Meaning of DEPARTMENT in English

— departmental /di pahrt men"tl, dee'pahrt-/ , adj. — departmentally , adv.

/di pahrt"meuhnt/ , n.

1. a distinct part of anything arranged in divisions; a division of a complex whole or organized system.

2. one of the principal branches of a governmental organization: the sanitation department.

3. ( cap. ) one of the principal divisions of the U.S. federal government, headed by a Secretary who is a member of the President's cabinet.

4. a division of a business enterprise dealing with a particular area of activity: the personnel department.

5. a section of a retail store selling a particular class or kind of goods: the sportswear department.

6. one of the sections of a school or college dealing with a particular field of knowledge: the English department.

7. one of the large districts into which certain countries, as France, are divided for administrative purposes.

8. a division of official business, duties, or functions: judicial departments.

9. a sphere or province of activity, knowledge, or responsibility: Paying the bills is not my department.

10. ( usually cap. ) U.S. Army. (formerly) a large geographical division of the U.S. or its possessions as divided for military and defense purposes: the Hawaiian Department.

[ 1730-35; département, equiv. to départ ( ir ) (see DEPART) + -ment -MENT ]

Syn. 1. branch, bureau, section, unit, segment.

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