Meaning of PASSAGE in English




bird of passage

permit/promise/guarantee etc safe passage (to/for sb)

The government offered safe passage to militants taking up their offer of peace talks.


He quoted a short passage from the Bible.

safe passage

The government offered safe passage to militants taking up their offer of peace talks.

secret compartment/passage etc

The drugs were found in a secret compartment in Campbell’s suitcase.




She felt again the fear she had known when she walked into him in the dark passage .

Somebody came out of the room, and into the dark passage .

Three dungeons but only two doors. Dark passages .

A dark and empty passage mocked his melodrama.

They are not allowed out of this dark passage , in case they fall overboard.

We went through many dark passages until we reached a door, where she left me, taking her candle with her.

I rushed down the dark passage to the lavatory with both hands at my face.

Then she ran from the cloakroom, down the narrow dark passage and out into the night.


Test yourself with the following passage , which contains misspelt words taken from examination scripts.

The following passage crystallizes most of these concerns.

The following passage summarises his views on the combined system, which he advocated in numerous speeches and articles.

The following passages have been written by two of the platoon commanders. lieutenant S is twenty-five.

The following passage exemplifies, for Rees, macho characteristics: Clogger moved like greased lightning.

For example, suppose that you are presented with the following passage , used by Johnston etal.: The river was narrow.

The following passages , taken from well-known or easily obtainable piano music, are suggested as exercises in scoring for string orchestra.


When sounds are unvoiced, the vocal cords are relaxed to allow the air a completely free passage .


It had a long entrance passage sloping down from the east.

But any such measure would face a long road to passage .

She remembers her reviews and quotes them, knowing long passages by heart.

We provide a comprehensive range of sizes to suit every yacht specification for leisure use or for the longest of passages .

Despite the conditions the long passage was uneventful and William Lukin was refuelled and declared ready for service again by 0800.

At an early age he developed a remarkable memory and could recite long passages from the Scriptures by heart.

This was quite a long passage for us, but we were lucky with the weather and made it in one leg.

In the field opposite are fissures in the underlying limestone, entrances to long subterranean passages .


At the rear of the shop were two rooms, set alongside a narrow passage leading to a back door.

Crisscrossing Chinatown, these narrow passages , some as old as the city itself, serve as front yard and back yard.

But now a narrow passage leading to the single barred window had been constructed down the middle of the room.

He followed her into the narrow passage .

In the narrow passage that led through to the garden, they came upon Rafiq.

This outline is fairly abstract, consisting of oval shapes connected by narrow passages .

She was in a narrow passage that crookedly connected two busy streets.


To get there would be a rough passage , and the return tortuous.

It was like coming to harbour after a rough passage - with an armful of comfort to hand.


On Jan. 31, the government promised safe passage to Sikh militants taking up the Prime Minister's offer of peace talks.

There was risk involved in going, and no guarantee of safe passage .

The water of the red sea divided so as to ensure safe passage for the Israelite.

Instead, Fujimori has offered to provide safe passage out of the country for rebels if they liberate all the captives.

We start in ten days and I firmly rely on the goodness of Providence to grant me a safe and prosperous passage .

It confined transoceanic vessels to a few narrow shipping lanes that promised safe passage .

They call themselves Rektum, and all signs suggest they enjoyed what you might call a safe passage .

The gunmen released most hostages and headed for Chechnya with the rest after receiving a promise of safe passage .


He'd like to know the location of the secret passages in the kitchen and bedrooms.

It is like a secret passage , bringing Deptford workers north of the river, taking them home again at night.

He built secret passages underground, and his secret house on the lake.

I don't feel alarmed as I know of many secret passages , but they have all become too small to use.

It is as though there were a secret passage underneath the knife-edge.

But that secret passage contains a one-way valve: there is an asymmetry.

He took me through many secret doors and passages , down, down under the Opera House.

And I was sure there was a secret passage because the walls were so old and thick.


In the following chapter, we shall use relatively short passages for exemplifying the analysis of prose style.

The Barton amendment fell 37 votes short of passage last year when it was first introduced in the House.

Concepts in Use Basic vocabulary, basic structures, short passages , and straight forward messages.

They led him, left hand aloft, through into the house, down a short passage and then some cellar steps.

