Meaning of DRY in English

I. adjective


a dry cough (= one that does not produce any liquid )

a dry/wet spell

Keep fuchsias well watered during prolonged dry spells in summer.

a river dries up

Further downstream the river has dried up completely several times in recent years.

bleed sb dry/white (= take all their money, possessions etc )

The ten-year war has bled the country dry.

boiled dry

The saucepan boiled dry on the stove.

bone dry

There had been no rain for months and the land was bone dry.

cut and dried

I don’t think the plan is as cut and dried as people think.

dried fish (= preserved by having the water removed )

Occasionally, the guards gave us some vegetables and dried fish.

dried flowers

She had brightened up the room with a vase of dried flowers.

dried fruit

dried milk

dry battery

dry cell

dry cleaner's

dry clothes

You’d better change into dry clothes or you’ll get cold.

dry dock

dry goods

a dry goods store

dry heat

The earth had cracked in the endless dry heat.

dry ice

dry land

After three weeks at sea we were glad to be back on dry land again.

dry rot

dry run

Both the parties are treating the local elections as a dry run.

dry wall

dry wine (= not sweet )

a dry white wine

dry (= lacking oil )

a shampoo for dry hair


She loves the dry climate of southern California.


Remove the tape when the paint is dry.


A lot of women suffer from dry skin.

dry (= especially because someone is nervous or ill )

My mouth was dry and my hands were shaking.


I changed him into a dry nappy.

dry/deadpan humour (= when someone makes it seem as if they are being serious, but really they are being funny )

His serious demeanour lends itself to deadpan humour.

dry...Martini (= not sweet )

a dry Martini


We've had a very dry summer.


If the weather is fine, we’ll eat outside.

Water pot plants daily during spells of dry weather.

Hang...out to dry

Hang the wet things out to dry .

keep (sb/sth) warm/safe/dry etc

We huddled around the fire to keep warm.


Keep the soil moist.

The soil was dry after three weeks without rain.

paint dries

Wait for the paint to dry.

quick/dry/sharp etc wit

His sharp wit had them all smiling.

the rainy/wet/dry season (= when the weather is rainy, wet, dry etc )

In the rainy season, roads became a quagmire.

tumble dryer




The sun was beating down on our backs and our throats were becoming as dry as a proverbial nuns.

Under my skirt, it was as dry as ever.

My first suggestion was sunlight, fresh air and scrupulous hygiene - and to keep the feet as dry as possible.

Items such as dry soup and muffin mixes or refrigerated bread sticks can prevent a mealtime crisis.

Dry heat: This process is rarely applied as a means of disinfection as dry heat is less effective than wet heat.

Sandwiches of bread as dry as Weetabix, enclosing a slice of ham with the texture of a piece of old lino!

And Pampers new nappies keep baby just as dry .

Remove the medium by aspiration, leaving the bacterial pellet as dry as possible. 3.


Lord, I screamed and ran, heart thudding, my throat so dry it constricted.

The ground would get so dry that the dirt would turn to dust.

It seemed odd that my skin could be so wet and my mouth so dry .

They are so dry that a spark will set them off.

He wished his tongue wasn't quite so dry and that the skin round his neck didn't feel so very tight.

His mouth was so dry his tongue felt as if it were made of cotton.

They must drink because they are so dry yet cold water disagrees with their stomach so they only take it in sips.

Rose's voice was so dry that Léonie kept quiet.


Add a little more water if the mixture becomes too dry .

If mixture is too dry , add a little stock to keep it moist.

His mouth was too dry to speak but he could not reach for the water now.

Add more hot water if potatoes seem too dry .

If the mixture seems too dry , add a little more olive oil and lemon juice.

In fact, some may find it too dry .

If they collapse immediately, then they are either too wet or too dry and the mixture must be amended before use.

The constantly falling snow itself is too dry , and its crystals are thus too small, to stick to their backs.


Creed's mouth felt very dry .

Twenty great trees furnished the wood, all very dry so that they would float high.

Accidental fires do happen when the Peak is very dry but we haven't been in that situation yet.

I was trembling and my mouth was very dry .

What it does require, however, is a moist soil rather than one that is very dry .

My legs are still shaky and my mouth has gone very dry .

Sebaceous glands slow down now and your skin may feel very dry and taut so avoid harsh toners.

She licked her very dry lips and refused to succumb to the temptation of another drink.


