Meaning of LIST in English


I. noun


a comprehensive list

Here is a comprehensive list of the good hotels in the area.

a list of criteria

There’s a list of criteria that you must meet in order to pass your driving test.

a list of ingredients

You should check the list of ingredients on fruit juice cartons.

a listed building British English (= a historic building that is protected by a government order )

The school is actually a listed building.

a list/set of priorities

Marriage isn’t very high on my list of priorities.

a public/listed company (= offering its shares for sale on the stock exchange )

a shopping list (= a list of what you need to buy, especially of food )

Always take a shopping list so you are not tempted to buy things you do not need.

an item on the agenda/list/menu

The next item on the agenda is next month’s sales conference.

be/be filed/be listed etc under

The baby’s records are filed under the mother’s last name.

best-seller list

His new book went straight to number one on the best-seller list .

buddy list

Civil List

dean's list

discussion list

the Mercedes-Benz discussion list

draw up a list

They drew up a list of suitable candidates for the job.

hit list

He was on a terrorist’s hit list.

honours list

laundry list

a laundry list of criticisms

list price


The list is by no means exhaustive .

long list

a long list

mailing list

I have included you on my mailing list for new EFL software.

master list/copy/recording etc

We’ve lost the master disk.

price list

put on a waiting list

I was then put on a waiting list to see a specialist at the local hospital.

shopping list

short list

Davies was on the shortlist for the Booker Prize.

snagging list

take sb off the critical list

He was taken off the critical list and is now in a stable condition.

the cast list (= list of members )

The movie has an impressive cast list.

the guest list (= a list of the people invited to an event )

The guest list included many friends from his university days.

the list is endless

He’s been in a lot of trouble – drugs, guns, blackmail – the list is endless .

too numerous to mention/list

The individuals who have contributed to this book are far too numerous to mention.

transfer list

waiting list

There is still a three-month waiting list for the cars.

watch list

wish list

Another player on Coach Beane’s wish list is center fielder Jeffrey Hammonds.




Readers consulting a specific category will find a complete list of periodicals dealing with that subject.

A complete list of golf courses near airports is available from the U. S. Golf Society.

It is not a complete list .

Instead, the companies surveyed could not put together a complete list of the rules they regularly complied with.

As said before, there is no complete list of these items, no visual catalogue.

A complete list is not possible because of the large number of possible combinations.

She said that apart from MacQuillan and Barron she did not know who else had been allowed a complete list .


In addition there is a choice of two optional subjects from the following list: Climatology.

Elizabeth compiled the following list , with support, of what she likes about living in her own home.

For this reason, the following list of questions has been prepared.

The following list is given in descending order of size.

The following list is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Compare the following list of objectives with the above aims: The student will be able to: 1.

There are also pedagogic problems in following lists of functions through.


As a checklist, this is the full list of hazards in the factory picture. 1.

Anyone wanting to know the full list of dates,.

Appendix 2 contains a full list of care centres for each petty sessions area.

The boards of banks and insurance companies, for example, have traditionally been full of long lists of the great and good.

A full list of titles is available on request.

We can draw up a full list of patients so that every bed is filled every night.


She felt that extremes of grief or pleasure were vulgar, and placed control high on her list of priorities.

McEntire was high on the list .

She has committed several sins, greed and gluttony being high on the list .

Which of those same two issues do you believe should be high on the list of priorities for Arizona legislators? 3.

Industrial espionage was high on the list of Soviet priorities.

But women are fairly high on the list .

He was with Leeds for only 3 and 1/3 seasons but he must be fairly high in the list of all-time scorers.

Campaign finance reform will also be high on the list , although the two parties disagree vehemently on how it should proceed.


The Robins' main problem, is a long list of injuries.

Driven by their long lists of openings, many San Diego companies are regulars at the Westech show.

John Hargreaves, prosecuting, said that Bulmer had a long list of previous convictions.

Whatever intangible distinguishes an undefeated team from the long , forgettable list of once-beaten teams, the Hoosiers had it.

There is no alternative to sitting down and slogging through long lists of vocabulary.

Most of my time was spent sitting in a windowless room phoning long lists of voters.

That is just one of many anomalies in what will be a long list in Committee.

