Meaning of DEPARTMENT in English



a department store/video store/food store etc chain

Morgan was the owner of a computer store chain.

a government department

the government department responsible for policing

a university department

one of the oldest university departments in the country

Department For Innovation, Universities, and Skills, the

department store

fire department

police department

State Department

the Defence Department (= part of the government dealing with defence )

This is secret information, known only to the Defence Department.

the education department (= the government organization that makes decisions about education )

Newcastle City Council’s education department




It set separate cash limits for each central government department for pay and allied costs.

The organisation of the planning process tends to be done in corporate head office by a central corporate planning department .

Since then, central government departments have established regional offices.

Each had a board of civil servants to bring together local representatives of central departments related to economic development.

Central direction has increased since 1979 but local authorities are far more than simply field agents of central government departments .

This report and the other earlier ones demonstrate the interest of central government departments in professional development.

Some public trading activities, notably posts and telecommunications, have operated as parts of central government departments .

They need not necessarily be totally stand-alone units but could be part of the central planning department .


These lines were of various colours, each colour representing a different department .

Numbers are handled by a different department altogether, in the next building.

Very often this will be coming from a different department , who should be alerted in good time.

Kopriva, for example, was in six different departments over 14 years.

Protestors welcomed the official objection although some were concerned that different government departments had clashed over the matter.

So many different police departments were involved that protecting the president at times became a logistical nightmare.

He had the same qualifications as me but he was from a different department and had less experience.

Some organizations operate different cultures in different departments .


Integrix says the SEC160 makes the Sparcstation 10 useful as a large department server.

Another novel approach was used by an applicant for a sales position with a large department store.

Between a small, local shop where there is likely to be less security, and a large supermarket or department store?

The largest concentration of departments is found in the George Square/Old College area.

If you were asked to select the towns for two new large department stores, which two would you choose and why?

Both are backed up by a large research department .


The leading Stockholm trade publisher Norstedts, also included in the 1990 takeover, has a significant legal publishing department .

If you do not send a payment as soon as possible, we must forward your account to our legal department .

The work covered by the larger legal departments in commerce and industry may cover all the legal services the company requires.

This should ideally consist of a period in each of the different sections of a local authority legal department .

In the spring of 1945, he decided to create a legal department and start suing bigots.

I meant... well, the building, the legal department , my office.


A guardian must be either a local social services department or a person accepted by them.

However, limited resources have left many state and local health departments with inadequate capacity to conduct surveillance for most infectious diseases.

In contrast, non-communicable diseases have been virtually ignored by local health departments .

Her husband, Jim Gerlich, 30, is a sales manager with a local department store.

Nowadays, many top designers also produce mass-produced goods which we can buy in the local department store.

Interested persons should call their local health department for information.

Non-playing colleagues rushed him to the local casualty department , where a large plaster cast was fixed on to the injured area.

No federal resources are provided to state and local health departments to support the national notifiable disease system.


Several of these tasks require the collaboration of production with other departments , notably Marketing and Finance. 21.

What is peculiar, even unique compared with other departments of government, is a special brand of stuffiness.

The office was to be separated by a party wall from other government departments .

The picture of pupil participation in the assessment process was less obvious in the other two art departments visited.

Then it was on to the chapel, where work from other faculties and departments was on show.

Its chief task is to ensure that the charter and its offspring are being implemented by other departments .

We can now turn to the possible conflicts that can occur between the marketing department and other departments.

No alternative employment within the school or other university department could be identified.


In greater detail, local authority social services departments would be responsible for: 1.

A leaked letter from the Social Security department revealed that the benefit could be taxed.

Peter Wiffen, who works for Darlington's social services department , collected £100 through a sponsored slim.

And now Tony Newton's social security department is hoping a recent £7 million advertising campaign will boost that to 60 percent.

Orkney Islands Council abdicated all responsibility to its social work department: my children were made to suffer accordingly.


Information is now provided for various Government departments and senior and middle management throughout the organisation.

At this point, the administration has only 55 confirmed officials in the various departments and agencies.

Pearn and I wrote most of the leaders, though occasionally we had help from the various departments of government.

Favorable reports, however, did continue to come in from the various departments and garrisons adhering to the Herrera government.

Opportunities for school children to spend periods in various departments as part of their social studies or community placement should be encouraged.

Top staff meetings at the White House and in the various agencies and departments are devoted to getting puff pieces written.

The corporation for a number of years paid purchase tax on stationery manufactured by it and used in its various departments .

Aleman has begun his term with surprise inspections of various government departments .



The project has been organised by Newcastle City Council's education department .

He retired as head of the men's physical education department at Central Missouri State University in 1976.

