will collapse like a row of dominoes.

The crest of his life collapsed with the Hotsy shooting.

The external guarantees that formerly enabled the Vaudois to survive had largely collapsed.

We got up and ran about 50 yards, and I collapsed.

When the suit collapsed Aitken was charged with perjury, for which he served a seven-month jail term.

II. noun




It was the ordinary police who prevented a complete collapse of law and order in the loyalist urban districts of Belfast.

Death occurs when a quickened beat pushes the heart muscle to complete collapse .

Edward's intervention had at least saved Montfort's cause from complete collapse .

Food shortages would probably galvanise public anger into action, as would a complete collapse of the economy.

Even if there is a complete collapse in the talks, it is unlikely to lead to general hostilities.


The forest is new: the ultimate victor in the conflicts, economic collapse and depopulation of the late nineteenth century.

In the United States in the 1930s, a financial collapse led to an economic collapse.

Mr Karimov knows that he will stand or fall on his ability to stave off economic collapse .

We moved ahead rapidly when the economic collapse of the Depression strained the capacities of families and communities to the breaking point.

Unemployment and economic collapse have changed our views.

Futures commissions are often created by communities that have experienced some form of trauma, such as economic collapse .

Diehard optimists, like Mr Pynzenyk, say that hyperinflation and economic collapse will eventually force the country to its senses.

The most extreme pessimists foretell a future of demographically driven privation, environmental overshoot, and economic collapse .


The reported death of Polonius causes Dycarbas's final collapse , and brings Terentia to the verge of suicide.

From the shambles of the aldermanic elections and the final collapse of the Kelly-Nash leadership, Daley walked out even stronger.


And an extended payments schedule might well recover the debt more surely than strict enforcement - which might instead precipitate financial collapse .

In the United States in the 1930s, a financial collapse led to an economic collapse.

Mr Pin says that the government is blaming him for the entire financial collapse .

None is big enough or bold enough to offset the negative effects of the financial collapse .

But this success was tempered by the fact that Colebrooke's period in office coincided with the Company's financial collapse .


Then war intervened, Oppenheimer became involved in the atom bomb project, and he lost interest in gravitational collapse .

It showed that gravitational collapse was not as much of a dead end as it had appeared to be.

In 1965 I read about Penrose's theorem that any body undergoing gravitational collapse must eventually form a singularity.

Let me go back to my earlier discussion of gravitational collapse .

However, Chandrasekhar showed that for a sufficiently massive star the gravitational collapse continues until the star shrinks to a point.

The no-hair theorem implies that a large amount of information is lost in a gravitational collapse .

It modifies the scenario of gravitational collapse in the following way.


Experts say this whole section of the ancient Abbey was in imminent danger of collapse .

Repeated scientific warnings about the imminent collapse of cod stocks were ignored and the vast shoals vanished.

He has no reason to fear the imminent collapse either of his administration or his country.

The tree, thought to be more than 2,000 years old, was in imminent danger of collapse .


Of the two, he was faring worse, panting, gasping, even appearing to be near collapse .


Yet his subsequent collapse from hero to villain has been as sudden as a Patriot missile strike.

At some later date, a slight glacial retreat would weaken the dam wall and its subsequent collapse would prove catastrophic.


The army's sudden collapse has been attributed to poor leadership, exhaustion and poor morale.

A sudden collapse could cause a run on mutual funds, which could in turn threaten the financial system.

Bollards are prone to sudden collapse , and the ropes often jam in the groove behind the capstan during retrieval.

The sudden collapse of Communism raised the power of global capitalism to new heights.

After Allitt moved out of the Jobsons' home, his dizzy spells, craving for chocolate and sudden collapses had stopped.

It meant any sudden collapse and loss of awareness.

It was a sudden , painless collapse and I had no chance to do anything.

That had led to his sudden and unexpected collapse , the heart giving out.


Events of the past week have shown it is not likely to be among the major companies that total collapses will occur.

But the total collapse or disappearance of one was never seen as an appropriate goal of foreign policy.

I am 46, going grey and on the point of total collapse .

The Rassemblement had been premised on a total governmental collapse .

But the gravest threat to health is posed by the total collapse of the economy, and the ensuing chronic poverty.



Solicitors' firms are caught out by the housing market collapse .

Barring market collapse , they should retain their premium.

Well over £2 billion has been invested in such assets since the stock market collapse in October 1987.



What caused its collapse was Craig's conversion to something which could be presented to loyalists as power-sharing.

They did so again amid the turmoil caused by the collapse of Soviet power in 1991.

Bottoms' version of the crisis of legitimacy is caused by the collapse of the rehabilitative ideal.

Unemployment caused by the collapse of coal and steel will not be solved by a garden festival.

The reported death of Polonius causes Dycarbas's final collapse , and brings Terentia to the verge of suicide.


These anxieties were shortly to lead to his mental collapse .

In the United States in the 1930s, a financial collapse led to an economic collapse.

Worsening expectations had not yet led to a collapse in investment, however.

With construction of the dam, the loss of nutrient rich sediment led to the collapse of sardine fishing in the delta.

The collapse of the Soviet Union led to the collapse of most local industries.

Details are emerging of the final stages of the talks which led to the collapse of the bid on Tuesday night.

The scandal led to a collapse in popularity and bitter internal quarrels on how to proceed.

The stability of the wall is obviously affected, and if left untreated may lead to eventual collapse .


It was the ordinary police who prevented a complete collapse of law and order in the loyalist urban districts of Belfast.


The doctor had suffered a temporary mental collapse and subsequent bouts of violent behaviour.

In 1966, while undergoing a Caesarean section, she had suffered a collapse under the anaesthetic.


After Stephen's sudden collapse during the meeting, he was rushed to the hospital.

Buildings must be strengthened to prevent collapse from an earthquake.

He was sued for his role in the collapse of Southwest Savings and Loan.

Roy is recovering from last week's collapse .

the collapse of the stock market in 1987


Devoted to public order and financial stability, he presided over and accelerated the collapse of both.

For most of them the railway symbolized dispossession and in some cases the collapse of their traditional economies.

Gravitational collapse releases energy; and collapse to a single, dimensionless point releases an infinite amount of it.

None is big enough or bold enough to offset the negative effects of the financial collapse .

The collapse of Spinward has implications for the whole of the human-occupied galaxy.

The second-half collapse was subtle at first but sudden when it finally happened.

This is exactly the sort of collapse that keyed their six straight losses in the last two months of last season.

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