Meaning of GROWTH in English




a growth forecast (= one relating to an increase in the value of goods or services produced and sold )

The official growth forecasts for the economy are promising.

a growth target

The company’s growth targets have been achieved for the last three years.

a growth/rise/increase in exports

The electronics sector has seen a 16% growth in exports.

an increase/growth in sales

The company is expecting a 20% increase in sales next year.

economic growth/development (= when businesses become more successful )

We have enjoyed a period of steady economic growth.

growth in earnings (= an increase in the amount a person or company earns )

The first part of this year has seen a substantial growth in earnings.

growth spurt (= when a child suddenly grows quickly )

industrial development/growth

rapid post-war industrial development

phenomenal growth/rise/increase

California had experienced a phenomenal growth in population.

population growth

Rapid population growth intensifies competition for land.

rapid growth/expansion/development

The industry is experiencing rapid growth.

steady growth

During the 1960s most of the Western world enjoyed steady economic growth.

stem the growth/rise/decline etc

an attempt to stem the decline in profits

stimulate growth/demand/the economy etc

the President’s plan to stimulate economic growth




The national income had doubled since 1948; in the period 1951-73, the average annual rate of growth was 2.3 percent.

What annual growth rate can you show me?

The annual growth rate can be calculated by subtracting the earlier year's membership from the later year's.

It gives an annual growth rate of 2. 3 percent, according to analysts.

In particular, books show an average annual growth rate of 8.25 percent while electronic information shows a rate of 20.30 percent.

The revised method also shaves half a percentage point off average annual growth during the four years of this economic recovery.

Even during the bubble years of the early 1990s, its average annual growth rate was a paltry 2. 7 percent.

The advance of real wages was even more impressive, with an annual growth rate of 4. 1 percent.


In particular, books show an average annual growth rate of 8.25 percent while electronic information shows a rate of 20.30 percent.

That compares with average monthly growth of 21. 4 percent last year.

The company has achieved average annual compound growth over the last four years of 15%.

The revised method also shaves half a percentage point off average annual growth during the four years of this economic recovery.

An average growth rate of 11 % p.a. in real manufactured exports, reflecting increased competitiveness.

The average growth fund ended the year with a 30. 80 percent advance.

If mechanization was to yield less productivity gains however, then average productivity growth would slip back despite faster scrapping.

But as Table 2-1 shows, the adoption of free-market develop-ment models has raised their average growth rates.


The size of the service sector is an impediment to economic growth because it depends upon inflation to a considerable extent.

Even so, recent economic reports suggest growth is flagging.

From the mid-1970s the slow-down in economic growth and rising inflation sapped the confidence of policy-makers in demand management.

Still, with the population growing at 2 percent annually, per capita economic growth is negligible.

This weakness of the banking system came during a period of rapid economic growth .

He sees economic growth picking up in the second half of this year.

Also, as incomes increase with economic growth , citizens are willing to spend more for health and safety.

The peso has firmed, inflation has slowed and economic growth has resumed.


Kenneth Leventhal, which reported the highest growth rate in the top 10, at 9.7%, specialises in real estate.

The prospect of still higher unemployment as growth slows is prompting movement on the union side.

He believed that lower taxes were the route to higher growth and more jobs.

An even higher economic growth rate is not out of the question.

The report speaks of extensive environmental degradation caused by high population growth , rapid urbanization and fast industrialization.

The most lengthy and energetic discussion occurred around financial goals because both groups had surprised themselves by setting very high growth targets.

Fourth, the elimination of exchange rate uncertainty is likely to yield benefits in terms of higher growth rates of intra-union trade and investment.

Unfortunately, it appears certain that the Federal Reserve will not take the risk of seeking higher growth .


Many large Third World cities have arisen unaccompanied by national industrial growth .

Agriculture has also been the beneficiary of rapid industrial growth and urban development, which have created expanding market opportunities.

The industrial revolution reinforced the trend, but the post industrial revolution-the recent growth of service industries-is reversing it again.

Despite these qualifications, it is true that urbanisation is typically linked with industrial growth .

