Meaning of DRY in English

I. ˈdrī adjective

( dri·er also dry·er ˈdrī(-ə)r ; dri·est also dry·est ˈdrī-əst)

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English drȳge; akin to Old High German truckan dry, Old English drēahnian to drain

Date: before 12th century


a. : free or relatively free from a liquid and especially water

b. : not being in or under water

dry land

c. : lacking precipitation or humidity

a dry climate


a. : characterized by exhaustion of a supply of liquid

a dry well

b. : devoid of running water

a dry ravine

c. : devoid of natural moisture

my throat was dry

d. : no longer sticky or damp

the paint is dry

e. : not giving milk

a dry cow

f. : lacking freshness : stale

g. : anhydrous


a. : marked by the absence or scantiness of secretions

a dry cough

b. : not shedding or accompanied by tears

a dry sob

4. obsolete : involving no bloodshed or drowning

I would fain die a dry death — Shakespeare


a. : marked by the absence of alcoholic beverages

a dry party

b. : prohibiting the manufacture or distribution of alcoholic beverages

a dry county

6. : served or eaten without butter or margarine

dry toast


a. : lacking sweetness : sec

dry champagne

b. : having all or most sugar fermented to alcohol

a dry wine

dry beer


a. : solid as opposed to liquid

dry groceries

b. : reduced to powder or flakes : dehydrated

dry milk

9. : functioning without lubrication

a dry clutch

10. of natural gas : containing no recoverable hydrocarbon (as gasoline)

11. : requiring no liquid in preparation or operation

a dry photocopying process


a. : not showing or communicating warmth, enthusiasm, or tender feeling : severe

a dry style of painting

b. : wearisome , uninteresting

dry passages of description

c. : lacking embellishment : plain

the dry facts


a. : not yielding what is expected or desired : unproductive

a writer going through a dry spell

b. : having no personal bias or emotional concern

the dry light of reason

c. : reserved , aloof

14. : marked by matter-of-fact, ironic, or terse manner of expression

a dry wit

15. : lacking smooth sound qualities

a dry rasping voice

16. : being a dry run

a dry rehearsal

• dry·ish ˈdrī-ish adjective

• dri·ly or dry·ly adverb

• dry·ness noun

II. verb

( dried ; dry·ing )

Date: before 12th century

transitive verb

: to make dry

intransitive verb

: to become dry

• dry·able ˈdrī-ə-bəl adjective

III. noun

( plural drys )

Date: 13th century

1. : the condition of being dry : dryness

2. : something dry ; especially : a dry place

3. : prohibitionist

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.