Meaning of FLIP in English


I. verb


flick/flip a switch (= move it so something starts or stops )

You start the fan by just flipping this switch.

flick/flip/leaf through the pages of sth (= turn them quickly )

She was flicking through the pages of a magazine.

flip chart

flip chip

flip-chip technology

flip phone

flip side

The flip side of the treatment is that it can make patients feel very tired.




Given those odds, claims Salsburg, one might as well flip a coin .

The customer wanted to flip a coin about paying the price for a photo of his daughter.

If memory serves, we actually went into the hall and flipped a coin .


Every now and then, everyone knows, folk flip their lid and take their holiday anyway.

He flipped the lid open and shut with his thumb.


More likely Goya passed them around his friends or flipped through the pages .

I flipped through the pages of my field guide.

You flip the pages , read their comments.

He bought a magazine and flipped its pages while he drank the coffee.

When I read to him, he flips the pages in my hand to see what lies just ahead.

He flipped back the pages of his note-book, and found the scrappy diary of those few days.

The imam excused himself, leaving me to flip through the pages of the album.


He flipped a switch and the front door opened.

What if you forget to flip the switch reactivating the air bags and then hit another car head on?

MPEG-2 will succeed MPEG-1, but not by flipping a factory switch .

Glover watched light drain out of both him and Paul as if some one had flipped a switch .

The phones were dead until Leese flipped the master switch .

He flew a certain route, flipped the mission switches .

Guy flipped on the power switch and caught up, pacing the other rider for several miles.


toss/flip a coin

We like to get out a map, and flip a coin to decide where to go.

Eddie DeBartolo and Carmen Policy: Flip a coin .

Given those odds, claims Salsburg, one might as well flip a coin .

I tossed a coin with Bill Wall for this, and won.

If memory serves, we actually went into the hall and flipped a coin .

Like tossing a coin to decide on a man's life.

The customer wanted to flip a coin about paying the price for a photo of his daughter.

Torn between passing the letter to Alice or Amelia, Robert tossed a coin and settled on the latter.


Come help me flip this mattress.

I flipped over the card to see what was written on the other side.

She flipped the pancakes over with one smooth movement.

The guy just flipped out and started shooting.

When Jerry found out about the money we took, he completely flipped his lid.


I flipped the machine off and stared at it.

I shake my head at the pill, and he flips it off the bed like it was a bug pestering him.

I started to flip through it, but I didn't know where to begin.

Moments before touchdown, he flipped on the aircraft landing lights.

She flipped her mind and the handle came back, a size or two too large.

They flip the embroidered cover off the stereo.

Though he has flipped and flopped on many issues, he has stuck to beliefs typical of farm-belt Republicanism.

II. noun




At her shoulder was an electronic flip chart she was using to assist in her presentation.

So he stole a big A2 flip chart from work - the council has lots - and that sorted everything out.

Resources Possibility of shelving, box files and flip chart .

Notes previously written on a flip chart pad.


The facts, which spilled out in no particular order, revealed the flip side of the fairytale.

On the flip side of partnerships, Gates talked about Microsoft's competition.

But the flip side of that effectiveness is quite clear when things go wrong.

But there was a flip side to the coin.

But there is also the flip side of the coin.

It did sound very much like the flip side to Mrs Richards' story.

It is probably obvious that each of these difficulties has an educational flip side .

All this love had brought her, taught her: the flip side of ecstasy.


a backward flip

It'll be decided by a flip of a coin.


Any flip of the remote control will serve up countless images of graphic violence.

His craggy features dissolved into a breathtakingly attractive smile, and Robbie felt her insides give the oddest little flip .

The guys tapped on their heels, balanced precariously and even attempted a few body flips.

III. adjective


But the good news is the flip side of the bad: every change creates new needs.

Manion drew two equations on the flip chart.

On the flip side is the Hong Kong flag, also red but with five leaves forming a star.

The flip side of virtue is pride.

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