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an estate car British English (= one with a door at the back and folding seats )

Once you have children, an estate car is very useful.

council estate

estate agent

estate car

estate tax

fourth estate

housing estate

industrial estate

real estate agent

real estate

a fall in the value of real estate

trading estate




Nevertheless it was the great estates of absentee landowners that gave Andalusia its reputation.

The days of the great estates are no more.

Apparently he has a great estate beyond the Sierra Nevada - big hacienda or some such thing.

The house, centrepiece of a great estate , had once been the home of a Maharajah.

After the Barons' War, a number of feudal magnates with great local estates were appointed as Forest wardens.

Some of them supplemented wages from the great estates with tiny holdings, where they were lucky enough to have them.

If it could not, then its claim to be one of the great estates in the land was greatly reduced.

The great estates were not always farmed directly by their owners.


On the bus home she passed, as usual, the new industrial estate .

The Gabriel-Havez school in Creil where they live stands in the heart of the town's industrial estate .

The industrial estate was planned by the railway engineer Joseph Locke.

To the north, the Grand Union Canal drew the line before the industrial estate .

It is an agricultural area, growing roots and grain, with milling facilities on the modern industrial estate .

The whole business here at Miss Bedwelty's seemed far less daunting than it did out on the industrial estate .

There have been a number of burglaries at the Springtown and Pennyburn industrial estates .

Newton Aycliffe's industrial estate has suffered a series of burglaries and car crime this week.


In addition to the palatial and leafy suburbs, there are areas of inner-city terraced housing awaiting redevelopment and large outlying council estates .

Likewise, older people whose children are grown may not need life insurance unless they expect to leave a large estate .

They relate in fact much more closely to economic and agricultural units, albeit often within larger estates and holdings.

The South, in the early l960s, had only rice, large estates and the open sea.

The Sinhalese were however generally unwilling to work as labourers on large estates .

An Institute of Agrarian Reform was founded to break up large estates and redistribute them to landless labourers.


It is therefore abolished as a legal estate .

Lord Wellworthy can enforce the covenant only whilst he retains the legal estate in the Stately Mansion Hotel.

Where the proprietor of the legal estate has died, the sellers will be the personal representatives of the estate.

The Statute of Wills 1540 gave testators power to create future legal estates by their wills.

One might imagine, for instance, that it has turned equitable estates and rights into legal estates and rights.

Estates in futuro Before 1 January 1926 there were three main varieties of legal estates in futuro.

Notice should be given if the trustees of the legal estate are persons other than the husband or wife.

Equity only protects the bonafide purchaser for value of a legal estate and so the rule should be of no application.


Information from local estate agents shows the housing market to remain stagnant.

Some local real estate developers think the 200 to 300 homes per year estimate is unrealistic.

Some conveyancers encourage local estate agents to forward details of a new transaction before a sale is negotiated.

A similar assault can be observed in real estate as companies such as Century 21 gobble up local real estate agencies.

The other method of entry to the Rowdies was by joining one's mates from school or local housing estate .

This will bring the benefits of home ownership within the reach of more people and introduce more diversity in local authority estates .

He works on our local trading estate and I see him every day after school and at weekends.

Those who settle find it hard to create a community, according to Joyce Weis, a local estate agent.


On the bus home she passed, as usual, the new industrial estate .

On a new estate , there may be nothing.

After 1945 vast new estates , mainly of semi-detached houses, began to extend further out.

A lot of it was new estates - Well, same as Newtown.

And residents of the new Carrick Hill estate are delighted with the changes taking place.

What a good idea to build us a new housing estate so that we can pay property tax!

This time it was Simon Thorpe, the new estate manager.


Since then Sotheby's business has spread into less traditional auction house areas, including real estate .

Lawrence invested in real estate and golfed with Bob Hope.

Staff communities will be created connected by job function, without the same need to occupy expensive real estate .

The dictionary prompted real estate consultant Joel Ascetto to design a three-hour course to help Rhode Island real estate agents.

J., real estate broker Terry Gamble.

Republican Senator james Inhofe of Oklahoma, who was a real estate developer.

At least in Baja California, real estate should remain a prime factor in building new economic muscle.



A similar assault can be observed in real estate as companies such as Century 21 gobble up local real estate agencies .