Managers talk about the long list of serious reasons to get rid of a stock with a casual professional ruthlessness.


The short list for the £20,000 prize, which will be awarded on November 28, has already generated a small controversy.

After being selected from a short list of five people, I was finally not offered the position.

Processing times are also much reduced due to the lists of words being shorter than the lists of grams.

Both were also on the short list of potential future chairman.

The previous year, four of the six novels on the short list were about growing up in the Soviet era.

If you take the guys who are good year in and year out, you have a very short list .

He is on my short list as a possible Grand National winner.

The position was advertised throughout the country and overseas and 1 was placed on a short list of live.


The Terminator game, which costs £40, has jumped straight into the Top Ten best-selling list .

Communicating with the field is top of that list .

We all put things off, and making a report can be top of the list .

That top list has the most vital names.


It is a way, for example, of liberating people from council housing waiting lists .

But the land is zoned for housing and Southwark has a long waiting list .

Mr Clarke said that at present no one in the service had any particular incentive to reduce waiting lists .

Manger Barry Luckham says both are full and have waiting lists .

For instance, I bet it can't help us solve the problem of waiting lists ?

Mr. Dorrell My hon. Friend is right to say that the ophthalmology specialty in Plymouth hospital has had excessive waiting lists .

He said a survey had disclosed a gloomy picture of growing waiting lists , homelessness, and repair problems.


The excellent and varied wine list , decent buffet food and genial atmosphere make this a favourite with local office workers.

There is an extensive and moderately priced wine list .

These wines are precious enough to be good choices for restaurant wine lists .

A comprehensive, rather unusual wine list pushes diners into trying new wines in order to stay in an affordable price range.

There is also a wine list manager, cooking glossary, substitutions guide and a seasonings guide.

The wine list is fun too.

The sommelier, Wayne Marshall, is charming and will happily help you negotiate the exhaustive wine list .

There is also a moderately extensive wine list .



Using the statutory criteria as a check list the findings of fact and reasons can be built round them without undue length.

What follows is a check list of issues to be considered in preparing for and making the decision.

You could exchange drills, language learning dialogues, check lists and so on.

A good starting point is a check list with sections covering criteria for acceptance by all the main company functions.

This is one of the uses of a check list , as seen below.

Use a check list to ensure this is done.

A comprehensive check list for matters to be dealt with in the terms of engagement letter is set out in Section 03.

Parents' evening check list 1.


There were endless party guest lists , with Daine's name - and certain others - circled.

Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., also was on the guest list .

When the invitations for the wedding were sent out, Walter was not on the guest list .

The guest list was heavily Hollywood.

The room numbers are ascertained by using the alphabetical guest list .

Presumably the Democratic National Committee checked the guest list with due diligence as to foreign corporate connections.

The new publishers were giving him a launch party and wanted names for the guest list .

None the less, the Majeeds were added to the guest list .


Judge Aqiqi said Kazemi and Alikhani had prepared a hit list of up to 40 intended victims.

This afternoon that put them on environment minister Michael Howard's hit list .

Some banks also have a hit list of people whom they threaten to sue for damages.


In-flight magazine, duty-free price list , safety instruction cards.

Naturalists recruited boys to hunt specimens, established price lists , advertised in popular magazines.

Just send two 1st class stamps for illustrated catalogue and price list .

The price list is included with the breakfast menu.

Now that it has a published price list it can start to take orders.

To show contrition for failures to provide price lists to consumers, offenders would volunteer payments to the Treasury.

Imagine an automatically adjusting price list , just change the discount structure or exchange rate and you get a complete new document.

Placed in charge, Taylor had written to vendors, requesting catalogs and price lists , and now they descended upon him.


Skye was next on the priority list .

By five he had knocked off most of the items on his priority list .

He said the priority list was discriminatory.

Fifteen years ago, students came to me with this priority list of questions: Where can I get in?

Rough estimates of cost are used to create a priority list of the most promising cases for further study.

From the late seventies through today, the priority list of undergraduates questions has changed considerably: Where can I get in?

The present scheme must operate a priority list .

In fact, the feuding agencies were about to lock horns and starve over the first two dams on their priority lists .


Don't do it automatically, as though you were reciting a shopping list .