The paint is soft, handles well and is easily thinned with water, though of course it is waterproof when dry .

Shale when wet is harder and more impervious to erosion than when dry .

Never run them when dry , as some are water cooled.

The engine and crew compartment can be assembled as two separate sections and stuck together when dry .

Only wych elm grew in the wood and it burned for me quite well when dry .

Perlite: A volcanic material like vermiculite and with many of the same properties. When dry it is easily blown around.

It is as warm when wet, as it is when dry .



When it breathes in warm, dry air , the moisture on the roof of the mouth evaporates and is inhaled.

The dry air and blazing sun made the soil crack and sizzle.

They therefore risk dehydration during the day from the dry air .

She lived for the day when she could crunch numbers in the dry air of West Texas.

The same two civilisations also developed mummification, having discovered how long bodies could be preserved in their dry air .

My head bobbed out into the cold dry air .

Croup arising after exposure to cold, dry air .

The vegetation within, protected from the dry air , begins to decay and the mound starts to warm.


Ezekiel called upon the four winds to put living breath into the dry bones .

Even the bare winter branches, tidy and muted like dry bones , had become a disturbance of tangled nerves.


It went down well, with dry bread to mop up the water.

His breakfast consists of dry bread and a cup of tea.

Felt v. contented but tired. 1230 lunch, carrots, dates, dry bread .

However, don't feed your feathered friends very dry bread , desiccated coconut or salty food.


A change into dry clothes before gearing up and a quick brew.

There were almost no dry clothes left.

The first thing though was to get Nigel into some clean, dry clothes .

The dry clothes had given her strength.

They had both changed into dry clothes .


Copious, thick, ropy mucus from the larynx; hoarseness, rough voice, dry cough .

I was already coughing a dry cough.

Thick, yellow, offensive ear discharges with loss of hearing and dry cough .

Hard, dry cough racks the whole chest.

Usually loose but sometimes can be a dry cough .

A short dry cough , may be a little watery mucus, possibly blood streaked.


There wasn't a dry eye on the terrace-until somebody's mobile phone went off, anachronistically.

They are used to increase the comfort of dry eye sufferers and contact lens wearers.

There was hardly a dry eye among us.

Specific questioning showed symptoms of dry eyes and dry mouth.

The wide, dry eyes followed them from the kitchen as they took their leave.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Tess followed him and stood there staring at him with dry eyes .


The wind scored shivering channels through the ling and bilberries, the growth of fine, dry grass .

A flame leapt out unexpectedly, caught on some dry grass , and raced across a half-dead meadow with frightening speed.

He was magnificent, larger even than I had expected, looking almost red against the pale dry grass .

At the top of the banks some thin, dry grass clung to life.

Evening had begun to settle down, and he was walking along a narrow path of dry grass , towards the buildings.

The vast tracts of sterile desert land were broken only by irregular patches of short, dry grasses or rough scrubland.


Simply spray Hot Shapes on to clean, dry hair before setting to get instant hold with a glossy finish.

Under her starched cap the dyed dry hair was puffed out.

So we've combined them in a shampoo that makes dry hair lustrous and more manageable.

Make sure you use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner for dry hair .

You can also put them in dry hair , but we suggest that you lightly spritz all over with water first.

Just rub a few drops between your hands and slick lightly through freshly washed or dry hair .

He suggests using a deep-conditioning treatment once a week for dry hair and twice a month for oily hair.

Going out straight from work often means a fast re-style on dry hair so revitalising mousses and sprays are essential.


Dry heat: This process is rarely applied as a means of disinfection as dry heat is less effective than wet heat.

Enzyme treatment permits the use of dry heat methods of cooking for less tender cuts.

Nevertheless as part of the cooking or heat treatment process dry heat is often applied in a widespread manner.

The room is stuffy with dry heat .

They were earth; dark, hard-packed earth, here and there cracking with the endless dry heat .

Pork Cuts Although all pork cuts are tender, only roasts are cooked by dry heat .

The road back towards the shops and bars melts into water, thanks to the oppressive dry heat .


His letters confirm a highly inquisitive mind regarding natural and scientific phenomena and suggest a phlegmatic temperament and a dry humour .

Billican Geary had a dry humour and would often tell his yarns.

There is even a dry humour .

The old man, facing his death with such courage and dry humour , deserved respect.

He is quite witty and his dry humour comes across well.