Low cost endowment business through building society and estate agency connections up 19% despite reduced mortgage lending.

The position John is applying for is as a trainee with a real estate agency .

Nationwide announced that 300 redundancies will be made when it closes 58 of its 361 estate agency branches.

More than 10% of its mortgages now spring from its estate agencies .

In 1987 they began to acquire estate agencies .


It will Bteach real estate agents about the customs of minority groups.

Homeowners who want to sell their homes without a real estate agent can now advertise their residential properties free on the Internet.

Not an estate agent , a valuer, a lawyer or a property slump in sight.

The real estate agent said one thing.

Ask your estate agent to send a representative with potential buyers.

Real estate agents are independent contractors and can change offices at their discretion.

Parents that move into a new area will often ask estate agents about schools in the neighbourhood.

In a few moments the other participant in the sequence they were shooting would come, the estate agent from Sudbury.


J., real estate broker Terry Gamble.

Faison last week hired commercial real estate broker Cushman&038;.


If an estate car tempts you, it could pay to choose one with the option of an extra row of seats.

A large estate car or van will be needed to transport the coffin, and four to six people to carry it.

Off we set, in the estate car , for Liverpool Street station, London.

An estate car provides even more luggage space.

You can use an estate car .

Driven unladen, estate cars are often stiff-legged.


The story went that after the tragedy Godolphin had retired to his country estate , and never again ventured beyond its perimeters.

They had private homes or apartments, country estates , special restaurants and shops.

The country estate covers an area of 106 acres, to be developed in phases.

He has a job as well, selling country estates for Sotheby's real estate arm.

In 1724 the University Garden needed more space and Boerhaave used his newly purchased country estate at nearby Oud-Poelgeest as an extension.

I first met Wells at a weekend party at Max Beaverbrook's country estate in the late 1930s.

When they say they love their country , do they mean their country estates ?

I was staying on a large country estate , taking part in a week's music course.


Interbrew had spent most of 1997 negotiating with Toronto real estate developer Murray Frum.

The real customers of the Department of Housing and Urban Development have not been poor urban dwellers, but real estate developers .

Several venture capital funds, former owners and other real estate developers reportedly have shown interest in the landmark.

Republican Senator james Inhofe of Oklahoma, who was a real estate developer .

They were friends of his, real estate developers with no expertise whatsoever in media, much less multimedia.

Some local real estate developers think the 200 to 300 homes per year estimate is unrealistic.

Nevertheless, real estate developers passionately promoted moving to Los Angeles as the secular equivalent of being born again.

The national association of large real estate developers sent its president to assist the process.


Neighbourhood houses could soon be set up on many housing estates in Darlington, Coun Bill Dixon said.

It was tempting to see its potential as another fun palace or shopping centre or - this being Liverpool - housing estate .

The Housing Act 1988 gave further encouragement to the breakup of the large housing estates remaining under local authority control.

Some were corporation housing estates , reservations for thee rehabilitation of the working class.

Seven Football League players from the same Trimdon Village housing estate will share a table.

The 44-year old was found at 8am lying in Birkhall Parade, in Aberdeen's Mastrick housing estate .

Read in studio Work has begun to demolish a council housing estate built almost seventy years ago.

The other method of entry to the Rowdies was by joining one's mates from school or local housing estate .


I have no hope of being a big legal giant-in fact, my living comes largely from my commercial real estate investments .

Developers Diversified is a real estate investment trust that acquires, owns and manages shopping and business centers.

New loans now typically come from large Wall Street investment houses and real estate investment trusts that favor large builders.

Other conservative buys include real estate investment trusts, utility stocks and tax-free municipal bonds.


The real estate market in the fire zone is slow, and the ultimate sales prices are discouraging.

The real estate market is not unaffected but it is not seriously hampered.

The real estate market , the largest component of the local economy, has grown to record levels.

Payne specialized in converting apartments to condominiums when it was considered cutting edge in the residential real estate market .


The second-round effects of the estate tax may be seen in other areas.

Alderman Keane keeps his brother on the powerful board of real estate tax appeals.

Buy enough life insurance to cover your estate taxes .

In fact, because of the way income and estate taxes work, many experts caution about overuse of tax-deferred vehicles.

Last year, the city instituted a real estate tax .

It also imposed an estate tax .



