Meaning of GROWTH in English


I. ˈgrōth noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English (Scots dialect) grouth, from Old Norse grōthr, grōthi, from grōa to grow — more at grow



(1) : stage in the process of growing : size

the river reaches its greatest growth a few miles above St. Louis

the tree hasn't got its full growth

: stature

give added growth and dimension to a book — Norman Cousins

(2) : full growth

by the looks of him he would be every inch of six feet when he attained his growth — Archie Binns

b. : the process of growing: as

(1) : an increase in the size of an organism or part especially when involving increase in the amount of protoplasm — compare development , differentiation

(2) : increase in size by a natural inorganic process whereby material is added to the surface in such a way as to continue the established regular or periodic structure

growth or regrowth of mica under the influence of late solutions — Economic Geology

(3) : a progressive development from lower or simpler to higher or more complex forms of organization : evolution

the … history of the growth of writing — A.N.Whitehead

the growth and decay of languages — G.R.Harrison

(4) : progressive intellectual or moral advance or development : cultural or spiritual self-enrichment

a lifetime of learning and continuous growth is required of us — R.H.Wittcoff

novels provide the basis for growth , experiences which can be rich and full — Irish Digest

learning and growth are always a result of what the individual brings to the learning situation — H.R.Douglass

the theory that our native writers suffered from arrested growth — C.I.Glicksberg

(5) : rise , emergence

his lifetime encompassed the … growth of the solidly Democratic South — Current History

the first growth and development of Macedonia … into the first of all known powers — George Grote

(6) : qualitative or quantitative increase : expansion

the growth of the oil industry

the rapid growth in luxury and sophistication — Carl Van Doren

the growth of urban population

the growth of illiteracy


a. : something that grows or has grown: as

(1) : a stand of forest

the road is bordered with close growths of willow — American Guide Series: Louisiana

a young growth dedicated in 1926 — American Guide Series: Pennsylvania

— see old growth , second growth

(2) : a cover of vegetation : vegetation

a dense … growth of European grasses which formed a thick sod — P.E.James

the only other growth here showing is a very little salt grass — G.R.Stewart

(3) : plant

this weed is a very noxious growth

(4) : a lateral shoot or branch on the main stem of a plant

b. : abnormal proliferation of tissue (as a tumor)

c. : outgrowth , offshoot

a lovely phrase … which is really a growth from the main tune — Herbert Wiseman

d. : the result of growth : product , effect , development

Protestantism was a relatively recent growth

this was the growth of habit — Ellen Glasgow

Virginia City and other Nevada towns were mushroom growths from silver ore — Dict. of American History

3. : production , cultivation , origin

goods of foreign growth

all his fruit and vegetables were of his own growth

II. noun

: anticipated progressive growth in capital value and income

some investors prefer growth to immediate income

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