Meaning of ORDINARY in English




an ordinary citizen ( also a regular citizen American English )

The government is not aware of the views of ordinary citizens.

an ordinary individual

Ordinary individuals need no more than 3–5 grams of salt per day.

average/typical/ordinary punter

The technical details mean nothing to the average punter.

in the normal/ordinary course of sth

His bravery was far more than was required in the normal course of duty.

Ordinary level

ordinary seaman

ordinary shares

ordinary/everyday clothes

Everyone else was wearing ordinary clothes.

the ordinary meaning

They are a 'nuisance' in the ordinary meaning, not the legal meaning, of that word.




That is, her face wasn't as ordinary as her dress.

We managed to insert it into the schools: conflict resolution becomes as ordinary as brushing your teeth.

He eventually resigned as ordinary in November 1727.

I called, got through and spoke to a man who sounded as ordinary and as sane as I thought I was.

Not one of them could be described as ordinary .

The door appears as ordinary dark wood door at first sight, with a pair of brass doorknobs.


It is camaraderie on the most ordinary level.

Her exceptional goodness in executing the humblest and most ordinary of tasks fired the imagination of Catholics everywhere.

However, some of the most formidable-looking questions can be the most ordinary and helpful titles. 1.

Mitchell needed now to see her perform the most ordinary habits.

But most ordinary citizens - buffeted by price rises and aware of worsening poverty in the slums - remain unimpressed.

Thus our work assumes a kind of holiness that permeates even the most ordinary of everyday activities.

The man with the feather brush is indispensable in the highest ceremonials, and is present on the most ordinary occasions.

Race, relegated to the periphery, can intrude into the most ordinary evening out.


She'd claim it was quite ordinary - fish cake s, only they went wrong - that sort of thing.

In fact, she is quite ordinary .

In terms of physics it is quite ordinary , but in terms of its usefulness to people on Earth it is unique.

Here is the problem: much of ordinary life appears quite ordinary and remote from the power centres of the world.

Here again, there are many quite ordinary terms for the internal parts of discourse types.

Even things which looked quite ordinary turned out to be interesting when Dad told you about them.

Even quite ordinary forms of stress can have an exaggerated effect on an irritable bowel.

When confident, few drivers were in his ultimate class, technically; when unconfident, he could be quite ordinary .


But he's so ordinary that he's extraordinary.

Everything looked so ordinary , but only for the moment and only as far as I could see.

He seemed so ordinary , so harmless.

Incidentally Nu, which looks so ordinary , is still more luminous and still more remote.

He was so interested in life and so well-informed and so inquisitive about everything and so ordinary in many respects.

Adamus used a key, something so ordinary .

Water to you and me is so ordinary .


In Berlin, Friedrichstrasse meets Zimmerstrasse at a very ordinary road junction across which traffic flows freely.

They just seemed very ordinary and very dull and boring people.

It was, after all, a very ordinary murder.

Lilianenot a very ordinary name, I think.

We are praying that very ordinary people will be called to a very special task.

The Seahawks have been a very ordinary franchise every since.

If you take away the image all that's left is a bunch of exceptionally pretty boys making some very ordinary music.

Woodforde was a very ordinary man.



The legal model assumes that the board of directors manages the ordinary business of the company.

All the ordinary business of life stopped.

They were awarded damages for this loss of ordinary business which arose naturally from the late delivery.

They were most sacred days, when much of the ordinary business of life was suspended.

They would include, for example, small charities and pension funds, unless the trustees are themselves ordinary business investors.

The L.T.E.'s basic obligation was to run its operations on ordinary business principles, which the fare reduction contravened.


The unpaid volunteers will not wear uniforms and will not have any special powers over and above those of ordinary citizens .

They passed legislation that often made it impossible for ordinary citizens to sue for their injuries.

The fact of production and the images presented have strong economic implications for the film and television industry and the ordinary citizen .

Interactive telecommunications increasingly give ordinary citizens immediate access to the major political decisions that affect their lives and property.

When the Senate adopts a measure by 100 votes to none, the ordinary citizen should count the spoons.

But his main ploy was to portray Weld as a friend of the rich eager to reduce educational opportunities for ordinary citizens .

They are the ordinary citizens for whom the honours system was designed - people who have dedicated their lives to duty.

Together leaders and ordinary citizens produced widely differing evaluations.


Target business to be run in ordinary course up to completion with no material changes in trading performance or net assets.

Workers have become expendable parts for sale in the ordinary course of commerce.

