Meaning of EXCHANGE in English


I. noun


an exchange of views (= when people say what they think, especially when they disagree )

There was a frank exchange of views at the meeting.

bill of exchange

corn exchange

currency exchange (= the process of changing from one country’s currency to another )

Banks make good profits on currency exchange.

exchange gifts (= give someone a gift at the same time as they give you a gift )

We exchange gifts on Christmas Day.

exchange glances (= look at each other quickly )

Mai exchanged glances with Tatsuya.

exchange gossip (= talk about other people and their private lives with someone )

They used to meet up and exchange gossip.

exchange handshakes

The teams exchanged handshakes at the end of the game.

exchange information (= give information to each other )

The meetings provided an opportunity to exchange information.

exchange of gunfire

Two men were shot in an exchange of gunfire with the police.

exchange presents (= give each other a present )

We always exchange Christmas and birthday presents.

exchange rate mechanism

exchange rate

a more favourable exchange rate

exchange student

an 18-year-old exchange student from France

exchange vows (= make promises to each other as part of a wedding ceremony )

They wanted to exchange vows before their family and friends.

exchanged courtesies

The two men exchanged courtesies before getting down to business.

exchanged greetings (= greeted each other )

The two cousins exchanged greetings .

exchanged pleasantries

Stephen and Mr Illing exchanged pleasantries .

foreign exchange markets/rates/transactions etc

The dollar is expected to fall in the foreign exchange markets.

foreign exchange

The dollar is expected to fall in the foreign exchange markets.

frank discussion/interview/exchange of views etc

labour exchange

part exchange

The company takes the buyer’s property in part exchange.

quoted on the stock exchange (= people can buy and sell shares in it )

The company is now quoted on the stock exchange .

rate of exchange

share/exchange ideas (= tell someone else your ideas, and learn their ideas )

an opportunity for local business people to share ideas

stock exchange part exchange

The company takes the buyer’s property in part exchange.

telephone exchange

the exchange rate (= the value of the money of one country compared to the money of another country )

the exchange rate between the dollar and sterling




Sport can be an appropriate way of promoting cultural and social exchanges and development.

The treaties covered bilateral protection and promotion of investments, penal cooperation, cultural exchanges and customs cooperation, officials said.

Walesa's visit was also intended to boost bilateral trade and cultural exchanges .

Guests take advantage of local transportation in order to facilitate cultural exchanges .

What emerges is the implication that the perceived cultural exchange between these selected texts reveal preoccupations found throughout the whole culture.

Long periods of enforced coexistence may include concessions or agreements and important, often fruitful, cultural exchange .

New religious ideas and moral codes were made accessible by widescale immigration, cultural exchanges and mass communication.

What did the riots in Watts accomplish?... Cultural exchange can do much to clear up misunderstandings.


That sounds like a pretty fair exchange .

Such items seemed a fair exchange for free baths.

When he asked anxiously if she minded, she said it was a fair exchange for all his kindness to her.

I didn't consider it a fair exchange .

A possibility of future heartbreak against the certainty of present pain ... It seemed like a fair exchange .


When a country has a persistent shortage of foreign exchange , two kinds of policy question arise.

Like the foreign exchange market, no physical euro-currency market exists but instead it consists of telecommunications between banks.

The foreign exchange crisis has robbed the country of regular fuel supplies.

These have grown enormously in recent years, especially since the abolition of foreign exchange controls in 1979.

This is one reason why the Yugoslav government has tried to avoid raising the price of foreign exchange .

If it were to expropriate their property it would have to compensate them with scarce foreign exchange .

Controls over foreign exchange , credits and scarce materials could hardly force anybody to expand.


The most important change must be the abandonment of tariffs, and the freeing of international food exchange .

Every time the quid gets gang-banged on the international exchange , all the Arab chicks get a new fur coat.

The new institute's other roles will be those of research, documentation and international exchanges .

An international body currently working on standards for international data exchange among other things.

Otherwise we put the continuity of vital work in jeopardy by failing to shelter it from the winds of international currency exchanges .



Almost none of this information exchange has survived.

It is a voluntary organization whose goal is to promote global information exchange .

Influences can similarly be established, leading to the possibility of future collaboration, or at least information exchange programmes.

First, the new communications media have greatly expanded the means of information exchange between political elites.

This would run counter to the very informal information exchange that gives it meaning in this internal context.

Activities i. Establish mechanisms for timely and systematic information exchange between public health agencies of different countries about emerging infectious diseases.

The scope for the retention of this kind of information exchange is not significantly better or worse today than it was then.

The simulations include group problem-solving, detailed information exchange , one to one and team negotiating.


At the current exchange rates that amounts to a mere £159.

Fourth, by pushing up interest rates , fiscal policy can push up the exchange rate of the currency.

Once the system of fixed exchange rates had been abandoned there was no alternative but for currencies to float.

Exports were calculated based on an exchange rate of 123.77 yen in February against 125.59 a year ago.

The first was that because the exchange rate target was not explicit it was ultimately not credible.

