Meaning of FROST in English


I. noun


frosted glass (= glass with a rough surface so that it is not transparent )

The bathroom windows were made of frosted glass.

Jack Frost




The early frost today was a worry.

Dresden Heide Dresden Their feet crunched on the brittle undergrowth, leaving sharp footprints where the early morning frost had taken hold.

To see that the sowing is begun sufficiently early to avoid risks of early frosts . 17.


Mangolds must be lifted and clamped before the risk of any hard frost .

Apart from the brief cold spell in late November, we have had very few hard frosts .

And the snow was so hard with the frost that you could walk over it with safety.

After a hard frost the passage walls sweated and water trickled down the corridors.

It had been a very hard frost , the path was very slippery, and that night was particularly cold.


Even when the blossom was browned by heavy frost just before Christmas, it took only a fortnight to recover.

I awoke the next morning to a heavy frost .

Frost bites HEAVY frost is threatening today's meetings.

It was exceptionally cold with a heavy frost .

After heavy frosts the roots may have lifted or loosened.


Or late frosts , and drizzle throughout August?

Experts are blaming cool, wet weather throughout June, perhaps coupled with late frosts .

It would never survive, of course; the slightest hint of a late frost and it would wither and drop.

One afternoon I was bundled on to an open lorry where about 40 others were already shivering in the late autumn frost .

But late frosts may have hit the barleys, he believes.


Occasionally, as in the winter of 1982, there is severe frost .

Snow, water and severe frosts hit sport although still some action with grayling in upper reaches.

Plentiful moisture in the extreme northern latitudes, for example, is rendered useless by severe winter frost and an abbreviated growing season.

As soon as the chance of a severe frost is passed, remover any winter protection from semi-tender plants.


There had been a sharp frost overnight and the ground was frozen hard.

The ground was hardened by a sharp frost making the going firm on a fine, sunny day.

There was a sharp edge of frost in the air.


The pavements and cars are all covered in this white frost sort of stuff.

Their leaves fall in droves when the sun hits them in the morning, and then they settle on to white hoar frost .

Some of their potatoes have adapted to cold so they can still grow when their leaves are white with frost .

It was black as night at new moon and white as frost at first light.

Even with the blankets it was very chilly, and in the morning the ground was white with frost .

Cloud flooded the southern valleys but our night was clear and starry, the coldest yet, with a white ground frost .

There were stars in the clear, dark sky, and a white frost over the moor.



Avoid an east-facing situation to prevent frost damage and cut back long growth immediately after flowering.

The market lost its earlier gains on perceptions the coldest temperatures came in areas where previous frost damage forced an early harvest.

This can then encourage rot to grow on timber, and may also result in frost damage to masonry in cold weather.

In mild winters apples buds began to break soon after Christmas, leaving them vulnerable to frost damage .

Service pipes can run the length of the house and may need insulating against frost damage where exposed.


a hard winter/frost

After a hard frost the passage walls sweated and water trickled down the corridors.

All in all, the young have the odds stacked against them, especially in a hard winter.

It looked as though it would be a hard winter.

frosted glass/window etc

One of the tables, set behind an opaque frosted glass screen, is semi-private.

The Controller's acknowledging smile was as brittle as frosted glass.

The front door was open, revealing a stone-flagged porch, and an inner door with frosted glass in the top half.

The headmaster appeared at the frosted glass of the door.

The lack of a lock on the one and only toilet was compensated for by the frosted glass panels in the door.

The taps rattled the frosted glass again.

There was a row of frosted glass windows down one side, each fitted with an electric fan.

sharp wind/frost

The ground was hardened by a sharp frost making the going firm on a fine, sunny day.

There had been a sharp frost overnight and the ground was frozen hard.


Frost covered all the windows.

A frost warning was issued for most of South Carolina.

The Ohio valley is expecting the first frost of the season by Monday morning.

There was frost on the windows and a chill in the air.


After that it was all weather: frosts and rains and spring and summer, and the long days growing longer.

Already the grass was becoming crisp with frost .

At a great distance, the ghostly frost of a snow peak seemed suspended from the clear sky.

During the first few weeks, check that they haven't been lifted by frost or pecked out by birds.

Here and there the frost had drawn trees and other patterns on the windowpanes.

Kevin Lindsay, a farmer in the northwest Iowa town of Correctionville, had frost on the inside of his windows.

Or late frosts, and drizzle throughout August?

II. verb


As the particle is frosted with droplets of supercooled water, it begins the six-mile plunge to Earth.

Continue beating while adding Karo syrup a little at a time, until frosting peaks.

Mrs Clancy's was a marble cake frosted white and decorated with chocolate curls and chocolate creams.

Overnight all the windowpanes had been frosted over.

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