Meaning of FLIP in English

1. v., n., & adj.

--v. (flipped, flipping)

1. tr. a flick or toss (a coin, pellet, etc.) with a quick movement so that it spins in the air. b remove (a small object) from a surface with a flick of the fingers.

2 tr. a strike or flick (a person's ear, cheek, etc.) lightly or smartly. b move (a fan, whip, etc.) with a sudden jerk.

3 tr. turn (a small object) over.

4 intr. a make a fillip or flicking noise with the fingers. b (foll. by at) strike smartly at.

5 intr. move about with sudden jerks.

6 intr. sl. become suddenly excited or enthusiastic.


1. a smart light blow; a flick.

2 colloq. a a short pleasure flight in an aircraft. b a quick tour etc.

3 an act of flipping over (gave the stone a flip).

--adj. colloq. glib; flippant.

Phrases and idioms:

flip chart a large pad erected on a stand and bound so that one page can be turned over at the top to reveal the next. flip one's lid sl.

1. lose self-control.

2 go mad. flip side colloq. the less important side of a gramophone record. flip through flick through.

Etymology: prob. f. FILLIP 2. n.1 a drink of heated beer and spirit.

2 egg-flip.

Etymology: perh. f. FLIP(1) in the sense whip up

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