Meaning of PLANE in English

Synonyms and related words :

aeroplane, aircraft, airliner, airplane, alabaster, amount, aspire, avion, beading plane, become airborne, bench plane, billiard table, block plane, bowling alley, bowling green, caliber, capping plane, claw skyward, compass, core-box plane, cut, dab, dado plane, dead flat, dead level, degree, dovetail plane, downy, drag, dress, dub, earth, edge plane, equalize, esplanade, even, extent, flat, flatland, flatten, flattened, float, floor, flush, fly, fly aloft, flying machine, fore plane, gain altitude, glabrate, glabrescent, glabrous, glass, glide, grade, grease, grooving plane, ground, hang, harrow, heavier-than-air craft, height, homaloid, homaloidal, horizontal, horizontal axis, horizontal fault, horizontal line, horizontal parallax, horizontal plane, horizontal projection, hover, ice, interval, ivory, jack plane, jet plane, jointer, kite, lay, leap, leave the ground, ledge, leiotrichous, level, level line, level plane, lubricate, mahogany, marble, mark, mean sea level, measure, mow, notch, nuance, oil, parterre, pas, peg, period, pitch, plain, planer, planing machine, planish, plaster, plateau, platform, point, poise, prairie, proportion, rabbet plane, range, ratio, reach, reed plane, regular, remove, rolled, round, routing plane, rung, sash plane, satin, scale, scope, scraper plane, scrub plane, sea level, sea of grass, shade, shadow, shave, ship, silk, skate, skid, skim, slide, slip, smooth, smooth down, smooth out, smooth-shaven, smooth-textured, smoothed out, smoothen, smoothened, soar, space, spire, squashed, squashed flat, stair, standard, step, steppe, stint, suave, table, tabloid, tabular, take off, tennis court, terrace, thumb plane, tread, trenching plane, trodden, trodden flat, trying plane, unbroken, uniform, uninterrupted, unrough, unroughened, unruffled, velvet, water level, zoom

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .