Meaning of DRIVER in English




a bus driver

She asked the bus driver where to get off for the Botanical Gardens.

a cab driver

Many cab drivers fear being robbed.

a car driver

Every year 1500 car drivers and passengers die in road accidents.

a coach driver

He worked as a part-time coach driver.

a learner driver

Learner drivers often tend to grip the steering wheel too tightly.

a taxi driver

He paid the taxi driver and got out.

a train driver

The train driver apologized for the late departure.

designated driver

driver's education

driver's license

hit-and-run driver

long-distance lorry driver

pile driver

pilot/driver error

Investigators believe the crash was caused by pilot error.

safe driver

Women are safer drivers than men.

slave driver

the driver's seat

He climbed into the driver's seat.

truck driver

a truck driver




It was in that respect that James differed most radically from the other drivers I was getting to know.

The other driver was also only shaken.

Voice over Other drivers described how the Metro overtook a caravan and then started weaving from side to side.

Each was questioned on driving behaviour, experience, attitude to other drivers , the influence of others and leisure activities.

Using the correct position and signals really helps other drivers .

He spent much of the time swerving and cursing other drivers .

For no apparent reason he had collided with a car coming in the opposite direction, killing the other driver instantly.

The other driver , Douglas Ward, 48, of Yedingham, Malton, suffered shock.


The couple were introduced by Steffi's racing driver brother Michael.

Second, in making occupational and recreational choices, for example being a racing driver or going climbing, people do take risks.

Until 1979, Ward worked as a racing driver .

The racing driver one, after all.

Company men, like former world champion racing driver Jackie Stewart believe it's a world beater.

Racer raided RACING driver Derek Bell had trophies and mementoes worth Pounds 10,000 stolen from his home.

Clark, twice world champion racing driver , was the first honorary freeman of Duns.


Shock tactics to drum safety into young drivers .

The leading prize was the Grovewood Award which went to the outstanding young driver of the year.

Read in studio Shock tactics are being used to make young drivers more aware of danger on the roads.

It has to find a way to appeal to younger drivers .

It seems the young drivers like to play up to an audience.

We got change for a £5 note from a young taxi driver recently.

This video has been put together by Oxfordshire ambulance service to warn young drivers of the dangers of getting behind the wheel.

He recruits young drivers from their results on the karting and lower formula racing circuit.



After several decades of cyclists being terrorised by the bus drivers , the seeds of a counter-movement are taking shape.

This bus driver has driven us to the promised land.

They also care about trainspotters and bus drivers .

State and local governments hire teachers, bus drivers , police, and firefighters.

My bus driver , in the morning, spoke in a guttural Derry accent.

Also patron of bus drivers , motorists, porters, travelers, truck drivers; he is invoked against nightmares.

School route: Durham county council has reminded school bus drivers that they should not use the narrow Roundhill Road route.


Male cab drivers in Gloucester said running a female only business would give an unfair impression of men.

Coffee grounds and cab drivers tend to be less precise than computers.

I told the cab driver to wait and watched Jules as he went up to the house.

David P.. Schneider is a cab driver in San Francisco.

Worked as a cab driver , plumber, and studio assistant to the sculptor, Richard Serrs.

Andy Brown, the gullible foil and friend of Kingfish, and Amos Jones, a salt-of-the-earth cab driver .

Simm's cab driver recognises him.


Sports car drivers might prefer less body roll when cornering.

The typical conjecture is that if you protect car driver from their mistakes you encourage bad driving.

Race car drivers are, by their very nature, entrepreneurs.

The same would apply to the abstracted car driver .

The distracted car driver who arrives at her destination without mishap ipsofacto saw where she was going.


More complex services - from device driver interfaces up will be handled by the operating system personality on top.

This, in turn, relieves the software houses of the problem of having to write and test numerous device drivers .

It is now said to have completed the main porting work and is now wading through the device driver work.

It will provide updated device drivers for the next release of Windows For Workgroups.

Specific device drivers are required for each relational database.


He was working as a lorry driver but was no longer enjoying it.

He now works as a lorry driver .

Former lorry driver Leonard Marder finds it difficult to walk because of an infected leg caused by varicose veins.

E.g. A lorry driver may sustain an injury which will prevent him from ever driving a lorry again.

For six weeks a jury has heard the callousness with which the lorry driver treated his human cargo.

