Meaning of DIRECTOR in English




a board of directors/trustees

The board of directors met yesterday.

a company director/executive

He earns a huge amount of money as a senior company executive.

a film director

This year’s festival includes a tribute to the French film director Bertrand Tavernier.

a movie director

He and his wife are both movie directors.

a television director

He’s a very successful television director.

art director

deputy director/chairman/governor etc

the Deputy Secretary of State

Director of Studies

director's chair

director's cut

funeral director

make it to manager/director etc

How did anyone so stupid make it to manager?

managing director

non-executive director




The age of those mighty, entrepreneurial artistic directors has probably come to an end.

Not unnaturally, its organiser, Paul Onoratini, and its artistic director , Rene


Before that she was a divisional director in Berkshire and assistant director in Reading County Borough.

Bonanni, the former assistant director for Installations and Logistics.

The assistant director called Brando who ignored him.


Lorenzo, this is Wayne Wright, athletic director at Pepperdine.

Jody had never been a head coach, but the athletic director at Oregon felt she had it in her.

The athletic director renewed his efforts to force the university to remove the sculpture.

The five-year extension takes Mathews through the 2002-2003 season, athletic director Bill Hogan said.

If the appeal ever happens, it will be the first in school history, according to associate athletic director Kevin Reneau.

He is offensive coordinator and acting athletic director at South Mountain High.


Barrie Catchpole, a director of Quilter Goodison, will become deputy managing director.

Both the executive director of the agency and the deputy executive director are black.


John Akker is the executive director of Near.

The role of chief executive has gone to executive director , Mr Joe Stevenson.

Six years after its founding, she became its executive director .

Suzanne Strassburger, executive director of the association, did not return calls yesterday.


The pros and cons of three possible posts were considered - commercial manager, general manager or director of coaching.

From his public comments it even mystifies the general director , Jeremy Isaacs, the star of the show.

The general director , Evvy Edwards, was recruited to administer the Halls in 1990.

He retired as general director of the Mission in 1902.


It's all very mysterious - why, for instance, does Cape still need a managing director but not Chatto?

Royden Axe, managing director , Design Research Associates.

He became managing director of Esso in 1968 and was chairman from 1972 to 1980.

But now many of them can stand up in front of the gate and talk back to the managing director .

B was the managing director of the plaintiffs.

It gave Brian McMaster, the company's managing director , the worst night he has ever had.


The future of new director general John Birt is in question because of his taxation arrangements.

Within the year, the new development director had brought in three times her salary.

Trustees representing substantial Ferranti family interests wrote to Sir Derek asking for the board to be replaced or supplemented by new directors .

After passing a State board licensing examination, new funeral directors may join the staff of a funeral home.

To the new directors Because you are new in the Opera House, I am writing to tell you some important things.

Supple told committee members that the university is currently searching for a new athletic director .

Mayne Nickless' new managing director , Bob Dalziel, will join the company on Monday.


Neither he nor his peers were surprised when the regional director asked him to consider a management career.

Ian Frost, regional director of Inntrepreneur, said the leases offered big advantages over the short-term agreements.

An elected health commissioner would run the system with an appointed medical advisory board and regional directors .

A new united sales team for East Anglia is in place reporting to regional director .

Then the final choice lies with their regional directors .

Each region has a director and all the regional directors meet together as the Branches Committee.



So an illustration may offer far wider possibilities for the art director to achieve special effects and a distinctive style.

When he awoke, he found himself in San Francisco -- as the art director of a ballet magazine.

Phil Bicker, our art director , never goes home. 9.

Do not let your editor or art director unduly influence you.

Leaver, then camping out on Oz art director Jonathan Goodchild's floor, joined the staff.

It aims to give writers and art directors a thorough grounding of the advertising business and valuable first-hand experience.

For some years now, writer and art director have been considered as equal partners working closely together.

A good production person must keep up with every development and ideally acquaint the art directors with every one as well.


Future Systems has appointed three new associate directors .

Gross is an associate director at Woodbourne.

He later became associate director of circulation planning and vice president and business manager.

Early in the setup of the Northwest Respirator Center he hired Dunning to work as his part-time associate director .


This listed the names of oil company directors who may have committed offences.

Statistics show that one in every three company directors aged 40 will die before reaching age 65.

The Review Panel now inspires real fear in company directors .

High-powered females, at that: these were company directors , partners, owner-managers and senior civil servants.

Reading Company Reports Like computer people and bank managers, company directors have a language of their own.

He was saved when company director dad Paul, 42, looked in by chance.

In addition, senior executives are largely drawn from the same narrow background as company directors .


There are few film directors who can resist a good car chase.

And sometimes, he even toys with his long-running fantasy of dropping out of the business and becoming a film director .

So was film director Oliver Stone.

And those vignettes were made by local college students working with an award-winning independent film director .

Now the legendary film director wants Sam to fly to New York for a second interview next week.

Cleese, 52, fell for her after his divorce two years ago from his second wife, film director Barbara Trentham.

The usually private Sporty Spice posed hand-in-hand with film director Dan Cadan.

This film director , Bella Kropotkin, was undoubtedly after him, and undoubtedly he would take advantage of it - tonight!


Mr Dignum, 52, has been group financial director since 1988 and was appointed finance director of the stores in January.