The Physical Education department endeavours to provide a broadly based service for all students and staff within the University.

It was Kelly who first approached Deirdre Ballou, education department manager at the park, with the idea late last year.

Is the education department closed on public holidays?

I welcome the commitment of Strathclyde's education department to co-operate fully with the commission's investigation.

The agency's Education department runs regular campaigns that involve study and a practical response from participants.

Some bureaux have been invited in by the probation or education departments or by the prison governor.


The move follows a visit to the fire department in St Petersburg by a group of firemen from the county.

When that happens and some one falls in a channel, the city and county fire department swift-water rescue teams must respond quickly.

Other story ideas come from the police and fire department radio reports of crimes, fires, and accidents.

The fire department estimates that damage at 50 Congress St. is about $ 500, 000, Caron said.

Our fire departments have powerful incentives to keep things that way.

The police, fire department , hotel, stock brokers, lawyers and gay leagues are among these indie leagues.

Cost overruns for overtime for both the police and fire departments has been a chronic problem for years.


Many large and medium size companies, government departments and Local authorities are putting Dataease to use somewhere within their organisations.

The office was to be separated by a party wall from other government departments .

It involved the co-ordination of a number of government departments which was extensive by the standards of nineteenth-century administration.

Guidance by circular Every year all government departments send a score or more of circular letters to local authorities.

The bodies which are most obviously subject to various forms of public accountability are central government departments and local authorities.

But government departments have no method of discovering the origin of the timber and paper that they use.

At present responsibility falls into several government departments .

Funds from government departments committed to trade and employment fuel their conversations.


This represented a move away from the department head receiving capitation and simply spending it because it was there.

Brown said he would let his department heads lead, but that he would be involved in many of their decisions.

The name will live on as a department head .

I called Professor Sano, our former department head , and asked his advice.

Each department head is responsible for briefing the Colonel.

You receive a panicky call from a department head .

One programme department head is believed to have rejected it.

This summer, he held a retreat in Laguna Beach for 14 people, all department heads .


But Keith Atkinson, director of the council's environmental health department , remains unconvinced that the allotment owners are blameless.

Physicians performing abortions were obliged to file detailed reports on each case to the state health department .

Home care is also provided by private home health agencies, hospitals and public health departments .

In contrast, non-communicable diseases have been virtually ignored by local health departments .

Reporting would be received by state health departments as soon as cases are suspected or identified.

Some one in the occupational health department or specific tutors should be given responsibility for student welfare and be trained as counsellors.

However, limited resources have left many state and local health departments with inadequate capacity to conduct surveillance for most infectious diseases.


Access to housing Most housing departments failed to integrate disabled people into their allocation policies.

So why are they different when met over the counter in a social security office or a housing department ?

Ask the local authority's housing department in the area to which you want to move for the addresses of local hostels.

Education and housing departments , water and electricity boards have often failed to follow policy guidelines or to co-ordinate their work.

If you are living in council property you must discuss adapting your house with the housing department .

In two cases these policies had been developed as a result of dialogue between the housing department and local disability organisations.


The objectives of a marketing department are directed towards the attainment of corporate aims, such as profitability growth and social responsibility.

The programme developers and marketing departments must be more outward-looking.

The association's own quantity surveyor and marketing department made detailed investigations.

But what we see increasingly is the series which is the brainchild of a designer or a marketing department rather than of horticulturists.

Ken joins as operations manager responsible for the marketing department .

You are unlikely to find a word processor on your desk or fully computerised accounts, research and marketing departments .

We can now turn to the possible conflicts that can occur between the marketing department and other departments.


In the end these separate plans are cobbled together by a central planning department and adjusted to make them compatible.

The organisation of the planning process tends to be done in corporate head office by a central corporate planning department .

The extent of the input by the business units themselves depends on the style of planning management adopted by the planning department .

According to the state's traffic planning department , traffic calming had improved the economic performance of cities like Dusseldorf.

Simply ask your borough council planning department , who will be able to advise you.

The purpose of the planning department is to control local development to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the region.

A strategy should never be allowed to evolve as a by.product of the efforts of the planning department .


In 1994, New Orleans hired a new police chief to rescue the corrupt, ineffective police department from itself.

The Boca Raton police department gave him the name and phone number of a bank officer who could be reached in emergencies.

I would guarantee him an exclusive, pictures and all, which is something he'd never get from the police department .

There were some cases, nevertheless, of clear discrimination: age discrimination in the police department , for example.

The police department , which once rounded up 50 youngsters a night, now picks up two or three.

The organisation of the Catholic church is not to be confused with that of the Ministry of Transport or police department .