The North was a populous, bustling, commercial place, its economy geared to industrial growth .

Almost everywhere, industrial growth , like agricultural recovery, took place behind protection of tariffs.

The only way to avoid such an accident, Limits argued, would be to slow industrial and population growth .


Policies of economic redistribution to the less well off met with resistance from skilled workers at a time of low economic growth .

Very few companies, either high growth or low growth, follow the residual theory exactly.

It failed in the 1970s and 1980s because it offered no solutions to the new problems of chronic inflation and low growth .

But the fundamentals of low inflation and low growth failed to assuage the bond market yesterday.

This low growth will result from such factors as inflation, energy costs, environmental constraint and low population growth.

A dramatically lower savings rate, low growth rates in investment and labor productivity, and stagnating wages are a direct result.


Here, then, is a fourth source of monetary growth .

Figure 7-1 shows the monetary growth rate for the United States measured in two ways.

A third modification is to introduce an explicit private-sector aggregate demand shock and to eliminate the random component of monetary growth .

A similar constraint is visible in the monetary growth rates of all the advanced industrial countries.

Its symptoms are familiar: feeble monetary growth , a weak property market and a distressed banking system.

This is a stark indicator of the fall in monetary growth since the end of the cold war.

That is the rate of monetary growth which is compatible with avoiding inflation.

Holding monetary growth so low virtually dooms the United States to stagnant wages and social tensions.


Independent personal and professional growth - employees begin to lead themselves. 9.

The first year of management was a period of considerable introspection and personal growth .

Although from time to time you may find it hard to believe, this is a year of immense personal growth .

Like Dewey, Rice had a holistic, some would say anti-intellectual, view of education as a process of personal growth .

Simplified, formula-like techniques are inconsequential when compared with personal growth as a means of overcoming difficulties.

Or you may he starting your career and seeking your first position-one that will allow for future personal growth and promotion.

So personal growth at that time was in high leaps forward rather than in little trickles.

Only by changing the heart can we live according to principles that enhance the parenting and personal growth of both partners.


The inflation rate was fuelled by a relatively rapid growth rate which in 1989 reached 5.4 percent.

Foreign funds are being lured by reforms that have primed the economy for more rapid growth .

So effective was hegemony around the poor law that it continued throughout the preindustrial period and the period of rapid growth .

Quantitative assessments arc difficult to make, but the most rapid period of growth was probably from about I 580 to 1650.

Raw sewage was feeding an already rapid growth of algae, raising weed growth to critical levels.

There has been a rapid and spontaneous growth of ideas and an anticipation of things to come.

They suggest that this factor may be related to genetic abnormality or more rapid progression of growth in younger women.

The supply of food has been affected by rapid population growth as well.


Public relations, a real growth service industry, is not far behind.

His dark curly hair seemed tangled, the stubble on his cheeks and chin turning into real beard growth .

Those economies which have successfully switched underemployed agricultural labour into manufacturing and service activities have generally achieved significant real economic growth rates.

After all, a 30 percent correction in October 1987 had almost no impact on real economic growth .

But the real growth area is the use of tax credits to promote social and environmental responsibility, says Mayo.

A real growth in your spirituality.

True, real growth has been slowing.

Retail sales were described as disappointing, but manufacturing and commercial real estate experienced growth .


The trend towards slower population growth appeared more and more in wealthier countries and regions.

This plant likes moving water and grows well when placed next to the filtering system, which enhances their normally slow growth .

Over the five years of Labour rule, Britain had the slowest economic growth of any major industrial nation.

Higher interest rates often raise concern about slower economic growth and weaker corporate profits.

The balancing slower growth was supplied by the portmanteau of miscellaneous services.

Expectations for waning inflation coincide with the anticipation of slower economic growth .


They had witnessed a steady growth in circulation and were well satisfied with their achievements, even hopeful that things would improve.

And that slow but steady growth rate upsets some politicians.

It does not come naturally. Steady growth will not be enough.

In recent years there has been a steady growth in the use of tribunals to deal with legal disputes rather than courts.

