Meaning of PLANE in English


I. noun


a car/plane/bus etc journey

the six-hour train journey to London

a car/train/plane etc crash

He was badly hurt in a car crash.

a commuter train/plane (= a train or plane that people use to travel to work in a city )

Several commuter trains were delayed because of the bad weather.

a passenger plane/jet

It was recently converted from a passenger plane to cargo use.

a plane accident/an airplane accident ( also a flying accident )

Holly died in a plane accident.

a spy satellite/plane (= used for spying )

The Americans have denied using spy satellites to spy on China.

The photographs were taken by spy planes.

aircraft/plane wreckage

The major task is now to remove the aircraft wreckage from the accident site.

an airline/plane/air ticket

You can pick up your airline tickets at the check-in desk.

car/train/plane wreck

My father died in a car wreck.

crash a car/bus/plane etc

He was drunk when he crashed the car.

passengers board a plane/train formal (= get on it )

The first three cars were reserved for passengers boarding in Queens.

passengers get on/off a bus/plane etc

The bus stopped and half the passengers got off.

plane geometry

plane tree

ski plane

transport plane




He strove to think on a different plane of reason and insight.

It's different plane of existence, where normal space and time are somehow by passed.

The year was 1985, and Apple was on a different plane of existence than Microsoft.

The afternoon progressed, but was moved now on to a different plane , lit by the glow of expectation.

Black-jacketed on the podium, he was on a different plane from the student body, silent and scribbling at his feet.

It just shows a different plane .

First, they arrived at Edinburgh airport in different planes .


McGeechan puts that down to identifying the likely lads early and raising their sights to higher planes .

Joe also moved to a higher social plane .

Love lives on a higher plane .

The Beta stands on a much higher plane of civilization and is more developed.

If anything, Letterman thinks, these women have a compulsion to reach a higher plane of conversation that strains credulity.

But it needs either deep inside knowledge, or real writing skills to take it to a higher plane .

The visionary places in the ordinary the elements of the eternal and raises it to a higher plane of reality.

The game generally, was on a much higher plane of skill and fitness and thought.


The operation would use 11 military cargo planes and would eventually cost over US$200,000,000.

Joe wired his acceptance and made plans to fly up with James Forrestal on a military plane .

A fully loaded civilian plane crashes in mid-air with an armed military plane over Catterick Garrison.

The military planes were headed for Andrews, having completed a training exercise off the coast.

As many as 44 military planes and helicopters had been badly damaged, he acknowledged.

Officials are investigating Tripoli residents' reports that the airliner hit a military plane .

The simulated disaster in exercise Gryphon's Lift was a midair collision between military and civilian planes over Catterick Garrison.


The one with the private plane .

At 8: 15 p. m., the three boarded a private plane for Palo Alto.

He drove through the night to Wick intending to cross the Pentland Firth in a small private plane .

And the planes themselves seemed small, like light private planes.

I had heard of the many mercy missions of the ruler's private planes .


He does not like small planes .

He heard the high buzz of a small plane .

The pilot warned there would be only room for one moose on the small plane .

She does recall her apprehension about flying in a small plane , even with two experienced pilots.

He drove through the night to Wick intending to cross the Pentland Firth in a small private plane .

Early in the month, Steve Wozniak crashed his small plane on a runway in Berkeley.

A small plane , flying in under radar.



The operation would use 11 military cargo planes and would eventually cost over US$200,000,000.

They suggest an advanced design of the C.141 Starlifter cargo plane .

These cargo planes are the modern equivalents of the tramp steamer.

That cargo plane of yours has a range of three thousand, six hundred sea miles.

The paratroops, known as Task Force Red, dropped in two waves from C-141 cargo planes .


Hammarskjold died in a plane crash , and the former diplomat has discovered that the plane was shot at before it crashed.

It began with the death of Otis Redding in a plane crash on December 10, 1967.

At the time of the plane crash , I was a student at college.

Taylor Powell, a Hollywood heartthrob legendary for his good looks, decides to become anonymous after surviving a plane crash .

From your first message we gathered you saw the plane crash into the sea but couldn't identify it.

It takes a tragedy like the ValuJet plane crash in the Everglades to point out the error of our ways.

