Meaning of GROWTH in English


/ grəʊθ; NAmE groʊθ/ noun


[ U ] ( of people, animals or plants ) the process of growing physically, mentally or emotionally :

Lack of water will stunt the plant's growth.

Remove dead leaves to encourage new growth.

a concern with personal (= mental and emotional) growth and development

growth hormones (= designed to make sb/sth grow faster)


[ U ] growth (in / of sth) an increase in the size, amount or degree of sth :

population growth

the rapid growth in violent crime


[ U ] an increase in economic activity :

a disappointing year of little growth in Britain and America

policies aimed at sustaining economic growth

an annual growth rate of 10%

a growth area / industry


[ C ] a lump caused by a disease that forms on or inside a person, an animal or a plant :

a malignant / cancerous growth


[ U , C ] something that has grown :

The forest's dense growth provides nesting places for a wide variety of birds.

several days' growth of beard

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