Buying a house is not high on many poor blacks' shopping lists .

Hard times for the hake and pilchard, next on the U.S. shopping list .

Prayer is far more than a shopping list , or an incidental five minutes at the end of a busy day.

Kathleen Lavender stared down once again at the shopping list in her hand.

Old bus tickets, theatre-tickets, a golf score-card, a shopping list , the items almost unreadable.

The backs of old envelopes may be good enough for shopping lists but scrappy notes are worse than none.

Diana Adams will now be taking her business elsewhere ... with bananas firmly off the shopping list .


So scribble down that wish list and get surfing to pick up some of the best bargains around.

Davis would seem to be everything the Texans have on their wish list .

Training More and better training also requires a priority place on this wish list .

Near a well-traveled box of spices was a piece of cardboard on which the Oz campers' wish list was written.

What is at the top of my wish list ?

Oppenheimer was part of this international circle, and so he began recruiting with a first-rate wish list in hand.

A bottle of whisky a day would definitely come on the wish list , said Edwards.



To be sure this point is covered, you should add it to your list of questions.

I said before Richard could add to the list .

Now his name has been added to the list of more than 700 businessmen and politicians who are under investigation in Milan.

Earlier this week, a 1990 letter that Symington wrote to partners in a Tucson office project was added to that list .

All take marketing seriously and the time has come for education to be added to the list .

To be added to the waiting list , call 1-800-543-1776.

The publishers, on the dust jacket, add to this list teachers and students of community health.

None the less, the Majeeds were added to the guest list .


If you enjoy games, why not compile a list of objective test questions to use in Trivial Pursuits?

The company said Sokol and Frazier are compiling a list of potential new directors.

Make more use of your tutors - compile a list of queries and then arrange to see a tutor for help.

Writer Randall Lane of Forbes magazine compiles an annual list of what athletes earn.

The software then compiles a list of who has the file.

A partial accounting compiled by his secretary lists 135.

However, we have compiled a list of approximately 30 photographers who have taken photographs relating to the Bishop's Castle Railway.

He worked longer hours, compiled longer lists .


A mathematician, he and his care manager drew up a list of 12 unmet needs.

Have you even tried to draw up a list of the actions you have to perform regularly to succeed?

It is not possible to draw up an exhaustive list of matters that may legitimately be taken into account.

Although managers have drawn up a list of personalities who could be invited to open the centre, identities were not revealed.

A little background knowledge will make you more confident and help you to draw up a list of really relevant questions.

He had drawn up the list of church members and he maintained the other lists too.

He has drawn up the list of items below.

We can draw up a full list of patients so that every bed is filled every night.


What follows is the list of goals for salt reduction for our typical dieter.

What follows is a list of Northern California nordic resorts, their facilities and prices.

What follows is a check list of issues to be considered in preparing for and making the decision.

The following list is a sampling of some of the seductive offerings.

The care provided in such a unit might look something like the list that follows .

It was my job to follow along, turning lists into procedures, notes into tests, sketches into schematics.

You can never experience the real satisfaction of growing roses well by following a list of step-by-step instructions.

The following list outlines the newest services and advancements in medicine at Downtown area hospitals.


This gives you a new list , ranging from Amusement Parks to Travel.

Dear Help Wanted: My company recently gave us a list of our benefits.

It gives a detailed list of endangered areas and species.

One of the Tempe police came in and gave us a list of places not to go.

The book gave a list of all the money Flint had stolen from different ships during twenty years at sea.

It gave her a short list of problems and asked her to solve them.

If a friend gave you this list of reasons why they could not love themselves, what would you say?


Others include a complete therapeutic list at the end, particularly useful with multiple drugs and forgetful patients.

Should I ever include details in my list ?

Arguably local government and the career civil service should be included in this list .

Each lesson includes a list of materials needed.

Just 16 of the 36 charts included a complete list of medications being taken by the patient.

When sending a document for feedback, include the list of criteria you established at the beginning of the process.

Apart from a few model entries, these are not included in the list but must be established by the cataloguer.

But I am saying self-esteem means including ourselves on our list of loved ones.


So far they have produced a list of 16 blocks of work!