It was one of those you entered by means of a short underground passage .

In reading this short passage we are likely to make an assumption: that when some one makes breakfast, it is eaten.

Quickly they moved out of sight, flattening themselves against the corridor walls to either side of the short passage .

We will now give a few examples of short passages scored for wood-wind and horns.



Regular winter visitor and passage migrant .

Probably Honey Buzzards are regular passage migrants there, at least in autumn.

Rare but possibly regular passage migrant .

Peregrines last bred successfully in 1957, and are now only winter visitors and passage migrants .



There was no glass in the frame, just thin wooden slats to allow some passage of air.

The jute was restless, parting like water to allow passage through it, then closing up at once.

They are not allowed out of this dark passage , in case they fall overboard.

On July 16 Renamo and the government signed a joint humanitarian declaration designed to allow unrestricted passage for food convoys.

The girls aren't allowed passage into adulthood.


Knox J. in his judgment cited a passage from the speech of Lord Wilberforce starting at p. 1025D.

He cited Scripture passages in support of his treatment of me.

He then cited the passage from Story, Equity Jurisprudence and made the comment to which I have already referred.

Clinton cited the passage in his inaugural address and the State of the Union.

One could cite numerous other passages where both terms are employed, but none is plainer than this one.

I need not cite the passage that contains that finding because Sir Stephen Brown P. has already cited it.


This is not to say that it does not contain many magnificent passages , some comic, some sublime.

Cassette contains 42 short listening passages .

It contains passages of terrifying vocal difficulty.

This type of device is repeated again and again in other works whose music contains similar passages .


The hymn was followed by a passage from the New Testament, another hymn from the choir and some simple prayers.

The following passage illustrates this stylistic practice: How peaceful the phenomena of the lake!

If a rest follows the solo passage the asterisk is unnecessary.

The process of reproduction is still conspicuously missing from most discussions of economic affairs, as the following passage typifies.

Julie followed , her passage unnoticed by Lester Piggot and Willie Carson.

Suppose you were asked to use dreamt in one of the following passages and dreamed in the other.


I have quoted the passage from which the phrase comes, showing how Wells was painfully aware of our duality.

Critics of Darwin who quote that passage with which I started do not usually run it on.

Why did he not quote the decisive passages which they contained?


I would read through a passage and get it sorted out as best I could.

He had asked the students to read and annotate five passages at home.

Instruction: students are told to read the passage , then do the exercises.

He had planned to have the students read passages , discuss them in class, and write essays.

During the midday meal the older children read edifying passages chosen by Nicholas from religious or secular history.

At first, reading this passage I let out a gasp: I had never seen maternal ambivalence described on the page.

In this study subjects read passages such as: The new houses had been left in an untidy state.

Users must spend two hours reading selected passages to train the software to recognize their intonations.


purple prose/passage

In his maturity what he remembered of his style of speaking were purple passages and a rather caustic irony.

Lady Thatcher will be honing her purple prose for the debate in the Lords.

William Holden plays a hack scriptwriter down on his luck, and his purple prose gives the film its biting tone.

rite of passage

A rite of passage, as it were.

After the umpteenth rubber-stamp this infuriating rite of passage, as it were, terminates: exit.

Boyhood pledges and rites of passage, boy pages learning skills of survival from men of iron.

Finishing the race is the rite of passage of the distance runner.

For many fans, metal, with its pile-driving sound and locker-room lyrics, is more than a rite of passage.

Marriage, though not the social imperative it once was, still stands for a major rite of passage into adult life.

One lucky trainee was spared the rite of passage.

This idyllic feeling of romance seemed too much like a temporary state, a schoolboy rite of passage.


a passage from the Bible

In March, the district won passage of a $47 million measure to repair city streets.

nasal passages

The refugees risked crossing the dangerous ocean passage to Florida.

The sun rose as the Delta Queen made steady passage up the Ohio River.


Both passages begin with need and with complaint.

Of course, when the king asked for passage , the ferryman handed him the oars.

The passages that led to the main suite were stark and uncarpeted, the room he was led into the same.

They sat in a dark room, the only light coming from a candle burning in the passage outside.

This blocks up the jets and air passages in the carb leading to the engine stopping.

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