The business may have a history of steady growth .

However, the steady growth of electronic markets provides an important context for the longer term growth of handheld media.

Thus the monetarists recommend a steady growth in the money supply.

However, despite their steady growth , the provision of day centres and independent living under supervision remains limited.


Allied businesses such as specialist surgical gloves also offer strong growth potential worldwide.

The strongest growth is in the 18-to-34 year-old group, Marks said.

The heart of the strong population growth lay in London itself and an overspill of about 1 million people was expected.

Primary Primary publishing remains a strong growth area, with most of the major publishers producing new courses.

Its telecoms business showed the strongest growth , however, rising 123 per cent to £11.6m.

The company notices strong growth in the sale of short breaks, at the expense of longer package holidays.

The strongest growth in turnover came from Druck Holdings, up 60% at £27m.



Investment is moving into the growth areas of forestry and tourism.

The deal fits in with Spring Ram's belief that bedroom, dining and living room furniture is an important growth area .

But as in every such growth area , there will always be another side.

Primary Primary publishing remains a strong growth area , with most of the major publishers producing new courses.

There can be no doubt that it is a growth area , which has had distinct achievements in many countries.

The biggest growth areas were transport, with revenues up 80%, and space, up 43%.

Guided ascents in the greater ranges is a big growth area , Berry says.

Egg pasta is another growth area identified by Caterplan.


It may even turn out that these growth factors are the signals from the organizer which specify the main body axis.

Changes in the balance of other hormones or growth factors , which are as yet unknown, may result from fundectomy.

New business strategies; growth factors .

Trunk tissue appeared similar in medium with or without growth factor supplementation.

Association of a purine-analogue-sensitive protein kinase activity with p75 nerve growth factor receptors.

Following its purification it has been possible to study the biological properties of platelet-derived growth factor .

Many growth factors are ignored including my favourite, basic fibroblast growth factor.


Hymer's rats were unable to produce more than half the normal amount of pituitary growth hormone .

These deer are grass-fed; growth hormones or other chemical additives are not used.

The authors suggested that this might represent end organ resistance to growth hormone .

Physical stimulation releases healing growth hormones into the immune sys-tem.

Even thought the warehouse is full of many drugs, only the growth hormone was taken.

In 1987, the agency had directed blood banks to similarly disqualify donors who have received pituitary-derived growth hormone .

It was now found that growth hormone was made in the pancreas.

Human growth hormones are injected under the skin.


As to employment, the service industries clearly represent the growth industries.

The telecommunications giant joined a growing number of employers in growth industries that have slashed payrolls even as their profits soared.

In these environmentally conscious times, this is an uncomfortable growth industry .

This industry had always been known as a growth industry of unlimited potential.

Softbank claims that it is better at picking winners and that it is buying into a growth industry .

More than that, they are also the reason that debt collection has become a huge growth industry .

Indeed, waste-smuggling will become one of the growth industries of the early 21st century.

Has apologizing become a growth industry ?


In 1990 alone, 647, 675 new businesses were incorporated nationwide, accounting for ninety percent of the net job growth .

Expansion of the personnel supply industry, in general, will also spur job growth .

In its employment report, the Labor Department revised higher the November job growth total to 166, 000.

Interest rates are low, inflation seems whipped, job growth is strong, corporate profits are soaring.

For the new year, job growth is likely to remain sluggish.

The state ranked fifth in the top five fastest growing states in the nation in terms of job growth .


The fry drift with the current to the relative safety of plant growths .

This highly engineered plumbing produced concentrated plant growth in cramped spaces.

But, as every good gardener knows, healthy plant growth depends very much on the fertility and structure of the soil.

F Fertiliser substrate Compound mixed with gravel to promote plant growth .

It is known that, beyond a certain age, plant growth slows down.

Grolux tubes are great for promoting plant growth , but they do give everything a pinkish tinge.

The tank has all the mod. cons. for plant growth , including CO2 injection and undergravel heating.

First we will give a brief overview of plant growth analysis.


The early San Antonio date also upsets explanations for the spurt in population growth during Classic times.

