Meaning of FROST in English


/ frɒst; NAmE frɔːst/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ U , C ] a weather condition in which the temperature drops below 0°C (= freezing point ) so that a thin white layer of ice forms on the ground and other surfaces, especially at night :

It will be a clear night with some ground frost .

a sharp / hard / severe frost

There were ten degrees of frost (= the temperature dropped to -10°C) last night.

frost damage


[ U ] the thin white layer of ice that forms when the temperature drops below 0°C :

The car windows were covered with frost.

—see also hoar frost

■ verb


frost (sth) (over / up) to cover sth or to become covered with a thin white layer of ice :

[ vn ]

The mirror was frosted up.

[ v ]

The windows had frosted over.


[ vn ] ( especially NAmE ) to cover a cake with icing / frosting



Old English frost , forst , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vorst and German Frost , also to freeze .

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