And lorry drivers don't sheet their loads, so the dust streams off the backs of the lorries.

Dalton was a lorry driver , Fox didn't even have a driving licence.

The public did not blame Opec, the oil companies, the lorry drivers , or Uncle Tom Cobbleigh...


Angry taxi drivers responded by boycotting a planned workshop on treating customers courteously.

Because as part of their battle plan the taxi drivers are offering them free rides.

It all seemed to depend on the maneuvering skills of the taxi driver and the state of the tides.

Kim had worked as a taxi driver for about five years.

He even asked the taxi driver to go via an off licence.

Harpenden police confirmed that a unit had been called out to resolve a dispute between Andy Linighan and a taxi driver .

As it turned out, he was the only taxi driver not to try to cheat me.


A spokesman said the freight train driver spotted the danger but could not prevent the collision.

In the extreme case of train drivers , there is no transfer into the hierarchy above the entry grade.

They were joined by underground train drivers in the capital.

So you're both going to be firemen, not train drivers ?

First, a strike by even a proportion of core workers such as train drivers or signalmen can paralyse the network.

So ticket collectors would strike while train drivers worked normally.


If you are a dentist or a forklift truck driver it is easy to tell others what your skills are.

These rank-and-file members, truck drivers , or waitresses, or whoever, are they capable of running the local?

Fork truck driver not looking where going. 24.

At first glance, he resembled a truck driver , or perhaps a mercenary soldier.

The sailor was by then a truck driver .

Also patron of bachelors, bus drivers , porters, travelers, and truck drivers; he is invoked against nightmares.

The truck driver survived with injuries, firemen said.

The truck driver Gurjit Singh, 27, was not injured.



A To help alleviate the personal security fears of lone lady drivers , and allow drivers to make business calls whilst enroute.

At about 7: 50 the stoplights were working along Market Street, once again allowing drivers to run them.

A dashboard-mounted lever allows the driver to make easy direction changes.

The automatic transmission also allows the driver to select either of two sets of shifting points to emphasize power or economy.


Note that an officer who is not authorised to test and inspect will have to ask the driver before his examination.

The roadblocks were really drunk-driving checkpoints at which police simply would ask drivers if they had a gun in the car.

He even asked the taxi driver to go via an off licence.

Why did I not ask Koju, my driver , to drive?

He had asked the driver to wait two minutes whilst he saw whether or not I was through customs and in the foyer.

Park your car in the middle of the road and ask a passing driver for help.

She asked the driver to take her to the estate agent.

As I turned back, I regretted not having asked the driver if he had seen our Land Rover.


When I was hit by a drunk driver in 1980, crossing the road in Los Angeles.

With the fairway firm and running, players who hit drivers left themselves with pitch shots into the green.

They hit coshed the driver and made off with two and a half million pounds in used five pound notes.

He hit the driver well, leaving himself 221 yards for his second shot.

You don't need to hit driver .


For no apparent reason he had collided with a car coming in the opposite direction, killing the other driver instantly.

Drunk drivers My 16-year-old son, Louis, was killed by a drunk driver on 13 July, 1992.

The freight train that ploughed into it, killing its driver , will then be moved.

And some criminals pretending to act on my orders have been killing drivers and then stealing their cars.


Notes Note A. About yourself For driver licensing purposes you are asked to declare your main forename.


Sunday driver

He has the settled attitude of the Sunday driver.

Too many Sunday drivers for my liking.

back seat driver


A lot of truck drivers stop at this restaurant because it's open all night.

Car drivers now pay more than ever for fuel.

Foreign investors think that Latin America's need for them puts them in the driver 's seat.

Harry asked the cab driver to stop outside the store for a couple of minutes while he bought a paper.

He got into the driver 's seat and started the engine.

Many drivers suffer from backache.

Some women drivers are concerned about their personal safety.

The car was almost torn in half in the crash but amazingly the driver was unhurt.

The limousine pulled up outside the church and the driver got out.


For example it monitors driving times and can tell a driver when he needs to take a break.

The driver climbed lazily out of the Jeep and walked up holding an army canteen whose yellow surface was peeling.

The driver of a third car also lost control and went into a skid.

The driver was already pulling away in the Rolls, and Edouard already striding towards the house.

The car was unmarked, there were no military or diplomatic plates, no official driver , no bodyguard.

Two years ago tomorrow a family of four died when a driver fell asleep on the A420 and collided with them.

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