In what year did he die in a plane crash ? 3. 3.

Is, for instance, dying in a plane crash worse than succumbing to cancer?


Until recently F-Shed was where Jaguar fighter planes were serviced.

That incident occurred about 10 to 15 miles offshore, as the four fighter planes were returning from a training mission.

It was a photograph of a fighter plane with the pilot standing beside it.

The Navy is spending $ 83 billion on its F-18 E / F fighter plane program.

Military sources say 12 of the Internet-ready devices would be able to control missiles or unmanned fighter planes .

There are no gracefully lethal curves on this fighter plane .

Antiaircraft fire had become greatly intensified, but in my continued observations I saw no enemy fighter planes .

The plan seems to be to use airlift escorted by fighter planes .


At one point U.S. military and intelligence services had 17 spy planes over Escobar's home city of Medellin.

The main culprit is the Pioneer, a smaller, less advanced spy plane that the Hunter was supposed to replace.

So did our successful interception of your spy plane .

They were here to defend the heavens against high-altitude spy planes .

It is a little more complicated to copy a spy plane , but George Bush has a similar problem right now.

I heard over the voice of america that they released Powers the U2 spy plane fellow.

These bats are like miniature spy planes , bristling with sophisticated instrumentation.

But everyone gave the spy plane , nicknamed the Dragon Drone, high marks for simplicity and usefulness.


Other aircrew who died in the crash were ... In Lyneham, the transport planes were flying again today.

The Marine Corps has 24 medium lift helicopters and 12 transport planes based at the station.

It was designed to be a troop transport plane .

There they would be loaded board three transport planes and flown to Tabriz.

The camels had already seen two Junkers Tri-Motor transport planes come in, so they were not impressed by a Heinkel 111.

An occasional transport plane came in to Berna airfield at Benghazi.

They're taking in flour, grain and oil on Hercules transport planes .


It was a beautiful cloudless morning and the canopies of the plane trees were lush and transparently golden with sunlight.

It faces out toward Dodge Hall, across gracious grounds of hedged walks and great plane trees .

She walked along to the little café, where at least the umbrellas and the plane trees gave some shade.

The plane tree above seemed dark and sinister.

The harbour quay, shaded by plane trees and filled with tables, is the village social centre.

There, in the secret shade of the plane tree .

Sun shone, warm breezes blew, and the plane trees behind the Cages grew greener and more leafy with each hour.

Or the nannies and the nursemaids who lately pushed their prams up and down, and gossiped under the plane trees ?


Twistor techniques may also be developed to generate colliding plane wave solutions.

This is an interesting theorem which seems to prove the existence of singularities for a large class of colliding plane waves .

Most of these methods can be applied also to the colliding plane wave situation.

This has plane wave solutions which are transverse waves travelling with velocity c, properties that electromagnetic waves also possess.

All three types of singularity are found in colliding plane wave solutions.

In terms of colliding plane waves , these solutions all involve approaching waves with initial impulsive components.

The second Yurtsever and the Feinstein-Ibañez solutions For colliding plane wave solutions, we are considering space-times with two space-like Killing vectors.



Her parents offered no explanation when police boarded their plane at Chicago airport yesterday to arrest them for abandoning their children.

This Monday, a week after the Dow took a dive, Reid boards the plane for Maui.

At the very least you may want to skip that last cigarette before you board the plane .

She did, though, and we boarded the plane together.

Their answers are carefully considered before they are allowed to board their plane .

She was booked on to a flight arriving in London at midday but failed to board the plane .

At 8: 15 p. m., the three boarded a private plane for Palo Alto.


I want to build a plane to escape but I can't find the books I need.

The Air Force ultimately decided not to build such a plane .

The Philadelphia consultants said factories that built war planes could just as easily produce toy planes.


In the afternoon he ran through light rain to buy a plane ticket home.

As well as eight 747-400s, the carrier bought 24 planes from Airbus.

All because she didn't have the money to buy a plane ticket or even a bus ticket.

It will buy the planes between next year and 2001.

His fundamental mistake was not only to buy all his planes , but to buy them only on borrowed money.

Other airlines are also out there buying planes .

