Meaning of GUM in English


I. noun


bubble gum

chew gum/tobacco

chewing gum

gum tree

sweet gum




Along with democracy and equality came chewing gum and Christmas.

Somewhere between ginger, orange, peppermint and chewing gum .

If the cooling system sprang a leak pilots had to land and mend the pipe with chewing gum and insulation tape.

Maxham took out something which looked like a piece of chewing gum .

Your goddess, perhaps, is chewing gum .

Clean transport, safe transport with nice conductors and no chewing gum on the seats.

My teeth are soft like chewing gum .

Types of smoking cessation aids Nicorette, a chewing gum containing nicotine, is by far the most widely tested cessation product.



Ginseng bubble gum will come next, for the findesiècle beach blanket set.

My soul is tasty and chewy like bubble gum .

That's what you get for buying your jewellery from a bubble gum machine.

More than half of them said it tastes like melted-down bubble gum , which is an apt description of Josta.

Miguel said, bubble gum clacking in his mouth.


They turned into a dirt track flanked by very young gum trees .

And the low cliffs, covered in gum trees , were a pleasure to behold.

Other horses wandered loose among the gum trees , while still others were muzzled and tied up.

The ponies were tied up in the shade to the branches of a row of gum trees which divided the two pitches.

The spear-shaped leaves of the gum tree were dappling their faces as the sun moved towards the Andes.



A trolley was wheeled past by two brutish-looking orderlies chewing gum .

They starved themselves and chewed gum laced with laxatives to lose weight.

Despite throwing chewing gum wrappers at stand-in boss Howard Wilkinson, he was still unable to get a game!

She often showed up late for class, and she chewed gum and tossed her ponytail and whispered and giggled with Servio.

Becky was chewing gum , Rufus thought.

At Disney World, no chewing gum is sold.

Ashley Haworth-Roberts, London Is there any physiological reason why chewing gum always keeps me awake while driving my car?

After one encounter, I did draw one: I let no one near me with chewing gum in his mouth.


be up a gum tree


He champed on his gum in time to the music, and kept a poker-faced expression.

She was always laughing, and her gums were all pink and wet and shiny.

Somewhere between ginger, orange, peppermint and chewing gum .

The gum looks clear over them and they will soon be through.

The forests are mostly mixes of loblolly pine and sweet gum , with a holly and huckleberry understory.

There, they surrendered cigarettes, breath mints and gum , which might pick up radioactivity that could be ingested.

Vitamin C is also important for healthy gums.

II. verb


Any post office receipts for registered mail should be gummed into a special book kept for that purpose. 5.

Her mouth was gummed up from licking too many envelopes, and she needed a cup of coffee.

It can gum up the intestine or cause acute appendicitis.

It is a good idea to open and close valves every so often to make sure that they don't get gummed up.

My release is getting all gummed up.

The Crows thought long hair was fashionable, and sometimes gummed horsetails into it to increase its length.

The theory is that his balky digestion -- gummed up by too much fruit -- will now return to normal.

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