John is sparse of frame and comment but had a very dry humour .


She licked her very dry lips and refused to succumb to the temptation of another drink.

I would calm my rage, moisten my dry lips , force his return if only by the strength of my desire.

He looked up one last time at the grey edifice, licking dry lips .

His narrow tongue flicked once across each dry lip .

His tongue flicked nervously across dry lips as he prepared to open the lid.

Use the tiniest amount of a matt, dry lip pencil - it lasts longer than lipstick and it won't run.

Vi pulled a dry tongue around dry lips .

Donna licked her tongue across her dry lips and stopped at the bottom of the stairs.


Hannah had poured herself a dry Martini and put in ice cubes and lemon.

She was given a dry Martini , which she hated and put down almost untouched on a table when nobody was looking.

The boy in question was the same who had asked me whether there was something called a dry martini .


Mixes for chocolate-malted-\#milk drinks contain the malted milk and chocolate, cocoa, Sugar, and nonfat dry milk.

Fluid skim milk costs more than nonfat dry milk reconstituted by the consumer.

Add salt and nonfat dry milk powder, whisking rapidly until milk granules are dissolved into a smooth sauce.

If you Buy nonfat dry milk for reconstituting for drinking, comparison-shop your markets for the best product at the lowest cost.

All instant nonfat dry milk products are of the same grade. 5.

Use as much nonfat dry milk as you can.

Use nonfat dry milk and evaporated milk for whipping whenever suitable.


Specific questioning showed symptoms of dry eyes and dry mouth .

The tablet treats radiation-induced dry mouth in head and neck cancer patients.

Thirstlessness is usual even with a fever or the dry mouth which is also commonly present.

Violent thirst for ice cold, and refreshing drinks; dry mouth and throat.

I notice that you show jump ... does your horse suffer from a dry mouth condition?

Another example would be a fever with a dry mouth but no thirst.

There may be a dry burning sensation; a dry mouth , ropy mucus, mouth ulcers.


Keep them in a cool dry place until the appropriate sowing time.

Store them in a cool, dry place .

I had to gather kindling too, for storing in a dry place .

Set peel aside in a cool dry place overnight.

Once, these would have been an important farmhouse store for produce that needed safe keeping in a dry place .

As simple as lighting a fire or finding a dry place to sleep.

They will keep indefinitely in a jar stored in a cool, dry place .

Cut off the base if they have started to rot and then store in a dry place for next year.


They were there for a countdown dry run .

Apprenticeships enable companies to screen future workers and give them a dry run before selecting the best for long-term employment.

BIn some ways, the learning center provides a dry run for the workaday world.

Or her: the second great maverick, for whom Williams was a sort of dry run , was Anne Hutchinson.

Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., a former actor, who has been playing the role of Clinton in debate dry runs .

Dole did his first dry run Tuesday, in a mock debate with Sen.


This is the dry sherry end of the appointments business.

A separate sauce is made by sauteing the duck liver with shallots, carrots, herbs, and dry sherry .

Order large glass of dry sherry and feel its warmth penetrate toes, making up for rather painful new shoes.

A wonderful pale gold colour we felt it tasted a bit like a dry sherry .


Stubborn patches of dry skin can be removed with a rough skin remover cream, rubbed in, then rinsed off.

I squatted down and hastily rinsed the bits I could get at, ending up with saturated clothes but mostly dry skin .

Just as you care for dry skin on the face, the scalp needs a soothing touch ... gentle cleansing and moisturising.

For 24 hours a day, the irritation caused by severely dry skin verges on torture.

The rapid change in temperature can lead to chilblains and dry skin .

Effective for combination and dry skin too!

For dry skin try parsley or cornflower.

Inexpensive, non-perfumed creams will relieve dry skin on hands and feet as well as face.


Showers are expected over the whole country - but the south-east may get a dry spell on Saturday and Sunday.

Until I met Donna my social life was a dry spell .

That is the kind of dry spell some strikers not too distant from Ewood Park would sell their grandmother for.

The noonday sun beat down fiercely; dusty air carried the stink of rotting garlic after a prolonged dry spell .

Already, he says, it is worse than the drought of 1956, once considered the definitive Texas dry spell .

Arizona is in the grip of one of its most severe dry spells of the past century.

Keep fuchsia well watered during prolonged dry spells in summer and feed regularly with a potash-rich liquid fertiliser.

