Meaning of LIFT in English

I. verb


accept a lift British English , accept a ride American English

I had been taught not to accept lifts from strangers.

clouds clear/lift (= disappear )

At last the rain had stopped and the clouds had cleared.

curfew...lifted (= ended )

The curfew was lifted on May 6th.

dispel/lift the gloom (= make people feel less sad )

Now for some good news to dispel the gloom.

end/lift/raise a siege (= end a siege )

gloom lifts (= people stop feeling sad )

Germany's gloom lifted when Stallkamp scored a goal.

heavy lifting

She has a bad back and can’t do any heavy lifting .

hitch a ride/lift (with sb)

We hitched a ride with a trucker.

lift a ban

They promised to lift the immigration ban.

lift sanctions (= stop using them )

Washington has since refused to lift sanctions.

lift the burden from sb's shoulders

If I deal with the all the practical problems, that will lift the burden from your shoulders.

lift...blockade (= end it )

an agreement to lift the blockade

lift/end an embargo (= stop an embargo )

Britain favours lifting the embargo on humanitarian grounds.

lifting the veil

Watson deserves credit for lifting the veil of secrecy surrounding Brenda’s death.

lift/raise/revive sb’s spirits (= make them feel happier )

A brisk walk helped to lift my spirits.

lift/remove restrictions

He promised to lift restrictions on press freedom.

lift/scrap a quota (= stop it )

The minister for trade lifted all quotas on imports and exports.

martial law...lifted (= ended )

In May, martial law was lifted in most areas.

pick up/lift the receiver

She picked up the receiver and dialled his number.

raise/lift your feet

He raised his foot off the floor and rested it on a chair.

raise/lift your head (= look up )

Tom raised his head to listen, then went back to his book.

remove/eliminate/lift barriers

Will this remove the barriers to change?

sb’s spirits rise/lift/soar (= they start feeling happier )

Her spirits rose as they left the ugliness of London behind.

ski lift

the fog lifts (= it disappears )

He sat and waited for the fog to lift.

the mist clears/lifts (= goes away )

The mountains suddenly appeared as the mist lifted.




The pair of rotating arms can be easily lifted off , when the unit becomes a standard fountain.

At these words, immense relief flooded me as the burden of lies I had helped create lifted off my shoulders.

He lifts off the frying pan and replaces it with a saucepan of water.

The astronauts were more than 13, 000 miles from the spacecraft when they lifted off early Thursday.

Copper pads lift off when soldering Excessive heat applied during soldering.

The fatty skin covering should easily lift off in one piece.

When driving at speed, the engineers noted that headwinds and crosswinds caused the blades to lift off the windscreen.

The master continued to press with his finger, and presently I felt my feet lift off the ground.


At the same time let your hands lift up in a semi-circular motion and come down to your sides.

The man lifted up the newspaper, which was lying open on the counter.

Ioan Zidaru told his son to lift up his shirt.

I lifted up my throbbing arm, an offering of broken bone.

The temporary bridge was first of all submerged then, like a matchstick, it was lifted up and swept aside.

This creates enough force to lift up the books in this demonstration.

Firemen had to lift up the bus before ambulance officers could try to rescue her, but she died at the scene.

The wind seemed to lift up the boathouse roof, holding it briefly, then letting it slap down hard.



They argue that lifting the ban would make policing piracy harder, and that consumers would not see much benefit anyway.

The new laws also lift a ban on multiple trade unions operating in a single workplace, something workers have sought.

At a stroke he was lifting the ban on radios and newspapers.

The bill would lift a ban on U.S. pharmacists re-importing drugs.

Other parties King Birendra lifted the ban on political parties in April 1990.

Then, last Friday, a federal appeals court lifted the ban on blocking e-mail.

But lifting the ban could take weeks.

After becoming president, Clinton was praised for pledging to enact a measure to lift the ban on homosexuals in the military.


Moreover it began to free captured troops on July 5 and to lift blockades .


Paper could also be easily recycled and would considerably lift the waste disposal burden .


That cooperation was crucial for the Clinton administration to win congressional support to lift a wartime trade embargo and normalize diplomatic relations.

Moakley urged President Clinton to lift the embargo in a letter last April.

The minister said prospects for lifting the embargo at present are better than any other time in the past.

Kenneth Haley, an economist for Chevron, supported lifting the embargo on principle but said both sides have exaggerated the impact.

Many officials in Hanoi had hoped the lifting of the trade embargo in February 1994 would lead to quicker economic gain.

But has anyone thought how lifting that embargo would affect another outstanding industry in the Red River Valley: the sugar industry?


But once the women returned, the men weren't prepared to lift a finger to help.

Actually, the crunch did come, and the liberals never lifted a finger to save us.

I never lift a finger more.

King Charles did not lift a finger to save her.

Now, without lifting a finger to assist, he gets a wonderful biography.

