Meaning of DRIVER in English


I. ˈdrīvə(r) noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English drivere, from driven to drive + -ere -er

1. : one that drives something: as

a. : one that drives cattle, sheep, or beasts of burden

b. : a person in actual physical control of a vehicle (as an automobile)

driver for the colonel

hundreds of drivers parked their cars by the shore

Sunday drivers

— compare operator

c. : one that dispels or expels

a pianist is my surest driver away of worry

a dedicated driver out of superstition

d. : a beater, drover, or other individual engaged in driving animals toward a destination

e. : one competent to carry projects to execution or completion

a driver of bargains

f. : one skilled or adept at driving an object in flight, into desired shape, or so as to penetrate

he proved the longest driver in the tournament

a driver of rivets

the steam driller was taking work from drivers

g. : an overseer of a gang of workers responsible for their working at a satisfactory pace ; broadly : a harsh and exacting taskmaster

h. : a workman who guides logs being floated down a stream

i. : the operator or tender of a machine that drives

a pile driver

j. : a member of a purse-seiner crew who goes out ahead in a small boat to determine the direction and size of schools of fish and helps to keep fish from escaping while the net is being set

k. : an individual with executive ability and the tense and rigorous disposition to spur others to maintain a high level of well-directed exertion — used often with an implication of pushing relentlessly and ruthlessly

almost invariably he is a tense or intense person, enthusiastic, conscientious, more or less of a perfectionist, a go-getter, a real driver — C.M.Jones

a great man is a leader of men, not a driver — S.McC.Crothers

every steel company needs at least one hard-boiled driver of men — Current Biography

2. : any of certain implements or tools used for driving: as

a. : mallet

b. : a tamping iron

c. : a hammer for driving on barrel hoops

d. : any of various sporting implements (as a bat, racket, or club) especially adapted for driving (as by shape) ; especially : a golf club with a wooden head and nearly straight face used in driving a ball from the tee — see wood illustration

e. : an electrical device (as an electron tube) that produces and sustains oscillations or pulses in a circuit

f. : the magnetic device that actuates a loudspeaker diaphragm to produce sound


a. obsolete : a square sail set on a yard at the end of a spanker boom with the wind aft

b. : spanker 2

c. : the sixth mast on a many-masted schooner ; also : the lower sail set on this mast

4. : a piece for imparting motion to another piece either directly or indirectly: as

a. : the first of a train of wheels giving motion to the rest

b. : a locomotive driving wheel

c. : a dog in the faceplate of a lathe for driving a straight-tailed dog

d. : a crossbar on a grinding-mill spindle for driving the upper stone

5. : dowitcher

II. noun

: a piece of computer software that controls input and output operations

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.