Meaning of RAM in English





The RAM chip has three other lines: an input data line an output data line a control line.

Its sensitivity is only limited by the number of RAM chips built into it.

Some of the nodes in it do a bit of computation, but the learning part is built just of RAM chips .

In a logical net, the parameter values are the settings of the bits in the cells of its RAM chips .

It stores this additional information in its own on-board RAM chips , waiting for you to ask for it.

The learning procedure for one recogniser is Initially, all cells in all RAM chips are set to 0.

Each RAM chip treats its inputs from the retina as the address of one of its cells.


Applications then have more of the original 640 kilobytes of RAM to use, making them faster and more reliable.

It comes with only one megabyte of video RAM .

Memory: Get 32 megabytes of RAM .

Previously, building RAM into a Smart Card required an on-card battery.

The Apollo computer's RAM was constructed of memory core of the type described above.

These RAM chips will output 1.

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