Rapid population growth can affect security in various ways.

This became a central issue in opposition to new housing since population growth as such was something of a red-herring.

But with rapid population growth , all the negative effects of poverty and ill-conceived government policies are magnified.

The problem for the future is the need to keep pace with mushrooming global population growth .

Rapid population growth can have other important, if less direct, consequences when it is linked to competition for scarce resources.

He said it would also be operated with shorter trains, reflecting a tailing off in the capital's explosive population growth .

Simple mathematics demands that population growth be less than economic growth if real per capita incomes are to rise.


Deflation hit productivity growth which slowed down somewhat.

Demographics also turned against rapid productivity growth after 1973.

Previously their real and money wages had grown at a rate q, the rate of productivity growth .

These factors virtually doomed the United States to a period when the productivity growth rate would be less than the historic average.

If mechanization was to yield less productivity gains however, then average productivity growth would slip back despite faster scrapping.

But fundamental economic factors turned more favorable to productivity growth in the 1980s and especially in the 1990s.

Fast productivity growth in the sectors producing means of production ensured a rapid reduction in the real cost of capital goods.

Mainstream economists profess much puzzlement over the failure of the rate of productivity growth to accelerate so far in this decade.


This assumes a modest growth rate of 5 per cent, although many investors will have gained far more.

The advance of real wages was even more impressive, with an annual growth rate of 4. 1 percent.

Whatever the factors underlying the different growth rates , it is consistent with the uneven relationship emerging in the inter-war years.

Some economists say that declining population growth rates have defused the population bomb.

It is the comparison between growth rates .

Compare that with the 3. 3 % growth rate registered in the last five years of the 1980s.

In particular, books show an average annual growth rate of 8.25 percent while electronic information shows a rate of 20.30 percent.

Figure 7-4 shows the combined real economic growth rate of these countries.



The company has achieved average annual compound growth over the last four years of 15%.

We aim to ensure that managers will be more effective, achieve personal growth and contribute to corporate development.

Those economies which have successfully switched underemployed agricultural labour into manufacturing and service activities have generally achieved significant real economic growth rates.

In the 1980s, Britain achieved the fastest growth in productivity of any major industrialised country.

For this reason, trade unions might be active in cooperative efforts with management to achieve growth through greater efficiency.

This is the only way to achieve sustained growth , based on net exports and investment demand.

Belgrade was hoping to achieve 14 % growth this year, but it will barely top 6 %.


There continues to be potential growth points in other areas of research, particularly where contacts with other Departments overseas are strong.

Meanwhile, the mutual-fund industry continued its unparalleled growth .

That period over, there is a stage of continued high growth when the dominance of the new technology is generally accepted.

The Fed continues to hold growth back arbitrarily, spooked by inflation that has shown no signs of stirring for years.

He argued that a period of continued budgetary growth is likely to build expectations that the pattern of growth will continue.

Equally important to continued economic growth , say the economists, is the high-tech spending boom.

In fact the Ganges delta is witnessing a continued net growth in its surface area.

But Clinton insists that new technologies will improve energy efficiency, enabling developing countries to continue economic growth without increasing emissions.


It involves cutting down the main trunk to encourage new growth from the edge of the stump.

Light to moderate pruning after a period of bloom encourages bushy new growth .

Although she enjoys the aesthetic value of wild flowers, her reason for encouraging their widespread growth is principally scientific.

The second hazard is that old bugaboo, moisture, encouraging mildew growth and eventual decay.

Give fortnightly liquid feeds to encourage new growth .

Rationalism of this kind has encouraged the growth of more and more nebulous deism.

Such beliefs, coinciding with the growing phenomenon of abrupt cessation of full-time employment, encouraged the growth of the preparation-for-retirement movement.

You can pinch the tips of your young plant to encourage bushy growth .


Our farm has shown growth right from grandfather's day in 1921 and I would expect that growth would continue.

Sons, lowered their ratings on the stock because of slower-than-\#expected growth at new stores.

Bearpark expects the most rapid growth to come from services and systems integration, particularly in the open systems arena.