So many different police departments were involved that protecting the president at times became a logistical nightmare.


I have circulated the request to the various Regional Council service departments asking them to respond not later than 18 December 1992.

What can the social services department do to help?

All local authority social services departments offer different kinds of help and support.

This study took place between 1981 and 1985 in a large northern, metropolitan social services department .

This remains the situation that social service departments will inherit in April 1993, when social services assume responsibility for private care.

Government funding to Social service departments who pay 230-pounds for each resident each week will be cut substantially in April.

Peter Wiffen, who works for Darlington's social services department , collected £100 through a sponsored slim.


When state department analysts are asked for their opinions, however, pragmatism will probably trump ideology.

Another 75 or so live in the Burbank-Pasadena area, state department figures show.

The state department spokesman, James Rubin, has done no more than take formal note of Mahuad's initiative.

The U. S. Justice and State departments are supporting that demand.

Yet Pomgol was little more than a conglomerate made up of other relevant state departments .

Nine state departments or agencies had jurisdiction over at least one of the 70 programs.

Among Bush's advisers there is a perceptible difference between the more conciliatory state department and the hardline military.

In 1964 Johnson transferred Bundy to the state department .


Ceilings and floors dangled from what had once been a department store .

The London department store Liberty &038; Co., for example, was founded expressly for that purpose.

Plans for the centre include two department stores , an open-air market, a 1,100-space car park and other stores and facilities.

Those buildings include triple deckers with flat roofs and large roofs such as those on department stores and supermarkets.

From department stores and kitchen shops.

Recently I had a long conversation with the credit manager of a department store in Grand Rapids.

The scissors have stainless steel blades and retail at £1.99 in department stores and toy shops.

In San Jose, a jury convicted Anthony Garcia of shoplifting several pairs of pants from a department store .



He will be responsible for setting up and running the department which will cover most of the Northern region.

He was running the department from the chair, like Saint Louis dispensing justice from under a tree.

It follows restructuring last year which created business units to run departments .

I am confident that he will pursue this course and continue to run a department whose sales exceed our expectations.

Otherwise he concentrated on a few vital issues and left his ministers relatively free to run their departments .

The management experience of being a governor was important to my running a federal department this big and complicated.

Over time she appointed more congenial ministers to run departments .

Shoe Pavilion has an agreement to run Gordmans' shoe departments .


He works in the rights department of a small publishing company and has two children from his first marriage.

Who still works for the 60-officer department as a dispatcher.

Jean worked in the same department as a Spotter and Darner since she joined the company in 1969.

Telbis-Preis has been working on her manuscript, while her son works in the service department of Pep Boys in Temecula.

We had worked together in that department for many years.

Dave worked in the production department of a company that put on industrials, elaborate musical numbers for industrial conventions.

James had studied law at university but now was working in the personnel department of Cadbury's.

So does the assumption that the individual working in a department is the primary building block of performance.


Minister/Department of the Interior

Former officers at the camp were arrested after the revelations and the Deputy Minister of the Interior , Col.-Gen.

He had accused the Minister of the Interior and police chiefs of taking bribes from drug traffickers.

The Department of the Interior and many other federal and state natural resource agencies are moving toward this broader approach to conservation.

the State Department

the Treasury (Department)

As Secretary of the Treasury you planted the seeds for the most far-reaching tax reform in our history.

Bills are three month assets issued by the Treasury and some companies.

More crucially, the Treasury is developing a political and not just an economic position.

Naval officers received no help from the Treasury for their outfits, though they were given a small tax allowance.

Only then would the true drain on the Treasury begin.

The return to gold was Churchill's decision, even though, within the Treasury , he at first was hard to convince.


At that time, Robert Kennedy was head of the Justice Department .

Ellison is now head of the Department of Education.

Fred has some problems in the humor department .

Melissa is in charge of the Marketing Department .

Our department deals mainly with exports.

She works in the Humanities department

the Department of Experimental Psychology

the Department of Motor Vehicles

the Department of Trade and Industry

The movie tries to be both a comedy and a drama, without success in either department .

Ties are in the men's department .

Vera works in the public relations department .

Which department do you work in?


A month later, he was forced to step down as dean of the dental department at the college.

All these departments provide a support service to the Group in their specialised fields.

As the record department was within my view from my balcony office, I generally kept away.

First runners up in the competition were Robert Fulton and John Cunningham, both from the weaving department .

From both departments he received information that might help free the Stone family from harassment.

It gets help in this department from a swirl of balsamic vinegar.

The move comes at a tense time for the Los Angeles police department .

This should ideally consist of a period in each of the different sections of a local authority legal department .

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