The dry spell is a real turn-around from recent rainy winters.


From a dry stone wall inland, redstarts darted, like orange flames, tail feathers fanned and quivering.

A dry stone conduit underlies the road here; a roadside marker is a metal keystone rusted blank.

More thick dry stone arches connect the two ruins and lead the eye into a singular landscape.

Away in the distance, beyond the foin, the land became fertile and fields began, enclosed by dry stone walls.


The prime cause, they believe, was a succession of dry summers in the mid-1970s.

Here, low winter rainfall and dry summers for two successive years have caused record low water levels in wells.

Claudia doesn't like the dry summer beards of the marguerites, Argyranthemum frutescens, which have taken over the centre bed.

I well remember during one hot dry summer talking to one grower who was complaining about his poor crop of parsnips.

Its native climate combines cold winters, with the winds blowing off the North Sea, and very dry summers .

On extremely dry summers the tops of the old town's buildings are rumoured to peek out from the lake.

The hot, dry summer blazed on into August.

The lamb crop has been somewhat lighter this year, due to the dry summer .


Keep the area moist in dry weather .

Second, there must be a constant supply of water to the sward even during long spells of dry weather .

It will need your care to become established, especially in hot, dry weather .

All films showed bright dry weather conditions and moderate to light levels of traffic.

Soak drills beforehand and cover the seeds with moist peat or old potting compost in dry weather .

In some new build areas groundwater infiltration to existing sewers is as high as 20 times the dry weather flows.

Their efforts were hampered by recent dry weather and moderate winds fanning the flames.


Lindauer Brut £7.49 Made from the Pinot and Chardonnay grape this dry wine had a light golden colour.

This crisp, dry wine is a steal at $ 9.

The flavour should be almost viscous for a white wine , rich and succulent for a supposedly dry wine.

In dry wines no sugar is left after fermentation.

But it may well appeal to those who like very dry wine .


He quickly built up a reputation for his dry wit .

He was a dour Yankee, tall, confident, elegant, with a dry wit and aristocratic tastes.

Mr Andreotti has been cleared in two trials, and is now a chat show regular with a dry wit .

He was a brilliant improviser with a dry wit and a masterly sense of timing.

He reminded me of Benjamin with his dry wit , sardonic observations and palpable honesty.


(leave sb/sth) high and dry

Between breakups the continents stood high and dry.

But at Hereford, the oil level had been allowed to drop, leaving the probe high and dry.

It is profitable, but it leaves the comic muse high and dry.

Otherwise, a drop in the water level might leave boaters high and dry and give property owners mudflat views.

Some crews actually rope cell phones down to high and dry rock climbers to get information.

The pirates left us high and dry!

Unfortunately, instead of being integrated in a general hospital as planned, the wing will now be left high and dry.

When Matt married Inez I was left high and dry.

be home and dry

And when Chris Allen was upended in the area, United probably thought they were home and dry.

He says he is home and dry.

If Components Bureau can beat the champions for a second time, then they will virtually be home and dry.

keep your powder dry


dry sherry

a dry winter

Can you check to see if the laundry's dry ?

Conway is in a dry county.

During the dry season, many of the swamps turn to hard-baked mud.

His voice was dry as he told of his time as a prisoner of war.

I forgot to water the plants and the soil has gone bone dry .

In Arizona, the air is often extremely dry .

It was a very dry summer.

Keep the apples stored in a cool, dry place.

My throat was so dry I could hardly speak.

Scientists can be so dry and unexciting.

Southern areas should stay dry until the early evening.

The dry weather will continue for several days

The vehicle was found upside down in a dry creek bed.

The weather tomorrow will be sunny and dry .

The wood was dry and it burned easily.

Tunisia has a hot, dry climate.

We drank a dry white wine with our fish.

When the paint is completely dry , carefully peel off the masking tape.


By that time, the dry months of deep summer had brought cotton growth to a near standstill.

If you reduce the humidity so the walls are bone dry , then the apartment will be too dry.

My other problem, Holmes, is that the subject matter can really be a little dry .

Once on the far side the pipers played while the men danced reels until they were dry .

Once the glue is dry you should place the photograph in the correct position, securing it with masking tape.

Outlook for tomorrow and Sunday: Mainly dry and mild, with sunny intervals after clearance of any early mist or fog.

Skin may be alternately hot and dry or perspiring.

Stock tanks normally brimming with water have gone dry .