The discounted survivors' benefits can be raised by using a lower discount rate and by allowing for expected growth of benefits.

I confidently expect to see continued growth in this area in the years ahead.

Many analysts expect growth to settle back to the 2 percent to 2. 5 percent range.

As recently as September 1990 it had been expecting a 2.4 percent growth for 1991.


The Congressional Budget Office, an independent adviser to Congress, had recently forecast growth of around 2.6 percent per year.

The company forecast further growth in 1996.

Tokyo stock exchange-listed companies are forecasting annual profit growth of just 0.6 per cent between October and March 2001.

This year we forecast growth of 30 percent.

The government has forecast economic growth of 2. 5 percent for the year starting in April.

The model is used to forecast economic growth and to estimate the potential effects of sudden shocks like a stock crash.

Last November, it had forecast growth of 26 percent.


A stance that helped the poor and promoted growth , it said, counted for nothing without a strong anti-corruption strategy.

Reading, which in other settings has promoted the intellectual growth of a people, now threatens to arrest it.

When you start a new church, if you begin informatively you promote healthy natural growth among these people.

Heavy pruning can promote vigorous new growth , which can increase susceptibility to the disease.

It's natural, promotes your child's growth and helps to protect against allergy and infection.

An added benefit is that rabbits are commonly raised without the use of hormones or steroids to promote growth .

The University has already taken steps to promote this growth and the Department will play the major role in these activities.

This will promote growth in the buds below your pinch.


Visual analysis of the data showed that the growth rates of the treatment groups were parallel until day 19 and then diverged.

Reports showing heartier growth will weaken investors' appetite for fixed-income securities, he said.

For Montague, that shows the scope for growth on the Continent - and the potential for Tiphook.

And, he said, gasoline consumption in the United States showed no growth in November and December from a year earlier.

Leisure group Vardon which owns the London Dungeon has shown less growth , adding 1p to 46p.

Figure 7-1 shows the monetary growth rate for the United States measured in two ways.

The capacity utilization report showed economic growth moderating from a fourth-quarter surge last year and suggested restrained price pressures.


He never shared the extreme supply-siders' faith that tax cuts would pay for themselves by stimulating faster growth .

Strengthening of that infrastructure would stimulate self-sustaining growth in the private sector-growth which would continue after federal assistance had been withdrawn.

More investment and more work should stimulate growth .

This entailed a responsibility to stimulate the growth and development of new economic enterprises.

Recent evidence suggests that buy-backs merely create banking commissions and do not stimulate growth .

No one knows why this association exists; fat tissue could contain more estrogen, which can stimulate cell growth .

Nevertheless, green manuring should not be considered as a means of stimulating quick plant growth .

The rate cut is also a way to stimulate economic growth .


exponential growth/increase etc

If only passive properties determine the pressure elastic modulus, an exponential increase would have been expected.

Most market professionals agree that the tax-deferred funds are a major force behind the exponential growth in stock prices.

Text messaging has experienced exponential growth in the past year.

This diversification has been shown to correspond closely to a simple exponential growth model.


a job that provides opportunities for personal growth

DIY outlets reported sales growth of 1.8%.

Eating nutritious food is important for healthy growth in children.

emotional growth

favorable signs of economic growth

population growth

the astonishing growth of on-line trading

The US portion of the Internet is experiencing rapid growth in the number of networks connected to it.

There are signs of new growth on the tree.

There is a great deal of uncertainty about the world's population growth .


For years, annexation has been the primary means by which city officials planned for growth .

His pacifism, like his social philosophy, was a slow growth .

Once again, the geographies of growth and decline are almost mirror-images of each other.

The growth and health of the black and informal economies is one clear evidence of the disincentive effects of taxation.

The rate of growth of total working population fell to zero by the mid 1960s.

The recent dramatic growth of urban areas has been one powerful catalyst for change.

The remainder of the transition process consists of the growth of these local regions of turbulent motion, whilst they travel downstream.

This plant likes moving water and grows well when placed next to the filtering system, which enhances their normally slow growth .

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