That produces a list of section headings, including examples, verbs, things and places and activities / events / processes.

The task of the professional is to help them to produce a list or menu of rewards.

To produce the list used in this article, type 4 Go&038;.

Lexical access in turn produces a list of word matches over some portion of the utterance which are ordered by score.

The committee revises the list of possible explanations to produce a list of designated performance deficiencies.

The human expertise in computer-derived works could be found to reside in the programs which produced the lists of random numbers.

Every effort has been made to produce an accurate list .


Make sure you've remembered to list your references and to provide a list of sources consulted.

At the very least, they will provide a list of places, and you can make the booking on your own.

I am writing to you now to ask if you would provide me with a list of your affiliated clubs.

And it provides lists of San Francisco Bay area residents who have handed big bucks to candidates.

Article 4 of the Regulation provides a list of permitted restrictions in such agreements.

I was provided with a list of about 100 words to look out for.

Longman's Directory of Local Authorities provides a list of the appropriate addresses.

Readers can also be reached by means of bibliographic bookmarks or flyers providing genre-specific lists of authors and titles.


First you read and memorize a list of ten.

For the housekeeper, such straight forward tasks as reading shopping lists or dashed off notes from her employers are traumatic experiences.

After four or five different activities have been described, you read the list of activities.

At the end of, say, five minutes read the lists out.

Chapter 6 provides a series of appendices covering some of the mathematical background and each chapter ends with a recommended reading list .

Naturally, the overall content of nonconformist works reads like a list of the worst taboos of Socialist Realist theory.

Mr Yarrow read the list to himself.

Then read from a list of words containing up to six letters, one at a time.


Supermarkets today have a range of goods not available in the past, so our current shopping list is quite different.

Next to him, with a similar shopping list , is Tiin, a house-husband shopping for his family.

Discard that apron, tear up the shopping list and switch off Jamie Oliver.

He spoke as if ticking off a shopping list .

Newcastle United midfield player Gavin Peacock tops Boro's shopping list .

They write a shopping list based on the menus.

Then I took the shopping list and went to get their supplies for them.

The program also provides recipes, a shopping list , estimated meal costs and a nutritional analysis of the recipes.


Transplant surgeons hope the technique will help to increase live kidney donations and to cut waiting lists .

More than 38, 000 people are on the waiting list for organs.

The firm expects a three-year waiting list for the car when it goes on sale in the summer.

What about the more than 500 patients who died last year while waiting on the list ?

In any case, hospital admission depends locally on waiting lists and varying medical policy.

His parents were on the waiting list to get in.

The Vanquish doesn't reach showrooms until June, yet there's already a three-year waiting list .

Only 25 of them managed to qualify for the waiting list .


Any teacher could write their own long list of countermanding pieces of advice that have come their way.

Naturally, I advised him to write a quick list and organize his points before he started writing.

She wrote a list . 1.

Then fold the paper in half lengthwise and write a separate list of solutions.

Sylvie, the cook, sat at the big kitchen table by the window, writing a list and shooing pigeons away.

I am glad that I have written out the long list of what I have endured in the last several months.

Jannie sat down at one corner of the great kitchen table and began to write a shopping list .

Then, write a separate list for each chapter and, possibly, for each section of a chapter.


be (at the) top of the list/agenda

Improving education is at the top of the mayor's agenda.

be on the danger list

the Civil List

the critical list

He was taken off the critical list last night, so we're very relieved.

A host of big names will be on the critical list when the wards reopen next Saturday.

For some time after the trip I have to report that my game remained on the critical list.

She was on the critical list.


A list of competitors will be posted on the main notice board.

an alphabetical list of students

Could I have a list of hotels in Bournemouth and the surrounding area?

Henry's name wasn't on the list .

I'm afraid the English course is already full, and there is a waiting list .

I drew up a list of all the jobs I had to do in the house.

I forgot to bring my shopping list with me.

I made a list of all the things I had to do that day.

Sarah's name had been crossed off the list of candidates.

This is the guest list for the wedding.


I feel a shade disappointed that the small but promising mysteries of the shopping list have yielded up such a homely creature.

Initial comparisons Four trees were constructed from the same word lists, and candidate strings from a test sentence checked against them.