In a recent survey, finance directors were asked what change they would most like to see in corporate governance.

Colin was fulsome in his praise of the role of finance directors in delivering a near impossible set of financial reforms.

Vince Luck was brought in as finance director from Northern Foods.

As trade in services soars, taxmen will find it harder to keep up with clever finance directors .

New director: Michael Taylor has been appointed to the board of Northumbrian Water as finance director.

Mr Taylor was formerly group finance director of chemical and timber protection group, Hickson International.


Some funeral directors will assist in do-it-yourself funerals by supplying a simple coffin and dealing with the documentation. 4.

To show proper respect and consideration for the families and the dead, funeral directors must dress appropriately.

The Independent Television Commission have now removed the ban on funeral directors .

Employment Funeral directors held about 26, 000 jobs in 1994.

Yet Scudamore concerns himself only with temporary preservation related to the needs and requirements of the modern funeral director .

It can be seen at Citizens Advice Bureaux, or at funeral directors who are members of the Association.

To unburden themselves of arranging and directing these tasks, grieving families turn to funeral directors .


But he so impressed bosses they asked him to apply for the more senior post of general marketing director .

The effects of inflation are not limited to the shopping basket, says Raoul Pinnell, Prudential's marketing director .

The relaunch expenses paid off, doubling sales at many outlets, according to marketing director Peter Holmes.

Other examples in the 1980s include information technology directors , marketing directors, sales directors or, indeed, human resources directors.

Robin Whitbread, marketing director , was voted Marketer of the Year.

So the marketing director enters a coalition with the research director to pressure the boss to allocate more resources to product design.



Future Systems has appointed three new associate directors .

Sheila Tindle, 28, has been appointed a local director at the Middlesbrough offices of stockbroker Wise Speke.

Eventually Powell was appointed director of the U.S.

William Denny was appointed as the director to represent the family's interests.


The idea that he should become a director came from Edwards.

He grew up at the club before becoming its director in 1957.

He wanted to train as a chartered accountant with the ultimate aim of becoming a managing director .

The foundation merged with the new arts center when it opened in October 1994 and Shaw became museum director .

Joy Colthup, course leader, general studies, becomes director of studies, enrichment.

Three years later he was assigned to be deputy director of the Office of Space Systems and became its director in 1969.


As a practical matter, boards of directors are reasonably safe from being thrown out by the stockholders.


Stanley Druckenmiller, managing director of Soros' funds, also was to have spoken during the panel discussion.

Weisenburger also is managing director of Wasserstein Perella, which stands to make close to $ 200 million on its 1990 investment.

Warrington Council has been given a detailed presentation on Liverpool's proposals by airport managing director Rod Hill.

Henry Fan, managing director of Citic, said the company is changing its focus as it shifts assets.

Green, a managing director of the Washington office of Lehman Brothers Inc., could not be reached for comment.


He made his son vice president and his daughter marketing director .

And to marketing director Elizabeth Carduff, whose support and deep-felt response to this book has turned business into pure pleasure.

He began his career as corporate marketing director for Booth Newspapers.

The client Merrill is a 32-year-old marketing director at an East Bay company.


Offhand, I would say a company director .


acting manager/head teacher/director etc

assistant manager/director/cook etc

Employment Hotel managers and assistant managers held about 105, 000 wage and salary jobs in 1994.

He started at the Town House in 1991, working as assistant manager from 1997 to 1999.

He worked his way up from kitchen porter, assistant cook, employment at a casino and by painting and decorating.

Hotel managers and assistant managers strive to ensure their guests will have a pleasant stay.

One of his teammates will be former Darlington assistant manager Tony McAndrew.

She and assistant manager Lance Green had been instructed to improve profits at the expense of Burger King.

The, the, the late director was pushed and knocked down I guess when he was assistant director.

West Ham's assistant manager Harry Redknapp has been another victim of a fans' fit-up.

associate member/director/head etc

Early in the setup of the Northwest Respirator Center he hired Dunning to work as his part-time associate director.

Gross is an associate director at Woodbourne.

He later became associate director of circulation planning and vice president and business manager.

Mike McCarthy is associate director, head of sixth-form studies.

The aim is now to change the constitution to elect four associate members on to a management committee.

These activities are available when you join the society as an associate member.

emeritus professor/director etc

professor/director etc emeritus

Ben Bagdikian, professor emeritus , University of California, Berkeley.

He retired in 1964 with the title professor emeritus of the University of London.

Nathan Keyfitz, a professor emeritus of sociology and population at Harvard University, has spent considerable time analyzing the debate.

Noel Timms is professor emeritus , University of Leicester.

the retiring president/manager/director etc

Finally, on November 24, he took over the reins of the Puzzle Palace from the retiring director.


Dr Jane Wilde, director of the Health Promotion Agency

Have you met the new finance director ?

Miller has been appointed to the position of sales director .

The directors are meeting today to discuss the company's future.


As art gallery director , Alistair will be served one.

For youngsters in particular the personality of the director is as important as any musical qualifications.

Many said the special effects, a hallmark of director Steven Spielberg, were amazing.

The director keeps his audience off-balance.

The Alley has undergone a rebirth under Boyd, who became artistic director in 1989.

This demonstrates how difficult it has become to determine the real incomes of such highly paid directors.

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