Meaning of DRIVER in English


driv ‧ er S1 W2 /ˈdraɪvə $ -ər/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ drive , ↑ driver , ↑ driving ; verb : ↑ drive ; adjective : ↑ driving ]

1 . someone who drives a car, bus etc ⇨ chauffeur :

a taxi driver

Do you think you’re a good driver?

2 . technical a piece of software that makes a computer work with another piece of equipment such as a printer or a mouse

3 . a ↑ golf club with a wooden head

⇨ back seat driver at ↑ back seat (2), ⇨ Sunday driver at ↑ Sunday (3)

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▪ a taxi/bus/truck etc driver

Car drivers face a new daily charge to enter the capital.

▪ a racing driver (=driving racing cars in competitions)

world famous racing drivers like Lewis Hamilton

▪ a good driver

He thinks he’s a very good driver.

▪ a careful/safe driver

Since I had the accident, I’m a much more careful driver.

▪ a bad driver

There are a lot of bad drivers on the roads.

▪ a dangerous driver

Some young men tend to be dangerous drivers.

▪ a reckless driver (=taking risks and not worrying about the results)

Reckless drivers should be given more severe punishments.

▪ a drunken/drunk driver (=who has drunk too much alcohol)

Her husband was killed by a drunken driver.

▪ a hit-and-run driver (=in which a car driver hits someone and does not stop)

The boy was in hospital after being knocked down by a hit-and-run driver.

▪ a learner driver (=who is learning to drive)

Learner drivers spend a lot of money on driving lessons.

▪ an experienced driver (=who has a lot of experience of driving)

Young drivers are ten times more likely to be killed on the road than experienced drivers.

▪ an inexperienced driver (=who does not have much experience of driving)

Many accidents are caused by young or inexperienced drivers.

▪ a delivery driver (=delivering goods to a place)

He’s a delivery driver for a pizza takeaway restaurant.

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▪ driver someone who regularly drives, or someone who is driving a car, train, etc at a particular time:

Car drivers now pay more than ever for fuel.


The coach was badly damaged, but the driver was unhurt.

▪ motorist [usually plural] especially written someone who drives a car – used especially when talking about car drivers in general:

increased taxes on the motorist


Motorists who are caught speeding have to pay a heavy fine.

▪ chauffeur someone whose job is to drive a car for someone else:

He was picked up by a chauffeur in a limousine.

▪ trucker American English informal someone who drives a truck:

Mexico has no limit on how many hours truckers can drive daily.

▪ road hog informal someone who drives dangerously, without considering the safety of other people on the road, for example by not letting other drivers pass:

Some road hogs drive at well below the speed limit, because they want to use their mobile phones.

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