There's a place on the edge of the town where they'd built a council estate somewhere back in the fifties.

Today, he has built a successful real estate business for him-self.

They'd built estates after the war with no amenities at all and they didn't learn from that either.

Sedimentrich runoff from logging, road building and real estate development has been filling the lake with nitrogen and phosphorous.

He built numerous estate buildings, including the Bottle Lodges which cost around £9,000, and was constantly in debt.


They were both businessmen, they both bought and sold real estate , and they both dabbled in other investments.

After some time in London, during which he bought an estate at Blackheath, he returned to his native Ayrshire.

Thienpont bought the estate in 1979; until then it hardly existed in its present form.

In 1736, James Macrae bought the estate and mansion house of Monkton.

In fact, there is another plan afoot, which makes it foolish to be buying an estate .

Neeld decided to become a landlord, and began buying estates in Somerset and West Wiltshire.

Petrashevskii's proposal that merchants be allowed to buy populated estates hardly bespoke a passion for social revolution.


The Manchester site, Collyhurst, is a post-war social housing estate on the north-east edge of the city centre.

The suburban housing estates were complete and the lawns were in.

Hugh with his hand on the glass, the housing estates below and beyond.

And cleaners came in from the housing estates , silent with mops, lifting chairs, thinking of dinners, emptying bins.

And on housing estates all along the line, residents came out to watch the strange scene.

That excellent housing estate in Madrid.

Two explosions have left large craters alongside the rail line close to two housing estates at the western edge of Newry.


Granville eventually inherited the estate and his connection with Stoke Poges may be of more than usual significance.

When Presley turned 25, she inherited an estate currently worth more than $ 100 million.

His father had died and he bought the property with money he'd inherited from the estate .

First, they want to eliminate taxes entirely for people fortunate enough to inherit estates of $ 1 million.

He accepted the arguments of an independent actuary that policyholders' realistic expectation they should benefit from inherited estates was limited.

Two of the daughters, Mary and Annabella, eventually inherited the Scrope estates .


Harry Secombe was the third child of a none-too-successful commercial traveller living on a council estate near Swansea.

Then business diminished, and the partners persuaded Stratford to live off his Prescott estate in Gloucestershire.

For some years he lived on his estate at Ballinastow in county Wicklow, where he was high sheriff in 1835.

You are not bothered whether the house is detached or semi-detached, but you do not want to live on an estate .

People living on the estate couldn't believe their eyes when they saw their new neighbour.

News of the rape has appalled parents living on nearby estates .

Skerne Park Community Action Group was set up in 1989 to improve the quality of life for people living on the estate .

This District Discount will keep down bills for elderly people and many low-income inner-city residents living on large estates .


If any stores were not wanted by members then they would be added to Costcutter's company owned estate , he added.

Later the de Sewardby family, who took their name from the village, owned the estate .

The vicarage is the only house not owned by the estate .


It found itself unable to prevent the pomeshchiks from buying and selling their estates and rapidly establishing defacto hereditary rights of ownership.

The company will offset the losses by selling stocks and real estate .

He has a job as well, selling country estates for Sotheby's real estate arm.

Other ventures have failed, but now she wants to sell real estate .

So Patels are hard to sell real estate to.

H-P officials said the company did not expect that any shares would need to be sold to pay estate taxes.

During the daytime hours, Monday through Friday, Dad sold real estate .

They were both businessmen, they both bought and sold real estate , and they both dabbled in other investments.


sink estate/school

the fourth estate


Jane has her own house on a neat housing estate in the south-east.

Mrs. Graham left her entire estate to her three children.

They live in a block of flats on a bleak council estate .


After serving in the army during the Napoleonic wars, Széchenyi turned to the management of his estates.

And they are not embracing some of the new strategy of insurance, real estate , tax minimization, and banking.

Apparently he has a great estate beyond the Sierra Nevada - big hacienda or some such thing.

Armoured vans patrol Manchester estate Armoured vans are patrolling an estate in Manchester following three separate shotgun attacks.

He walked between the pines and the cactus as if he were out for a stroll round his estate after dinner.

His professional reputation as a respected real estate expert also has been tarnished, the suit alleges.

No sheep are at the estate this day.

Other ventures have failed, but now she wants to sell real estate .

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