Clearly selling a second-hand car without an ignition key or registration document would not be acting in the ordinary course of business.

In the ordinary course of everyday living we are immersed completely in the personality.

It was in fact made without protest and in the ordinary course of customs business.

It is sufficient that he was acting within the ordinary course of business of mercantile agents generally.

However, although it will not be accepted, it will not in the ordinary course of events be anticipated.

In the ordinary course of banking the victim gets the cheque back but after encashment.


It is good because it is written in friendly, ordinary language and where jargon creeps in, it is explained.

The accused may be guilty even though he does not in ordinary language obtain a service.

What this meant in ordinary language was that only those who subscribed to Francoist ideals would be remembered and honoured.

So once again the emphasis is not on poetry in itself, but on the difference between poetry and ordinary language .

The third aspect of ordinary language which is violated by poetry is semantics.

Reality is at his disposal in the same way that ordinary language and the current literary conventions and devices are.

But it works the same way as ordinary language .

In order to participate in ordinary language usage, one must be able to make such calculations, both in production and interpretation.


The collection of texts, songs, refrains and acclamations brings Holy Week and Easter vividly and fruitfully into ordinary lives .

Most of these memories, these scenes of ordinary life , came to me from Katherine, who still lives in Denver.

The impact of war on ordinary lives was beginning to create the conditions for a mass peace movement.

Afterwards, ordinary life seems unimportant: business; politics; all the things people get worked up about: unimportant.

Jenny Wilson was an ordinary woman, leading an ordinary life , had an ordinary job in an ordinary town.

In our ordinary life this truth is hidden from us or only dimly glimpsed at times or imperfectly held and conceived.

Any revolutionary aspirations of the younger members are centred on gaining work and admittance to the mainstream of ordinary life .

This is the setup for a small movie about small moments in an ordinary life .


Fortunately the dogged good sense of the ordinary man is far from dead.

But what about the ordinary man himself?

Diana had married no ordinary man .

This chapter will deal with the first question: What does the ordinary man think he should do?

The ordinary man is the curse of civilization.

If the model democratic citizen is active, participating, and influential, is this what the ordinary man aspires to be?

Woodforde was a very ordinary man .

The political behavior of ordinary men and women is seldom analyzed using explicit, personality-based approaches.


My own aspirations are more lowly - I am just an ordinary member .

But they were no ordinary members of the Washington press corps.

The Association is eager to recruit more shareholders and ordinary members to facilitate this.

He remained an ordinary member of Legco.

I am not alone in this stage of limbo, for none of the other ordinary members of the committee knows either.

The bondholders elected their committee representatives, i.e. eight bondholders to the Club's four ordinary members .

However, the ordinary member of the public can not go around arresting cyclists and homeless persons and so on under section 25.

The chairman historically was a person who had served on the tribunal as an ordinary member for some time.


Lords, ladies, dukes and duchesses figure prominently among the names as well as more ordinary mortals of obviously substantial means.

She held herself raised by her great prosperity above all that ordinary mortals fear and reverence.

However, such models of the universe are not of much interest to us ordinary mortals .

This increased exposure allows them to exploit their advantages over more ordinary mortals more easily than their predecessors could.

This to ordinary mortals seems quite inaccessible but it has been climbed, the first ascent being in 1967.

An ordinary mortal named Zeuxis had set up his easel to portray the family group.

Artists are terribly difficult people for us ordinary mortals to deal with.

He reckons wise men don't need to bother much with the truth as far as ordinary mortals are concerned.


But, we know surprisingly little of a systematic nature about what ordinary people nowadays think of the subject.

The movie is strongest when Lee keeps his eye on the prize: the experiences of ordinary people in an extraordinary time.

But three ordinary people with very different lifestyles are about to display theirs in public.

Could an interface be designed so that ordinary people could use it?

These inventories, therefore, give a sound idea of the standard of living of thousands of ordinary people .

But how to convince ordinary people that this was so?

Announcing a change in policy, Idris Wakil said that from now on what ordinary people did should make the news.

Ford made the automobile affordable for ordinary people , and they bought it in incredible numbers.


No ordinary person wants them any more, though they will for years to come provide talking points for the chattering classes.

I provide the example of the country lawyer who has won big for the ordinary person .

Ken Kessler is an ordinary person trying to get by in the information age.

The rich guys can get elected on their money, but somebody like me, an ordinary person , needs the party.

It would certainly create more work for the lawyers but would not add a great deal of protection for the ordinary person .

