Meaning of RAM in English

I. verb


battering ram




And it is a point that needs to be rammed home to directors even more firmly than to auditors.

The police now hope to broadcast their video nationally to ram home the dangers of driving fast in fog.

Campbell was on the spot to gratefully ram home the rebound.

Paley rammed home his argument by multiplying up his examples.

Once again, it is ramming home the importance of gradual, step-by-step change.



Minutes later it rammed a police car which tried to stop it and headed up the M5.

At one stage he turned the car round and rammed a following police car, nudging it aside.

Chased by police vehicles and a helicopter it rammed three cars as it careered down the wrong side of city centre roads.

Car rammed: A policeman was injured last night when burglars rammed a panda car.

A green Renault 18, it has just rammed a car at the junction with A253.

In the latest raid, thieves used his van to ram a police car .

A GLUE-SNIFFER was jailed yesterday for ramming a police car while high.


force/ram/shove sth down sb's throat

But my brokers were complaining that I was shoving them down their throats .

His teeth were even and white, and Bernice wanted to ram them down his throat .

Jess felt like ramming it down his throat .

The agents poured pepper sauce down their nostrils, or forced water down their throats .

Torrents of lava would not tumble out to force fire down his throat , torch his tongue.


Construction workers had to spend the night ramming iron girders into place to support the building.

Hancock tried to ram the police car.

He rammed a clip of bullets into the gun.

She rammed the papers into her briefcase.

The driver lost control and rammed into a car waiting at a stoplight.

The ship had been rammed by a submarine.


Another rammed a barrier wall and broke its neck.

Enthusiasts can overcome this by ramming the cartridge into its socket while the drive is running.

I kept thinking that they would all ram me.

Last week, the opposition rammed the 14 percent gains tax plan through parliament while few members were in the chamber.

Ludo and I turn our collars up against the chill April evening, and ram our hands in our coat pockets.

Napoleon, far from manoeuvring about the Duke's right flank, had rammed his troops into the seam between the allied armies.

Sharpe reloaded the rifle, this time ramming the bullet hard down against the charge, then released the horse.

The Republicans are trying to ram through a judgment in the Gingrich case.

II. noun




I heard the hiss of arrows and the crashing of some makeshift battering ram buckling the beams of the iron-studded gates.

He is a powerhouse, a battering ram , but also has touch and an eye for goal.

Nizan is always willing to oblige with the battering ram technique, if required.

At two stores, cars were used unsuccessfully as battering rams to breach security shutters.

In fact Pachycephalosaurus had a 10-inch thick skull, and probably used it as a battering ram in ritual contests.

We staggered out and began to use it as a battering ram against the locked door.

The immigration issue, the National Front's favourite political battering ram , is still there.


They are pushing upwards because their stalks function as vertical hydraulic rams .

Watertightness is achieved by thrust from hydraulic rams acting on the other end of the tank.

Arches converge above boat shaped hollow concrete piers close to each riverbank and concealing hydraulic rams that perform the clever bit.

Sussex gardens offer a glimpse of sheep, while Norfolk gardens go one better with hydraulic rams !

At each end of the tanks are portcullis gates, which are opened and closed by hydraulic rams .



Police had given chase after foiling an attempted ram raid in Marlborough.

Male speaker We're bound to consider that it was to be used in a ram raid offence.


Her prow, a cast-iron projection weighing 1, 500 pounds, was intended for use as a ram .

His animal was the ram and he is depicted as a ram or a ram-headed man.

Over the past year he has had eight sheep, one suckle-calf and a ram bitten by adders: the ram died.

The ram , though strongly built, had its defects.

There were 810 breeding ewes, ewe lambs, and rams on offer.

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