As if Otto had lifted a finger during her long months of planning!

All without lifting a finger or taking your eyes off the traffic for one moment.

The crowd cheered when the roof fell in, while firemen lifted no finger or hose through it all.


We lifted the lid and placed it gently on the floor.

He lifted the lid and the box was empty.

Trying by cupping his hand over the clasps to avoid the penetrating clicks of opening, George lifted the lid .

Obliging, he lifted the lid and stared with spontaneous admiration at the dozen roses.

The silence as she lifts the lid is almost tangible.

One day she lifted the lid and out flew plagues innumerable, sorrow and mischief for mankind.

Only when evening comes does she lift the lid a chink and peer out, checking whether darkness has yet come.

A bold artist and rugged individualist, Jones loves to lift the lid on the id.


In the sixth hotel the phone was pink and its weight felt wrong as I lifted the receiver .

By the time I lifted the receiver , there was no one on the line.

He lifted the telephone receiver and dialled the number.

Dov Kalmenzohn lifted the telephone receiver and called a number.

When the person called lifts the receiver , the ringing pulses will cease.

I lifted the receiver with caution, listening for the white noise of a long-distance connection.

Finally he lifted the receiver and dialled.

Reaching over the reception desk, he lifted the telephone receiver .


Among them is one that would lift restrictions on the voting rights of shares.

The accent was on lifting restrictions on individual liberty.

Some countries have lifted restrictions on nationality and now allow local nationals to set up in the zones.

The unions were challenged to lift restrictions on radios, the movement of staff between stations and the carrying of seriously-ill patients.


Britain said it was ready to lift the sanctions at once.

In addition to abolishing the speed limit, the bill lifted federal sanctions against states without motorcycle helmet laws.

Reagan lifted the pipeline sanctions and Britoil went up for sale and Lech Walesa was freed.

Dissidents in Havana believe his regime would not long outlast the lifting of sanctions .


Military sources stated that lifting the state of siege would not affect the fight against internal subversion.

Alresford lifted the siege when Clarke kicked a penalty from fully 40 metres, and they followed up with the decisive try.

The protesters flung handfuls of earth into the trenches in a vain attempt to lift the siege of the West Bank town.


She had lifted back the veil and looked stunningly beautiful.

Perhaps he will soon lift the veils on the Westland Saga and the sinking of the Belgrano.


He did some weight lifting , surfed now and then.

If you lift heavy weights and you lift in the wrong way, you can obviously do yourself damage.

He only knew that the spell had been broken and that the weight had been lifted .

He looked as though he'd lost twenty years, as though a ten-ton weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

A magazine article indicated I might benefit from adding weight lifting to my exercise program.

The oppressive weight above her had lifted slightly, and she was being searched.

It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.


knock/lift etc sb off their feet

not lift/raise a finger

I do all the work around the house - Frank never lifts a finger .

King Charles did not lift a finger to save her.

The Government are not lifting a finger to help the economy of Renfrewshire.


Blown by a sudden breeze, the balloon lifted just beyond his reach.

Can you help me lift the big boxes?

Firemen had to use a mobile crane to lift the carriages back onto the rails.

He lifted his head to see who was at the door.

His doctor has told him that he must not lift anything heavy.

I'm so tired I can't even lift up my arms.

I was feeling so weak that I could hardly lift my head from the pillow.

Lie on your side, use your hand for support, and lift your leg to the level of your shoulder.

Lower prices should eventually lift corporate profits.

One paragraph of his essay has been lifted from an economics textbook.

She lifted the lid from a huge pot and took a sniff.

The child lifted up her arms, asking to be picked up.

The government plans to lift its ban on cigar imports.

The massive bull lifted him bodily into the air and shook him repeatedly.

The movie's ending was lifted from Frankenheimer's "Black Sunday."

The plot of the play had been lifted straight out of an old episode of "The Honeymooners."

They lifted me onto a stretcher and took me to the ambulance.


And now I believed the curse must be lifted.

He lifted Goldman again, wrapping his arms round the man, but couldn't make him move towards the car.

He lifted his head and stared at me.

He lifted the sheet nearer him.

How quickly he was able to lie, how baldly, quick and bald, and it lifted his spirit.

The Panel considered lifting the supervision order, but didn't.

The respirator worked by alternately pressing on the chest and lifting to bring air in and out.

II. noun




Each carriage is equipped with a hydraulic lift and places for two passengers in their wheelchairs.

Clint Bunsen said he doubted they could afford it anyway with Bud needing a new hydraulic lift for the snowplow.

A hydraulic lift ran up the mansion's four storeys.



Mountain lifts: Climb mountains the easy way by chair lift or by rack railway and cable car.

In fact, chair lifts are shut down more often because of too much snow, rather than too little.

During a 45-day storm in the winter of 1968-69, the Mount Disney and Mount Lincoln chair lifts virtually disappeared.