The local paper gives the ordinary person a voice.

The ordinary person does not inherently dislike work: according to the conditions it may be a source of satisfaction or punishment.

Nevertheless, an ordinary person might be hard put to tell one from the other.


This number sequence is frequently used in mathematical investigations in ordinary schools .

More than 1,000 pupils go to ordinary schools , after assessments from the five area boards.

Approximately 20 percent of elementary school age children were attending 2,000 ordinary schools by 1933.

Amongst the general population of children in ordinary schools , about a sixth have special educational needs of one kind or another.

A much higher proportion of special schools offer boarding facilities than ordinary schools, especially those run by voluntary organisations.

Conrad's figure excludes those placed in ordinary schools .

It was not necessary for a boy to be musical; in addition to the choirboys there was an ordinary school .

With Herbert's support, John seems to have applied that principle to his own education, even in an ordinary school .


Cobras do not hear in the ordinary sense as they have no extended ears.

Not through the medium of the brain and nervous system and the ordinary sense organs.

It will not be a Coalition in the ordinary sense of the term but a co-operation of individuals. 3.

Well, yes, but not in any ordinary sense .

We shall be using the term in the ordinary sense , without, we hope, any fear of being misunderstood.

And its author certainly shows himself to be bright enough, in every ordinary sense .

This computer has no machine code instruction set or data formats in the ordinary sense .


The convertibles swap into Caird ordinary shares at 535p, compared to a share price of 479p, down 12p, yesterday.

Forte has 949 million ordinary shares outstanding.

An interim dividend of 6p per ordinary share was paid on 1 April 1993 in respect of the year ending 31 December 1993.

The Directors propose to offer ordinary shareholders the opportunity to receive fully paid ordinary shares in the Company in lieu of the cash dividend.

It requests that an authority for market purchases should not normally exceed 10 percent of the company's issued ordinary share capital.

Sketchley requires you to hold 300 ordinary shares , costing about £3.71 each, to qualify for its discount.

The ordinary shares at 564p yield 7.5%.

The capital structure is simple, with only ordinary shares in issue.


The matter would then have been dealt with in the ordinary way , after all counsel involved had been consulted.

Oh, I mean ordinary in ordinary ways , he said, flushing.

The parcel is then sent, bearing this label, in the ordinary way but without payment being made at the counter.

And I wondered if she was right, if Clarisa was losing her last inclination to do things the ordinary way .

Mining operations on new sites require planning permission in the ordinary way .

Gregarious, erudite and energetic, Brezzo could never be accused of thinking in small, ordinary ways .

But in the ordinary way we shouldn't expect to, of course, he isn't a writing man.

Such men are where they are because they are in touch in more than the ordinary way with humanity and its concerns.


lesser/ordinary/mere mortals

A penchant for setting oneself apart and above mere mortals .

And together we were emphatically co-operative that neighbouring forces were populated by lesser mortals .

However, such models of the universe are not of much interest to us ordinary mortals .

Lords, ladies, dukes and duchesses figure prominently among the names as well as more ordinary mortals of obviously substantial means.

Miracles can be worked by Him alone, although mere mortals may entreat Him by prayer to perform them on their behalf.

She held herself raised by her great prosperity above all that ordinary mortals fear and reverence.

This increased exposure allows them to exploit their advantages over more ordinary mortals more easily than their predecessors could.


ordinary household items

an ordinary workday

Can you get connected to the Internet through an ordinary telephone line?

Gillman's known for her photographs of ordinary household items.

He wore an ordinary business suit with a white shirt and tie.

Housing prices in New York are out of reach for ordinary people.

I thought it was a pretty ordinary performance.

It's just an ordinary house in an ordinary street.

It's surprising that a girl as attractive as Sarah is going out with someone so ordinary looking.

She was a serious young woman, rather ordinary in appearance.

The house was clean and well kept, but very ordinary .


But I am just an ordinary girl, with ordinary parents and went to an ordinary school with 2,000 other kids.

But, for Ricardo, the system survived not because it served the ordinary man.

Clearly selling a second-hand car without an ignition key or registration document would not be acting in the ordinary course of business.

He knew what was happening in the boathouse and it was too ordinary to convert into anything exciting.

It's a small, ordinary little village, its only claim to fame the castle, and the burial mounds.

Never despise ordinary things - the ordinary in yourself or in others.

The shares of ordinary insurers would be cheap.

We are praying that very ordinary people will be called to a very special task.

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