II. verb




She saw that its heat had completely dried up the wet streaks of the map drawn by the stranger's finger.

Liberally coat the duck with the mixture and let stand at room temperature until coating dries completely , about 3 hours.

This must dry completely before I can proceed with the painting.

Let the words dry completely , so the paper looks blank.

The river has completely dried up in parts.

Spread towels and allow them to dry completely after use. 6.

But it's now completely dried up.

A small amount of the Clay Pack is combined through the hair and it is then left to dry completely before rinsing.


Mud had covered everything, dried off , and then another layer had been re-applied ... They said nothing.

We all dry off and the kids are in their zone I can see and they are already a shade darker.

Each part must be individually dried off and sprayed with oil to prevent corrosion and then put back in place.

And then it was over, and it would dry off , and we would get to busi-ness.

Keep him on the move until he's dried off - if necessary, lunge him.

I used one of the two towels we had to dry off .

By the end of July, it had dried off down south, but I wasn't there any more.

After decent dousing on Splash Mountain, need to go into spin cycle to dry off .


It grows best in reasonably fertile soil which does not dry out too readily.

If it begins to dry out , spray it with water.

Give them a slightly acid compost, and don't allow the plants to dry out at all.

Engineers were to begin Monday an attempt to dry out the waterlogged San Pedro mountain by drilling two 300-foot-deep wells.

The chemicals are water-borne and the timber takes a long time to dry out .

Kenneth Brown says he came to the Colorado Plateau to dry out .

It's clinical fact that the outer layer of the skin, drying out the natural moisture.

By daylight we could try to dry out whatever we had managed to salvage.


Leave to dry overnight before gently bending back the waxed paper and lifting off the piped outlines with a palette knife.

The suit dried overnight , while he slept.

Allow to dry overnight , then buff with a soft cloth.

Allow the graph to dry overnight before hanging it up.

Trim neatly around bottom edge and leave to dry overnight .

Leave to dry overnight until hard.

Let them dry overnight before you switch on the heat again.

But it does make sense to paint floors last thing at night, giving the paint a chance to dry overnight .


This means your whole body is dried quickly and comfortably.

Moreover, we stopped near the ford, and the campfires quickly dried the shoes and wet trousers.

Climbs can weep for a while after heavy rain, but the rock away from the natural drainage lines dries quickly .

When wet these trousers dry quickly in a warm room - quicker still if you're walking in a warm breeze.

It dries quickly and the north-west face gets the afternoon and evening sunshine.

Newly laid concrete that dries quickly often develops hair cracks which are potential points of weakness.

Acrylic paint can sometimes clog a brush because it dries quickly .

Alternatively, you could use an underpainting white or alkyd white, both of which dry quickly .


The new piece should be thoroughly dried , and tailored to approximately the right shape and size.

Right after birth, the baby should be dried thoroughly , and a triple-layered hat should be put on.

Leave each side to dry thoroughly before you start working on the next one.

There are no sounds except the flickering of the flame and the hiss of some burning wood that has not thoroughly dried .

Wipe the interior of the machine and dry thoroughly with a disinfectant impregnated cloth or disposable paper towel. 4.

Stricken dolls should be washed with soapy water and then thoroughly dried .

Let them dry thoroughly , tack them on to a wall and note the difference in colour shade, value and vibrancy.

Joe recommended that everyone thoroughly dried and massaged their feet before climbing into a sleeping bag or they risked skin rot.


Or, at least it would be when she managed to dry up these damnable tears.

The cave dried up about 2, 000 years ago, leaving behind the formations.

Failure to do so leads to the speaker rapidly drying up .

One morning when Small Star went to water his ponies, the dun-colored pony had dried up and crumbled to dust.

The tears had dried up a little.

With solar-generated electricity costing several times more than other energy options, corporate interest dried up .

Bank lending to the property market dried up , some property firms have gone bust and land prices have begun to slip.

Every year the vines bear, but in the next couple of weeks the grapes dry up .&038;.



Then go for a walk and let the night air dry your tears.

Impression smears of the filters on glass slides were air dried , acetone fixed and Gram stained.

The shower will stop automatically and warm air blowers will dry you off.

I let the cooling air dry me.

Sections were then dehydrated in ethanol and air dried .

The duck should have a crispy skin, which is accomplished through air drying .


Lines of blood had dried on Singer's face, a little map of pain.