The aim of this grander scheme was to enable policy-makers to combine stability in real exchange rates with steady, non-inflationary growth.

Of course that's if you exchanged money at the regular exchange rate of 12 lei to the pound.

Due to a number of factors, e.g. inflation and current account imbalances, the fixed exchange rate system collapsed in March 1973.


By mid-1989 foreign exchange reserves were estimated to be sufficient to cover only two months of imports.

Global surpluses can likewise be meaningless to the dozens of poor nations that have overwhelming demands placed on slim foreign exchange reserves .

Billions of pounds have been wiped off share values and removed from foreign exchange reserves this week.

In February 1994 it had $ 30 billion in exchange reserves .

Government figures indicated that total foreign exchange reserves stood at only US$14,750,000.

According to the first figures available, it is estimated that the national bank's exchange reserves equal a month's imports.


It is as vital as the plastic insulation in a telephone exchange .

The train has its own telephone exchange and electricity generating car, plus office accommodations and restaurant cars for the royal entourage.

The telephone exchange was all plugs and manual dialling-not a computer in sight.

Kodachrome was developed by two musicians and the original automatic telephone exchange by an undertaker.


To start with there is the distinction between exchange value and use value.

Markets define things in terms of their exchange value .

For example, if a pound of coffee sells for £3 this is its exchange value .

Thus the state tells a group of farmers to produce a million tomatoes and then sets the exchange value of those tomatoes.


have/exchange words (with sb)

He and Kemp pound down the stairway, exchanging words .

I have words before my eyes, as you might imagine.

I would hear the women exchange words with Miss Fingerstop.

Linda buried herself in the crowd, exchanging words with this one and that and heading for the bar.

Nurses busily went up and down, sometimes pausing to exchange words and careless laughter.

Sometimes, Britten seems to have written more naturally when he didn't have words to set.

They exchanged words , not all of which appeared to be in jest.

Without it, you have words virtually sprinkled across the page, each project an exercise in speed and frustration.

medium of exchange

As a medium of exchange it no longer works, and that's that.

Like the black woman in a slave narrative, the Chicana remains here an abiding if sometimes invisible medium of exchange.

Monetarists stress the function of money as a medium of exchange and play down its role as a store of wealth.

Money balances held for these two purposes are called active balances: money to be used as a medium of exchange.

Stainless steel made good medium of exchange on a planet where all metal had to be imported.

Such a commodity, once acceptable, performed the role of a medium of exchange and could be regarded as money.

They are not therefore directly related to people's requirements to hold a medium of exchange.

Trusted paper became both a collateral for short-term credit and an immensely important medium of exchange.


a commodities exchange

A series of heated exchanges between the two governments followed.

an exchange of gunfire

During angry exchanges in Parliament the Prime Minister said he would not change existing policies.

In any negotiations there must be an honest exchange of information.

Sale goods can be brought back to the store for an exchange or store credit.

The exchange of prisoners took place on a bridge over the Mekong river.


A further cause could result from the exchange of gas in and out of the bladder.

In the case of exchanges it usually translates into a general contractual duty to act fairly.

It is well within reason to expect help in this regard in exchange for further financial assistance.

It was obvious to me that they had been here before and that they were enjoying the exchange .

That will become especially important in the coming global battle between exchanges for international securities-trading business.

II. verb




Two figures were battling furiously, exchanging blows as they materialized.

While the men exchanged blows the girl struck Farini from behind with a blunt instrument.

They rolled over and over on the damp moss, exchanging blows and vile words until finally Topaz's strength ran out.


She had to go through with it now, as she had exchanged contracts on the house.

One person close to Disney said the two parties have exchanged contracts and expect to close the transaction this month.

Don't exchange contracts until you and your client are satisfied on every point and in particular about adoption of roads and drains.

Once the hammer has fallen, the successful bidder for a house must exchange contracts immediately and pay a deposit.

Once you have exchanged contracts , the countdown to completion and the day of your move begins.

In effect this stage is equivalent to exchange of contracts in a sale by private treaty, with completion four weeks later.

If Guy had only exchanged contracts last week, he'd organised himself with impressive speed.


However, most banks will exchange currency at short notice.

To begin with, when nations trade there arises a need to exchange their currencies .

When a central bank buys a surplus of foreign currency it exchanges it for domestic currency, here Deutschmarks.

In short, the gold standard obligated the central bank to exchange currency for gold at a fixed price.


On the screen, two cowboys were exchanging rifle fire at a distance of thirty meters or so.

The authorities and assailants exchanged fire in a violent confrontation in which Cuenca and police officer Santiago Esparza Astorga were killed.


The dollar rose against a basket of 10 currencies tracked by Finex, a financial futures exchange .


Navigational transits were now flying past; glances were exchanged though no words spoken.

There was a big rear-view mirror over the bar so he could see the glances being exchanged behind his back.

In unheard-of clarity, the words that had been spoken returned, the glances that had been exchanged .

The glances Stella and Alexis exchanged seemed more intimate than was usual between a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law.


They exchanged perishable consumer goods which were mutually valuable in the ordinary fashion of barter trade.

