Meaning of RAM in English

ram 1

— ramlike , adj.

/ram/ , n. , v. , rammed, ramming .


1. a male sheep.

2. ( cap. ) Astron., Astrol. the constellation or sign of Aries.

3. any of various devices for battering, crushing, driving, or forcing something, esp. a battering ram.

4. (formerly) a heavy beak or spur projecting from the bow of a warship for penetrating the hull of an enemy's ship.

5. (formerly) a warship so equipped, esp. one used primarily for ramming enemy vessels.

6. the heavy weight that strikes the blow in a pile driver or the like.

7. a piston, as on a hydraulic press.

8. a reciprocating part of certain machine tools, as the toolholder of a slotter or shaper.

9. See hydraulic ram .


10. to drive or force by heavy blows.

11. to strike with great force; dash violently against: The car went out of control and rammed the truck.

12. to cram; stuff: They rammed the gag in his mouth.

13. to push firmly: to ram a bill through the Senate.

14. to force (a charge) into a firearm, as with a ramrod.

[ bef. 900; ME: male sheep, machine for ramming, OE ram ( m ); c. D, LG ram, G Ramme; (v.) ME rammen, deriv. of the n.; cf. OHG rammen ]

Syn. 10. jam, thrust, beat, hammer.

ram 2

/ram/ , Australian.

a confidence man's associate who acts as a decoy; confederate; shill.

[ 1940-45; orig. obscure; Brit. criminal argot ramp swindle (earlier, as v.: snatch, tear) is a phonetically implausible source ]

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