Meaning of ORDINARY in English


noun the mass; the common run.

2. ordinary ·adj common; customary; usual.

3. ordinary ·noun anything which is in ordinary or common use.

4. ordinary ·adj according to established order; methodical; settled; regular.

5. ordinary ·noun an officer who has original jurisdiction in his own right, and not by deputation.

6. ordinary ·noun a judicial officer, having generally the powers of a judge of probate or a surrogate.

7. ordinary ·noun that which is so common, or continued, as to be considered a settled establishment or institution.

8. ordinary ·adj of common rank, quality, or ability; not distinguished by superior excellence or beauty; hence, not distinguished in any way; commonplace; inferior; of little merit; as, men of ordinary judgment; an ordinary book.

9. ordinary ·noun one who has immediate jurisdiction in matters ecclesiastical; an ecclesiastical judge; also, a deputy of the bishop, or a clergyman appointed to perform divine service for condemned criminals and assist in preparing them for death.

10. ordinary ·noun a dining room or eating house where a meal is prepared for all comers, at a fixed price for the meal, in distinction from one where each dish is separately charged; a table d'hote; hence, also, the meal furnished at such a dining room.

11. ordinary ·noun a charge or bearing of simple form, one of nine or ten which are in constant use. the bend, chevron, chief, cross, fesse, pale, and saltire are uniformly admitted as ordinaries. some authorities include bar, bend sinister, pile, and others. ·see subordinary.

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