So far, Gomez says, his Web site has produced more names to add to mailing lists than actual customers.

Subscribers indicate the areas in which they are interested and the relevant lists are sent each month.

The lists of poems presented... offer a wide choice for each grade.

The county is expanding its list of stores and outlets where the public can buy sandbags and sand, if needed.

The stonework around the bay windows was crumbling and the upper front bay had developed a distinct list .

What follows is the list of goals for salt reduction for our typical dieter.

II. verb




There were four or five pages, typed single-space, answering all the questions that I listed above .

Sourced in Fortran it contains several of the features listed above .

Call the number listed above for information.

Intuitive judgements of the kind listed above are undoubtedly more informative than gross judgements of abnormality.

Despite the points listed above , many capable employees fail to see how they are damaging relationships all around them.

None of the other causes of immunodeficiency listed above in Section 1.

None of the returns listed above take those commissions into account.


No empty rate is payable on a vacant building listed as being of special architectural or historic interest.

Defensive lineman Young is also listed as doubtful.

Tight end Brent Jones is listed as doubtful on the injury report, but Mariucci said he definitely would not play Sunday.

Divide the class into groups of three or four and have them discuss and list as many variables as they can.

One explanation that fits the circumstances perfectly involves the fact that her official cargo was listed as industrial alcohol.

But there were less abstract reasons listed as well.


Initial nominations and appointments are listed below and members are invited to make further nominations to fill vacancies where indicated.

So, you know most of these celebrities listed below .

Some of the most useful and renowned journals for the modern period are listed below .

Some key conceptual and empirical questions that you might consider in assessing the validity of each approach are listed below .

The characteristics of generalized seizures are listed below and contrasted with events usually occurring in syncope. 1.

Some selected examples are listed below .


The sites listed here welcome visitors.

However, opportunities still exist and the contacts listed here should help in exploring various possibilities.

The characteristics listed here may be quite different to the ones you believe you have.

These are too extensive to list here .

All the plants listed here should be provided with plenty of illumination.

Pre-filter media All pre-filter media listed here will support some bacterial filtration.

They are mainly aimed at 14-25 year olds but all of those listed here are also available to older people.

Too numerous to list here individually, most were of early-1980s, vintage and had not been airworthy for some time.



Table 8.3 lists the major companies supplying sports clothing and footwear.

In 1994, the Amex listed 39 new companies , with a mean market value of $ 90. 8 million.

Like the shares of a listed company , investors can trade them at any time through a stockbroker.

The Amsterdam Stock Exchange threatened to scratch its listing after the company reported its shareholder equity had turned negative.

Tokyo stock exchange-listed companies are forecasting annual profit growth of just 0.6 per cent between October and March 2001.

After throwing in 52 new listed companies , the most since 1991, the Amex had a net decline of 14 companies.

Open to the public via telephone or computer connection, the service claims to list 25,000 companies of all kinds.

There are three main proposals on which member firms and listed companies will comment.


She was listed in very serious condition Sunday night.

Sister Mary Anna DiGiacomo, 72, was listed in serious condition at the hospital.

Serrin was treated for smoke inhalation and burns on his right arm and was listed in serious condition in a Gloucester hospital.

He was listed in stable condition .

Three remain at Massachusetts General Hospital, where they were listed in fair condition Tuesday.

She was listed in critical condition in Boston City Hospital Monday.

McGhee was taken to Highland Hospital, where she was listed in stable condition .


The security must be listed on the Stock Exchange . 2.


The points values of any specific magic items have been listed with each entry.

The items I am listing and discussing separately are interrelated in Hughes's analysis.

These rules include the items listed below.

To help you avoid over-reacting, put the items listed below in order of priority.

Do not reply until all five items have been listed in the way suggested above.

It has a brief description and critical comment on each item listed .


They list the name of the dead person and the years they were born and died.

This listed the names of oil company directors who may have committed offences.

A register lists the names of those who survived and those who died.

This morning, climbing up on my pillow, you list saints' names guessed at from school.

The reports require donors to list their names and occupations, but do not require them to identify sponsors of fund-raising events.

They list the names of those killed in Hitler's war.

These and all other consultants should be listed by name , title and a brief statement of relevant experience.


