Meaning of ESTATE in English


n.1 a property consisting of an extensive area of land usu. with a large house.

2 Brit. a modern residential or industrial area with integrated design or purpose.

3 all of a person's assets and liabilities, esp. at death.

4 a property where rubber, tea, grapes, etc., are cultivated.

5 (in full estate of the realm) an order or class forming (or regarded as) a part of the body politic.

6 archaic or literary a state or position in life (the estate of holy matrimony; poor man's estate).

7 colloq. estate car.

Phrases and idioms:

estate agent Brit.

1. a person whose business is the sale or lease of buildings and land on behalf of others.

2 the steward of an estate. estate car Brit. a car with the passenger area extended and combined with space for luggage, usu. with an extra door at the rear. estate duty Brit. hist. death duty levied on property.


Replaced in 1975 by capital transfer tax and in 1986 by inheritance tax. the Three Estates Lords Spiritual (the heads of the Church), Lords Temporal (the peerage), and the Commons.

Etymology: ME f. OF estat (as STATUS)

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