The Bronx crumbled and decayed a little more, and a little more blood dried in the cracks.


Paige lay back, watching him mooch about, putting a pot over the fire and ranging their clothes to dry .

It lays its eggs in your clothes while they are drying on the line and then they burrow into the skin.

Leans out the window to hang the clothes to dry .

My clothes had been dried and rough-ironed.

They also seemed fascinated when I hung up my clothes to dry .

How could clothes not dry out on a warm sunny day?


She dried her face and hands and then opened the fridge door.

He dried her face with his sleeve and pulled her into the apartment.

He took out a handkerchief and dried his face , hid behind it to prepare an expression to meet his wife.

Miguel looked at him, drying his face very carefully with a towel.

The sweat had dried on his face .

He dried his face and went over to his car, looking forward to a long, angry drive.

Lines of blood had dried on Singer's face , a little map of pain.

I was light-headed, even after I'd dried my face .


Peak Performance Meals Design: a range of freeze dried vegetarian meals.

Books will be freeze-dried , disinfected and cleaned.

Supernatant was stored at -20°C until further use and the pellet was freeze dried .

Colonic contents and faeces were freeze dried .


Today she was almost beside herself with desire, rubbing her hair dry with fierce, frantic energy.

Finally, hair was dried using the System Professional Curl Reactivator to enhance the curl and give extra body.

She'd washed her hair and was drying it on the hessian towel.

I took the pins from my hair to dry it a bit and it sprang free.

Let your hair dry naturally instead of using a hairdryer.

Allow hair to dry without heat. 4.

Work six or seven drops through your hair before or after drying .

Then either let your hair dry naturally or use a diffuser.


The way she rinsed the breakfast dishes and dried her hands and then walked out of the kitchen without looking at him.

As Polly rinsed and dried her hands she was aware of being studied.

Miguel opened it without even drying his hands .

She dried her face and hands and then opened the fridge door.

Tillman wondered, drying his hands on the curtain above the sink.

Each cowpat was slapped into position where it dried with its prominent hand-print , looking like a work of art.

Then they quietly washed and dried their own hands and returned to the general room.


Her legs splayed inelegantly and with her mouth wide and dry with fear, she stared up at the stranger.

The saliva in my mouth dries up, my body dries up.

She shot bolt upright, pulse racing, mouth dry , and then she remembered the owls.

I felt my lip curl, and the inside of my mouth dry out and tighten as if I had been sucking lemons.

Her mouth had gone dry again, fear writhed through her.


It's clinical fact that the outer layer of the skin , drying out the natural moisture.

Jane's skin dried almost immediately in the warm, dusty air.


Bricks were of two types, sun dried and kiln burnt, and these were widely employed, particularly in provincial work.

While the sun dried our gear, Fields called us together for a briefing.

The sheets felt a bit damp so Mary spread them out on the terrace in the sun to dry .

When it was hung on racks, the plains wind and sun dried it, and then it would last for months.

The new Primula Light half fat additions are cucumber &038; mint and sun dried tomato &038; pesto.

The golden sweetcorn still hangs out in the sun to dry .

After a while under the hot sun the mud dried out and started to crumble.

Between each stage the yarn is left out in the sun to dry .


Or, at least it would be when she managed to dry up these damnable tears .

So dry those tears , Good Earth fans.

Then go for a walk and let the night air dry your tears .

He whimpers with pleasure and dries a tear of nerves on my shoulder.

Her Libran philosophy of accepting what couldn't be changed helped dry her tears .

Louise, too, had dried her tears .

He hoped she had already dried the tears and had gone.

Wilson nodded and dried her tears yet again and made some effort to smile.


After washing, squeeze water out with a towel and leave to dry naturally for about 15 minutes.

I used one of the two towels we had to dry off.

Rinse thoroughly. Towel dry gently.

Spray on the cleaner, scrub with one paper towel , dry with an-other.

The Romans had baths together and young men to towel them dry .



Give them a slightly acid compost, and don't allow the plants to dry out at all.

Immediately reduce heat to 140 F and allow meat to dry slowly for 8 hours or so.

Then give the whole roof surface two coats of bituminous waterproofer, allowing the first to dry before applying the second.

Wood that has gotten wet and allowed to dry out will not be damaged.

This process can be controlled if the clay is allowed to dry slowly.

Bed down on fire cement, allowing it to dry before filling in behind it.