Or, alternatively simply list the number of your flat or apartment.

These guidelines are included in the official comments on the statutes and list a number of specific exceptions for teachers.

Call listed phone numbers for directions.

And only the remote has a digital readout, listing the track number and playback functions.

This allows the user to list a number of programs which will fill up a complete disk, or more than one disk.

It lists a number of restricted activities, most of them reasonable -- at least on the surface.

The site will then list a number of remortgage deals that could offer better value.

Below, I list a number of questions that can be helpful when working with people in the dying mode.


The users are listed in alphabetical order .

Thus far we have seen that current assets are listed in order of liquidity, or nearness to cash.

Currently there are five modules attached to Mir, listed below in order of attachment to the main module.

Do you have them listed in their order of importance to you?

The table indicates which categories each of the six companies found useful; the categories are listed in descending order of usefulness.

To help you avoid over-reacting, put the items listed below in order of priority.

These must be listed in descending order of weight.

They are listed roughly in the order of frequency of occurrence.


Steps 1 to 5 listed on pages 121 and 122 have helped us again and again in moving toward this aim.

This is why groups of ten words are listed on page 114.

In order for reading to progress, we had to keep records and list the pages read each day.

Honours Degrees All single and joint honours courses are listed on pages 43-46.

Please remember too all our deceased members and especially those whose names are listed on pages 22-23.


It is for such customers that we have listed the properties of Matroc's more widely used materials.

Stallone had listed the property last April at $ 5. 5 million.

It lists holiday rental properties for budgets from £73 to £73,000 per week.

Here, too, to qualify for reimbursements for the use of listed property four elements must be substantiated: 1.

Although many of its pages are still under construction, it lists properties by Barratt, Laing Homes, Wimpey and others.

Homeowners can list their properties on-line.

Give examples of hardcopy devices suited to the production of cartographic products, listing the properties of each device. 5.

In addition to listing properties on-line, homeowners can e-mail, fax or mail their information.


The report will not list minor defects.

In the 1980s Amnesty International reports listed several Arab socialist countries as sites of torture and killing.

The report listed numerous threats to the general fund but did not affix dollar amounts to possible losses.

The reports require donors to list their names and occupations, but do not require them to identify sponsors of fund-raising events.

The report listed eight specific recommendations.

In that report , organizers listed the five big issues that dominated discussions.

His scouting report lists him as having an average fastball and average stuff.


None of the other causes of immunodeficiency listed above in Section 1.

As a group, banking shares listed on the first section slid 1. 9 percent.

The databases available are listed in section 1003.4 below.

Then, check for each of the points listed in the following section of this chapter.

Organisations mentioned in the factsheet are listed in the final section .

By asking some of the questions listed above in the section on criteria, it is possible to compare the different systems.


The security must be listed on the Stock Exchange. 2.

On the New York Stock Exchange, 60 % of the listed stocks were rails.


These are listed in Table 11.15 according to the number of rooms they operate.

The other causes of hyperphosphatemia listed in Table 3-11 are rather uncommon.

The results are listed in Table 2 and shown in Fig.2.

The two categories of behavior identified by Gibb are listed in Table 5-2.

The symptoms are listed in Table 9.

Miscellaneous rare causes of peripheral vertigo are listed in Table 3-3.

Hundreds of other powers could be listed in the following table , from both contemplative sources and from sports.


A new 30-page Hong Kong guide lists more than 100 budget hotels.

a useful booklet, listing all the colleges that take part-time students

Chapman lists rugby as one of his hobbies.

The books are listed alphabetically, according to the name of the author.


A teacher volunteers and works the staff through a brainstorming session, listing all the issues that they feel should be discussed.

Cer-tain rosaries are listed without mysteries.

He listed how many of those people were working feverishly on space.

Parish Churches Norman work surviving among these is too numerous to list .

Ptolemy compiled a star catalogue in which he listed 48 constellations.

Some of the most straight forward of these are listed at the end of this book.

The ballots sent to 2, 987 property owners list the two separate assessments.

These should be available from most good component suppliers and are certainly listed in the Maplin catalogue.

Longman DOCE5 Extras English vocabulary.      Дополнительный английский словарь Longman DOCE5.