If people want to exchange any goods , they will do so by barter.

The employees can then exchange the vouchers for goods or services.

All the peoples traded in the products of their particular region, exchanging goods by means of barter.

Exchanging goods Anyone working in the retail trade will often have to deal with customers who want to exchange or return goods.


They could exchange gossip about the parish; anything to distract his mind.


He roused himself wearily to exchange greetings with the elders as they passed him, and went in to his foster-father.

Word is she and McDermott exchanged pleasantries and greetings and watched the goings-on.

Hardly a word was exchanged after the first greeting .

They exchanged brief greetings but one day he was walking slowly past the end of Magdalen Street as she cycled up.

We gathered around a paddy dike and exchanged greetings and impressions.

I wondered how long I should give them to exchange greetings .

They shook hands, exchanged greetings , and so on.


In a process which stretched over several weeks they exchanged ideas .

As they exchanged ideas and memories, both felt richer.

Such meetings are also an opportunity to exchange ideas and see displays of books and other materials.

Some of the confusion would certainly have been lessened if the two great minds had had opportunities to exchange ideas .

Meeting together at a disability arts event can also provide rare opportunities for disabled people to exchange ideas .

They say it allows them to exchange ideas .

He needs to be able to exchange ideas , express moods and emotions.

They exchanged ideas and set their sights on a large building in Sacramento.


As we exchanged information , the Alsatian sat at our feet, licking the salt out of an empty crisp packet.

Children exchange information with one another in their conversations and learn to view events from the position of others.

Strictly speaking, the Internet is an international network of computers linked up to exchange information .

It is very helpful to exchange information and coping measures with other sufferers of the disease and their families.

The meetings provided an opportunity to exchange information about future events and to discuss problems of mutual interest.

Bulletin boards are a low-tech way to exchange information .

Both sides also agreed to exchange information on a weekly basis between senior military commanders on troop deployments and movements.

There are also local credit associations that exchange credit information .


When they had met and exchanged a few kisses , that would be time enough.


The patients loved it and several laughed out loud at her antics, while Martha and Yvonne exchanged looks of glee.

They exchanged looks full of sadness, as if they had both lost something.

He watched as Gilbert exchanged a look with an equally shell-shocked Frye ... and then hurried quickly towards the reception door.

Papi exchanged a helpless look with Mami.

Riven and Ratagan exchanged a look , and Riven realised that the big man knew everything.

As you began again, all of us around you exchanged more pained looks .

The two men exchange a look and put their revolvers back into their holsters.

Jess and Red exchange another look .


They can also exchange electronic mail messages and take part in, or initiate, electronic conferences.


They exchanged their freedom for money and liquor, and as it turned out there would be no end of this curse.

In this process the cans of beans are exchanged for money .


The meetings provided an opportunity to exchange information about future events and to discuss problems of mutual interest.

Some of the confusion would certainly have been lessened if the two great minds had had opportunities to exchange ideas.

Such meetings are also an opportunity to exchange ideas and see displays of books and other materials.


Households exchange their labour services for goods.


Harry, for his part, exchanged a knowing smile with Papaioannou, then went on in the direction of the village.

The officer asked it a second time, choosing different words, and exchanged a smile with the younger officer.

The children gagged and joked as expected, Jim and Karen exchanged smiles throughout the meal.

Monday in court, they looked relaxed, two exchanging smiles as the charges against them were detailed.

Try just exchanging some attention: see if you can exchange a smile and a flirtatious glance with him.


Nurses busily went up and down, sometimes pausing to exchange words and careless laughter.

He was silent, and they walked on a few yards without exchanging a word .

He sat with Sir Harold for a while, but they exchanged few words .

The man was Magnus Olesen, and he and Muus did not exchange three words all afternoon.

She smiled, and exchanged a few words with him; then others came to say farewell.

He and Kemp pound down the stairway, exchanging words .

He and I exchanged sharp words when he informed me that the hamster would have to undergo the rabies test.


As Sally approached wearing her new dress, the others exchanged glances and tried not to laugh.

Danny and his lawyer exchanged uneasy looks.

Did you exchange any money before your trip?

Foreign currency can be exchanged for sterling at any bank.

My family still exchanges gifts at Christmas.

The two men were exchanging insults and accusing each other of mismanagement.

This shirt is too big. Can I exchange it?

We exchanged phone numbers, but I don't think I'll call him.


Bellamy exchanged wild shots with MacLane as we left the captain in the middle of the road.

First Bank System has offered to exchange 2. 6 of its shares for each First Interstate share in the proposed acquisition.

Grant rode down to the river to exchange congratulations with Admiral Porter on their joint victory.

I wish to exchange this flash-of-lightning faith for continuous daylight, this fever-glow for a benign climate.

I would be glad to exchange them for the same face value as the increasingly worthless and derisory folding stuff.

None of the passengers exchanged names and addresses-they were too distraught.

Sometimes the food they bring runs out and they have to exchange their precious maize for a few mangoes.

The volunteer returned once a week to ask the patient if he or she wanted to exchange the prints for others.

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