Near the bottom, the trail swooped around the pylons of a chair lift .


Other ranges already established have had a major face lift .

Down the block the Rosslyn's neon sign recently got a face lift .

The Washington Monument is getting a face lift .

Maybe we need a face lift .


They stopped the cab and gave him a lift home , teasing him lightly about the toasts.

Since Clara also lives in Chautauqua, I offer her a lift home .

They offered him a lift home .

In November I began giving Frederick a lift home after class, for he lived only about three blocks from the school.

It may be possible to share a taxi with colleagues on a regular basis or arrange a lift home .

Mrs Wright came in and she said she'd give me a lift home .

It was alleged the boy had missed his bus and Smith offered him a lift home .

Norman gave John a lift home in his Range-Rover.


Cross-country skiing is very popular and cable cars and ski lifts take the skiers up to the snow fields.

The boy fell thirty feet from a ski lift in a Californian resort.



Women are more likely to get a lift ?

Phone shares got a lift after Ameritech reported earnings that beat estimates.

He wished he'd had more sense than to get a lift with Mrs Wright.

Down the block the Rosslyn's neon sign recently got a face lift .

It certainly does when it is hot in Pinjarra and you can not get a lift .

She twisted her ankle while getting off the lift and had made the long trip down in pain.

Might even get a lift off some blokes.

In the morning he would get up early, lift weights for an hour, and drive to work.


Mrs Wright came in and she said she'd give me a lift home.

But an emergency medical team from Dagestan gave this reporter a lift to the field hospital located just outside the town.

She gave him a lift back to their cottage in Tetbury.

Their business turned out to give me that extra lift I needed, and assured me of success.

We paddled to her and gave her a lift back to her house.

Our Verdict: We especially liked the facial saunas, a relaxing treatment that gave a lift to tired skin.

I disagree and think that a lone driver should never give lifts to strangers.


Are you hitching lifts or what?

Because I am there, we hitch a lift on a Landrover.

A standard rumour was that some one the story-teller knew personally had been hitching a lift one dark night.

They then had to hitch a lift back to the cars.

Ricky, in fact, hitched a lift with a lorry driver heading for Calais.

Marc was the one who hitched a lift .

McCready found a truck driver heading south, explained that his car had broken down and hitched a lift six miles south.

Maybe he could hitch a lift .


They offered him a lift home.

Most resorts offer multi-day lift tickets at a saving over the daily cost.

Bob Newman offered him a lift but he wouldn't accept it, he said he would get the bus.

Since Clara also lives in Chautauqua, I offer her a lift home.

I might be able to offer him a lift .

For him to serenely offer her a lift ?

It was alleged the boy had missed his bus and Smith offered him a lift home.


The universal service fund also should provide a lift to libraries that are trying to launch themselves into cyberspace.

With the pitch flat, the rotors would contin-ue spinning, providing lift , as the helicopter descended.


There are quite a lot of photographs left showing jolly parties packed in boats riding up the lift .

They dressed quickly and he again closed his eyes in terror while they were riding in the lift .

Deciding against riding the lift back down, she walked to the stairs, and ran quickly down the eight flights.


Passengers were advised to take the lift .

Anyone who has taken a lift up to the first floor of a London hotel can relate.

I signed in; took the lift with a bored porter to my room, which was twin-bedded, overlooking the park.

Tabitha Jute and Marco Metz took the lift to street level.

The same uneasy juxtaposition of man and technology is evident if you take the lift in a department store.

He and the policeman took me to a lift and we went down many floors.

Pascoe took the lift back down a floor.

Do you always take the lift to the next floor or to the one above?


You try to thumb a lift from the cars as they approach from either direction, sweeping you with their headlights.

Was he even now walking along a narrow road through the forest, trying to thumb a lift ?

Luke Bouverie missed the last bus out of Woodborough to Loxford, so he thumbed a lift .

Two or three cars passed me and I tried to thumb a lift , but they didn't stop.


knock/lift etc sb off their feet

not lift/raise a finger

I do all the work around the house - Frank never lifts a finger .

King Charles did not lift a finger to save her.

The Government are not lifting a finger to help the economy of Renfrewshire.

thumb a lift

Luke Bouverie missed the last bus out of Woodborough to Loxford, so he thumbed a lift.

Two or three cars passed me and I tried to thumb a lift, but they didn't stop.

You try to thumb a lift from the cars as they approach from either direction, sweeping you with their headlights.


I accepted her offer of a lift home.

Never accept lifts from strangers.

Pedro stopped to give me a lift .


As it turned out, it was Farragut himself who gave the Union its first substantial lift that summer.

Days are not spent zigzagging across the mountain from one lift to the next.

Dead lift Squat down with your feet just over shoulder width apart.

Even the fork lifts have computer screens.

I was on the second lift with Bravo Com-pany.

The lift carried on upwards and Juliet followed the other visitors into Hunter Ward.

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