Meaning of LIST in English


I. ˈlist verb

( listed or list ; listed or list ; listing ; lists )

Etymology: Middle English lusten, lysten, listen, from Old English lystan; akin to Old Saxon lustian to desire, long for, Old High German lusten, Old Norse lysta; causative-denominatives from the root of English lust (I)

transitive verb

: to give pleasure to : gratify , suit

could have my being while it listed me — W.J.Locke

intransitive verb

: to have a desire or inclination : choose , wish

allowed that mind of mine to stray thereafter as it listed — Rafael Sabatini

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, probably from listen, v.

1. archaic : inclination , craving , desire

which I have neither list nor leisure to recount — Thomas Fuller

2. archaic : personal inclination : will

by the law of the land, and not the arbitrary list … of any man living — Edmund Hickeringill

III. verb

( listed or list ; listed or list ; listing ; lists )

Etymology: Middle English listen, from Old English hlystan — more at listen

intransitive verb

: to give ear : listen

she talks and I am fain to list — Robert Frost

transitive verb

archaic : to listen to : hear

teach your ears to list me with more heed — Shakespeare

IV. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English liste, list, from Old English līste; akin to Middle Low German līste edge, border, Old High German līsta, Albanian leth edge, bank, border


a. obsolete : a strip of cloth

gartered with a red and blue list — Shakespeare

b. : a band or strip of any material ; especially : a narrow strip of wood cut from the edge of a plank or board

c. : listel

d. archaic : lister ridge


(1) : the first thin coat of tin applied in the manufacture of tin plate

(2) : a rim of tin left on an edge of tin plate after it is coated

2. lists plural but singular or plural in construction

[influenced in meaning by Middle French lice lists, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German līsta edge, border]

a. : a tilting arena or the palisade enclosing it

give proof of your knightly worth in the lists tomorrow — Rafael Sabatini

b. : an arena for any kind of combat

entered the lists against the bull — Frank Yerby

c. : a controversy or field of competition

enter the lists … for or against practical programs of population resettlement — Ethel Albert

a thick skin and a ready wit make him a good candidate for the political lists

one of Ireland's major industries … has now entered the dollar-earning lists — E.M.Woolf

3. obsolete

a. : a line marking a limit or extent : boundary

the very list , the very utmost bound of all our purposes — Shakespeare

b. : a railing or railed enclosure especially used as an exercising ground

a list to ride horses in, much frequented by the gallants in summer — John Evelyn


a. chiefly Britain : a strip forming the edge of a woven fabric : selvage

pieces having tightly woven lists which curl badly should be sewn together … and dyed in tubular form — C.M.Whittaker & C.C.Wilcock

b. archaic : a material resembling selvage

have had list nailed round my doors, and stopping every crack — Mary Delany

5. : a streak of color : stripe

a hackle with a blue or dun list — J.E.Leisenring

specifically : a dark strip along the midline of a horse's back

V. transitive verb

( listed or list ; listed or list ; listing ; lists )

Etymology: Middle English listen, from liste, list, n.

1. obsolete : to put a border around : edge

2. : to cut away a narrow strip (as sapwood) from the edge of

staves, air-dried and listed — F.P.Hankerson


a. : to prepare (land) for a crop or check (soil) from blowing by making ridges and furrows with a lister — compare listing 2

b. : to plant (a field) with a lister

VI. noun

( -s )

Etymology: French liste, from Middle French, group of people, roster, from Old Italian lista band, stripe, row, group, roster, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German līsta edge, border — more at list IV


a. : a simple series of words or numerals (as the names of persons or objects)

guest list

grocery list

there were 109 publications … but the casualty list was long, too — American Guide Series: Washington

specifically : an official roster : roll

drawing up a list for … party nomination — Richard Scammon

— compare active list , blacklist , retired list

b. : index , catalog , checklist

the card catalog in a library … is used mainly as a finding list — Saul Herner

the … disc jumped to the top of the hit list in ten days — R.G.Hubler

the publisher added the book to his fall list

put eggs on the shopping list

check the list of qualifications for a job

c. : the total number to be considered or included

among the essentials of true democracy, responsible citizenship comes high on the list

added spelling reform to the list of his interests — W.B.Shaw & E.S.Bates

2. : a record of individual holdings of real and personal property subject to taxation

tax the grand list a definite percentage … for school revenue — American Guide Series: Vermont

3. : the total register of securities admitted to trading on a stock exchange

there were many … strong individual stocks in the list — Springfield (Massachusetts) Union

4. : list price

set your own list , take a big markup and still undersell the field — Office Appliances

VII. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb


a. : to make a list of : enumerate

list five reasons why you enjoyed the book

it is now possible … to list all the amino acids necessary — Americana Annual

list the specialized agencies of the United Nations

b. : to include on a list : register , record : as

(1) : to enter (taxable property) on an official list

(2) : to enter (a stock or other security) in the list of those officially admitted to dealings on the exchange

(3) : to place (property) in the hands of a real-estate agent for sale or rent

(4) : to enter in a price list

c. : to declare to be : give

increased confidence … was listed as a reason for the increase in spending — Dun's Review

twenty-four books … two of them listed as essential library acquisitions — Anthony Boucher

d. : to put in writing : show

the only membership he lists is in a professional society


a. obsolete : to put into a category : classify

virtues are listed in the rank of invisible things — Thomas Traherne

b. : to put (oneself) down — used with as

lists himself as a political liberal

3. archaic : to recruit or appoint into or as if into military service

will list you for my soldier — Sir Walter Scott

intransitive verb

1. archaic : to enlist in or as if in the armed forces

he is going to list with us, and be our clergyman — George Borrow

2. : to become entered in a catalog with a selling price

the wrench alone lists at $3 — Industrial Equipment News

VIII. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: origin unknown

intransitive verb

: to lean to one side : cant , tilt

she lists steeply to port — H.W.Baldwin

the trees … all listed to leeward — Frances G. Patton

transitive verb

: to cause to list

shift tanks and bulldozers in transport's holds, listing the ships — K.M.Dodson

IX. noun

( -s )

1. : a deviation from the vertical : cant , tilt

water flooding into the hold gave the ship a heavy list to starboard

there was a faint forward list to his body as he walked — Lawrence Williams

2. : a tendency to incline : leaning

a … political list to the left — Paul Woodring

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