You can buy a jet plane and lease it to the airlines.

She bought a one-way plane ticket to terra incognita: the United States.


The only chance was to catch the overnight plane .

He caught a plane last night.

Arriving late to find all moving stairways were out of order a panicky half mile sprint was needed to catch our plane .

She caught the first plane back to New York.

When I heard she was with you, I caught the next plane to Nice.

Had they seen Saturday's encounter, the Kiwis might have been tempted to catch a plane home.

I have a guest house where you can stay and I will make sure you catch your planes .

By the time she was discovered, it would be too late for her to catch the plane .


Hammarskjold died in a plane crash, and the former diplomat has discovered that the plane was shot at before it crashed.

Most think she crashed somewhere near Howland and died when her plane sank.

The 55-year-old family man who ran a butcher's shop in Bridge Street, died in the Pulsar plane he had built.

Barley died in a plane crash in Orlando last summer.

In what year did he die in a plane crash? 3. 3.

Is, for instance, dying in a plane crash worse than succumbing to cancer?

When he died in the plane crash I cried all day.


Underwater wrecks are strewn along the coast and downed planes and tanks emerge from the jungle overgrowth.

Airlines have separate insurance for the passengers and for the downed plane .

S.-fired missile downed the plane .


I have flown my plane with cadged army fuel six hundred miles.

For every 100, 000 hours flown , seven planes were crashing-many because of faulty maintenance.

The wives might not have quite as glamorous a job as their husbands flying the planes .

She does recall her apprehension about flying in a small plane , even with two experienced pilots.

And yet again, Charles insisted on flying on the same plane as his sons William and Harry.

He can fly a plane backwards.

No pilot, no matter how good, can fly the plane without electronic help.

Again he flew the plane with his knees and again he nailed his wolf with one shot.


This system could interpret the nerve signals precisely enough to pick up the fine arm movement needed to land a plane safely.

Yet the mob somehow aborts the landing and pulls the plane up sensibly.

The trials also involved asking a pilot to land a damaged plane using the flight simulator.

The pilot was able to land the plane , and no one was hurt.

The anonymous pilot displayed skill and nerve to land the crippled plane at screeching high speed at the city's National Airport.


That day also, Bert Hall shot down a plane and was wounded.

The accidental shooting down of a plane carrying civilians would be a disaster for Western policy.


catch a train/plane/bus

I should be able to catch the 12:05 train.

Kevin catches the bus home on Mondays and Wednesdays.

After the debate, they dined on hamburgers and talked sports at a local joint before catching a train back to Washington.

Chris and Patrick had caught a train to London and taken a taxi straight to Richie's flat.

He caught a plane last night.

I could catch a bus back into town.

Maybe she had caught a train to New Rochelle.

Peter arranged a taxi to Victoria for me to catch a train to Gatwick and the last flight to Edinburgh.

The second time I caught a bus to the coast.

They returned to their hotel, packed their bags, and left for Penn Station to catch a train for Washington.

hop a plane/bus/train etc

Elated, Daley and Sis hopped a plane for a vacation in the Florida Keys.

He would just hop trains and stuff.

Receiving assurances that there was no ethnic dimension to the role he had been offered, Hoch hopped a plane headed west.

put sb on a train/plane etc


It's quicker to go by plane .

Let's try to keep the discussion on a friendly plane .


It has nothing to do with that plane you are still thinking about.

That day also, Bert Hall shot down a plane and was wounded.

Their vast horizontal planes of activity could then provide a substitute horizon.

To simplify the figure, its effect is shown on a projection of the cusp on to a horizontal plane .

II. verb




The face of the rail has to be planed down until it lines up flush with both front and back legs.



All the fighter planes the Pentagon wants to build would cost up to $ 16 billion a year, he says.


Joints have to fit exactly and surfaces are planed to the millimetre or the defects are painfully audible.

Mark then spent a week on the waterfront carefully planing down the telegraph poles to the right shape.

Seagulls swooped and planed overhead laying raucous claim to some scrap of food in the possession of one of them.

III. adjective




But then the plane crash happened and now I may retire even sooner.

Redding was just 26 when he died in a 1967 plane crash near Madison, Wis.

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