He then allowed this to dry .

These need more care than trees grown in containers and in particular the roots should never be allowed to dry out.


The problems at Hope Farm began in 1990, when subsidies from the decaying Soviet government began to dry up.

If it begins to dry out, spray it with water.

The soil began to dry up. 80.

Add additional stock if sauce begins to dry out.

Once you leave the Bekaa Valley, the countryside begins to dry up.

But just as state intervention has been stepped up, government funds have begun to dry up.

There he broke open some of the salt sacks and instructed the tribesmen to begin drying the skin.

Willie knelt down on the newspapers and began to dry him.


Plant material was everywhere, hanging to dry from the ceiling, piled in bowls, tied in bundles ....

Leans out the window to hang the clothes to dry .

Use it to wipe out opponents! Hang foes out to dry !


He was never lampooned as cruelly as Taylor, or hung out to dry like Hoddle.

The costumes had to be hung out to dry on bushes around the theater after the performance.

Bunches of herbs hung to dry from the ceiling beam, scenting the air.

She did the laundry and hung it out to dry in the back yard; she cooked the meals.

Their first tobacco ripened, it was cut and hung to dry on trellises.

The sacks had been hung out to dry . 2.

Frankie's clothes had been hung to dry over the hot-water pipes at the side of the stove.


When the garment you choose carries the GORE-TEX fabric label, you know it's guaranteed to keep you dry .

Langford followed, Bell and Howell raised to keep it dry .

It will spread. Keep it dry .

Change incontinence pads frequently, and pay special attention to the person's skin, keeping it washed and dried .

They looked very strange, it is true, but they kept me dry in the rain.

The bulb is placed in the narrow neck of the glass which keeps it dry .

The fresh flowers keep well and dry off naturally, once mature, while in use in arrangements.


Then go for a walk and let the night air dry your tears.

I let the cooling air dry me.

If possible, let the floor dry before putting the bed down again.

Don't over-dry your hair - whenever possible, let it dry naturally or use a diffuser.

First paint a background colour and let it dry .

He dangled his legs over the edge and let his body dry .

On some days when it looks good and I let it dry naturally it goes curly.

Again, let the surface dry and finish off with two coats of polyurethane and wax as for the straight sanding process.


His skin secretes a great deal of mucus which both keeps the young attached and prevents them from drying out.

In a dry season this prevents the soil surface drying out and enhances the germination rate.

Remove skin before cooking chicken or turkey - wrap in foil to prevent drying out.

The male then has to prevent them drying out.

As water contains oxygen, it does not in fact prevent the paint from drying anyway!

How could the eggs be prevented from drying out and how could tadpoles develop out of water?

Push slivers of Flora margarine under the skin so that the flesh is prevented from drying out as it cooks.

Real plants should be planted with warmed water in the tank, to prevent their drying out.


(leave sb/sth) high and dry

Between breakups the continents stood high and dry.

But at Hereford, the oil level had been allowed to drop, leaving the probe high and dry.

It is profitable, but it leaves the comic muse high and dry.

Otherwise, a drop in the water level might leave boaters high and dry and give property owners mudflat views.

Some crews actually rope cell phones down to high and dry rock climbers to get information.

The pirates left us high and dry!

Unfortunately, instead of being integrated in a general hospital as planned, the wing will now be left high and dry.

When Matt married Inez I was left high and dry.

be home and dry

And when Chris Allen was upended in the area, United probably thought they were home and dry.

He says he is home and dry.

If Components Bureau can beat the champions for a second time, then they will virtually be home and dry.

keep your powder dry

medium dry

A delightful, appley, medium dry style.


After you press the two parts together, let the glue dry for at least an hour.

Could you wait ten minutes while I dry my hair?

I like to hang the sheets out to dry . It gives them a fresh smell.

It'll only take a few minutes to dry my hair.

Leave the dishes on the draining board to dry .

This should only take a few minutes to dry .

We built a fire to get ourselves warm and dry our clothes.

Wet clothes dry quickly on a sunny day.


After this, the bread is removed from the oven but it is still drying out.

As Polly rinsed and dried her hands she was aware of being studied.

But Liz revealed her hair was naturally curly and that she prefers to dry it straight.

Leave to dry out, supporting the door with jars until hardened into position.

New York Head Start programs also were squeaking by, but funding could dry up by the end of January.

These can be planted in the ground after the soil dries out.

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